Outlook’s crashing issue upon launching is patched, says Microsoft

In August, we reported on an issue that was facing Outlook users. The application would close almost immediately after being launched. Microsoft investigated the matter and identified that the issue occurred when the EmailAddress string data value under the Office identity is blank.

Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living

There’s an old commercial for Westwood College that’s become something of a running joke in the video game world. Two young men sit at a couch, hammering away at PlayStation controllers. A woman walks in. “Hey guys, finish testing that game yet?” she asks.

Windows 11 Insider builds 22621.741 and 22623.741 released to the beta channel

Microsoft has released a pair of new Beta Channel builds for Windows 11 today, 22621.741 and 22623.741. The builds contain mainly fixes, but if you were on build 22622 you will automatically get moved to build 22623 via an enablement package: The enablement package artificially ... Read More

Welcome to another servicing pipeline update for the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel

Microsoft announced another servicing pipeline update for Windows 11 Insider build 25217 for the Dev Channel. The new build “does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.” As a reminder, build 25217, which was ... Read More

Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order works in Microsoft’s favor

The European Commision and the U.S. government announced its new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework earlier this year, and Microsoft was quick to champion the move given its legal history with international data privacy concerns,

The best browsers for privacy on Windows PC

Your browser is what takes you places around the internet. Go to any random PC in some home or office, and you’ll find a wide variety of browsers. From Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Edge, Opera, and so on, people use all kinds of ... Read More

Xbox Game Pass made $2.9 billion last year, according to Brazil Activision filings

Microsoft has given us some idea of how much Game Pass makes.  According to a report seen by Tweaktown Microsoft makes about $2.9 billion a year on gaming subscription services (Game Pass).  This report was composed by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) which ... Read More

Here’s the latest feature in Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Sidebar in the Edge browser with the aim of providing users with a better web navigation experience. The tool has since involved receiving a tone of updates as well as features all geared towards enhancing its usability. And now, ... Read More

Need for Speed Unbound to get free trial on Game Pass days before the game’s launch

The next installment of EA’s seminal racing series, titled Need for Speed Unbound, was only unveiled a day ago, but new info is already coming out. This is thanks to an exclusive IGN interview with Criterion General Manager Matt Webster. For one, we know that ... Read More

OnPodcast Episode 87: Windows 11 adoption rate, metaverse approach problems, Halo+Unreal Engine

Welcome back to another OnPodcast show! We’re at episode 87 and we tackled possible reasons for Windows 11’s current adoption rate. Then it’s the headlines sections where we talked covered the Made by Google hardware event, why Halo switching to Unreal Engine is a good ... Read More

Microsoft news recap: Zupee investment talks, Brazil approves Activision Blizzard acquisition, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft is in talks to invest in Indian gaming platform Zupee A New Delhi-based startup, Zupee, is reportedly in ... Read More

The state of Windows 11. Don’t miss OnPodcast this Sunday!

Hi, OnMSFT.com readers! It’s the OnPodcast crew here with the usual reminder to tune in and watch our show! This week we’ll be on episode 87, and we’re catching up on the state of Windows 11 a year later and a few weeks apart from the ... Read More




你怎么收纳你的袜子?宜家的各种格子算是不错的选择,但匠气太重,差了点情怀……你需要一款像收纳袜子的“豌豆荚”( […]


好的应用消息推送能提供服务,也能触发用户感受,好的应用往往能在两者之间建立即时联系。 巴甫洛夫做过一个经典实验 […]


国外媒体报道称,近日有用户发现了Windows Phone 8.1中IE浏览器所存在的一个重大漏洞,该漏洞将导致用户保存在浏览器中的密码被泄露。


微软想要收购半导体公司AMD的消息,不久前已经被许多媒体所披露出来。据悉,微软在数个月之前就已经与半导体厂商A […]


CES展会上,AMD官方确认,Zen架构CPU会在今年底如期登陆高端桌面市场,APU也将在明年换装这一新架构。虽然此前的爆料已经不止一次指出AM4接口将会一统天下,但现在AMD产品负责人 James Prior在接受采访时终于松口,接下来的x86平台包括Zen处理器和APU(Bristol Ridge)确将采用AM4新接口。

Spark常用函数讲解--Action操作 - MOBIN-F

摘要: RDD:弹性分布式数据集,是一种特殊集合 ‚ 支持多种来源 ‚ 有容错机制 ‚ 可以被缓存 ‚ 支持并行操作,一个RDD代表一个分区里的数据集RDD有两种操作算子: Transformation(转换):Transformation属于延迟计算,当一个RDD转换成另一个RDD时并没有立即进行

学习RxJS: 导入 - 莫耶

知道有 ReactiveX 这么一回事, 源于一位巨硬铁粉的安利演示:Reactive LINQ 加持的C#,简洁且颇具表达力;随后,便是万众瞩目的 Angular 2,这货的标配大礼包里就有RxJS,比比皆是的 api.invocation.map(...).subscribe(fn, fn, ...

Kim Kardashian wishes her assistant a happy birthday with some expert trolling

Being Kim Karashian West's assistant/personal photographer is no easy task — perfect selfie lighting doesn't just appear. You also have to pay close attention to make sure you're not fooled by Kim's formidable trolling skills,

谷歌有望2017年推自动驾驶新车 保留方向盘等功能

谷歌一直被认为要打造一辆没有方向盘和刹车踏板的汽车,但据《The Information》周一报道,该公司会专注于无人驾驶技术方面的研究,车子的制造还是会交给合作伙伴。  消息人士称,虽然这些车子支持自动驾驶功能,但传统的驾驶舱还是可以得到保留。这一变动有助于该公司在2017年底前,推出一项基于自动驾驶汽车的搭车分享服务。  根据一份新报告,谷歌自动驾驶汽车不会失去方向盘或刹车踏板。  谷歌于 2014 年推出了自动驾驶汽车的原型,它与传统车子最大的不同点,就是没有方向盘、以及油门/刹车踏板。  谷歌的自动驾驶原型车,依赖于内置的传感器和一套软件系统来保持机动。

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