The best browsers for privacy on Windows PC

Your browser is what takes you places around the internet. Go to any random PC in some home or office, and you’ll find a wide variety of browsers. From Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Edge, Opera, and so on, people use all kinds of ... Read More

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 review

The top-ranked internet security suite just got better, with an improved interface and further automation to provide largely install-and-forget protection.Read more:

The Evolution Of The Browser

The browser wars have always been cyclical, moving from periods of monoculture dominated by one or two browsers to periods of comparative competition characterized by multiple, strong, second-tier browsers and a growing list of niche browsers. We’re midway through the latter,

Meet Xim: An app from Microsoft that lets you express your ideas, not just another photo-sharing too

Xim is the newest creation coming out of Microsoft's Research department. It is designed to share pictures in a way that makes it as easy and convenient as possible for everyone involved. They accomplished this by creating an app where only one person needs to have the app downloaded,

Windows 10 Review: So good, Microsoft skipped Windows 9!

Windows 10 is here, and it’s one big love letter to traditional desktop and laptop users all across the world. Gone is the touch first, full-screen experience that was Windows 8, and back is the familiar, desktop first,

An in-depth look at the best software, games and hardware accessories for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

Are you planning on getting Microsoft’s newest hybrid, the Surface Pro 3, when it emerges later this summer? If so, here’s what you should purchase to complement the device.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

A guide for two-factor authentication: Which websites offer it, and how to set it up

Heartbleed has made everyone think twice about online security – and one way you can stay safer is by using two-factor authentication.Read more:

Windows 11 Insider builds 22621.741 and 22623.741 released to the beta channel

Microsoft has released a pair of new Beta Channel builds for Windows 11 today, 22621.741 and 22623.741. The builds contain mainly fixes, but if you were on build 22622 you will automatically get moved to build 22623 via an enablement package: The enablement package artificially ... Read More

Welcome to another servicing pipeline update for the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel

Microsoft announced another servicing pipeline update for Windows 11 Insider build 25217 for the Dev Channel. The new build “does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.” As a reminder, build 25217, which was ... Read More

Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order works in Microsoft’s favor

The European Commision and the U.S. government announced its new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework earlier this year, and Microsoft was quick to champion the move given its legal history with international data privacy concerns,

Xbox Game Pass made $2.9 billion last year, according to Brazil Activision filings

Microsoft has given us some idea of how much Game Pass makes.  According to a report seen by Tweaktown Microsoft makes about $2.9 billion a year on gaming subscription services (Game Pass).  This report was composed by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) which ... Read More

Here’s the latest feature in Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Sidebar in the Edge browser with the aim of providing users with a better web navigation experience. The tool has since involved receiving a tone of updates as well as features all geared towards enhancing its usability. And now, ... Read More

Outlook’s crashing issue upon launching is patched, says Microsoft

In August, we reported on an issue that was facing Outlook users. The application would close almost immediately after being launched. Microsoft investigated the matter and identified that the issue occurred when the EmailAddress string data value under the Office identity is blank.

Need for Speed Unbound to get free trial on Game Pass days before the game’s launch

The next installment of EA’s seminal racing series, titled Need for Speed Unbound, was only unveiled a day ago, but new info is already coming out. This is thanks to an exclusive IGN interview with Criterion General Manager Matt Webster. For one, we know that ... Read More

OnPodcast Episode 87: Windows 11 adoption rate, metaverse approach problems, Halo+Unreal Engine

Welcome back to another OnPodcast show! We’re at episode 87 and we tackled possible reasons for Windows 11’s current adoption rate. Then it’s the headlines sections where we talked covered the Made by Google hardware event, why Halo switching to Unreal Engine is a good ... Read More

Microsoft news recap: Zupee investment talks, Brazil approves Activision Blizzard acquisition, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft is in talks to invest in Indian gaming platform Zupee A New Delhi-based startup, Zupee, is reportedly in ... Read More

The state of Windows 11. Don’t miss OnPodcast this Sunday!

Hi, readers! It’s the OnPodcast crew here with the usual reminder to tune in and watch our show! This week we’ll be on episode 87, and we’re catching up on the state of Windows 11 a year later and a few weeks apart from the ... Read More

Line将开通通话服务 表情贴图商店面向大众开放

Line 公司近日表示,计划将在下个月推出一种基于数据的新呼叫服务,功能特性类似 Skype。不过由于政策限制,该功能预计不会出现在国内。


北京2014年7月9日电 /美通社/ -- 这是一个无法预言的时代,伟大者的沉默与谢幕破灭了我们的预言,在这个预言失灵的时代,一切都在被打破,被颠覆,被改写。

Yelp Translator Takes the Guesswork Out Of Foreign Reviews

Yelp users traveling overseas may come across language barriers when reading local reviews. But the popular app is now making it easier to experience the platform, with an automatic translator powered by Bing.Bing Translator will bring 15 languages to the site, including Spanish, French, Italian,

GIT使用入门篇(管理自已的代码) - commandow

1、Git介绍 Git 是一款免费的、开源的、分布式的版本控制系统。旨在快速高效地处理无论规模大小的任何软件工程。每一个 Git克隆 都是一个完整的文件库,含有全部历史记录和修订追踪能力,不依赖于网络连接或中心服务器。

This Handy Infographic Tracks Sterling Archer's Sexual Encounters

Can't remember when Sterling Archer hooked up with that Brazilian au pair, or if he made accidental penis contact with Conway Stern? Even for a devoted Archer fan, it can be difficult keeping up with Sterling's sordid affairs. Now there's a handy infographic to help sort it all out.Read more...

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英国科学家和中科院地质与地球物理研究所的研究人员在《Nature Communications》上发表研究报告(开放获取),称中国是字面意义上的中央王国。

三星Galaxy S7被曝包含四个版本

三星将在明年初推出新旗舰Galaxy S6,配备都是自主架构的骁龙820、Exynos 8890,而三星往常很擅长的机海战术也将再次上演,因为根据最新消息,它竟然会有四个不同版本。

Intel's new Core M-powered Compute Sticks are more powerful, but also pricier

LAS VEGAS — Intel's $150 Atom-powered Compute Stick was a great idea (an entire computer crammed inside of an HDMI stick), but it had real performance issues.Intel's new Core M-powered Compute Sticks, unveiled at CES, are faster and more capable of running Windows 10.See also:


今天,85、90 后已逐渐成为企业管理层的中坚力量,伴随着互联网与移动互联网的极速发展,移动办公软件的普及使他们更容易拥抱变化所带来的效率提升和成本降低。企业主如何选择当下众多的 SaaS 工具则很大程度上影响企业效率。在国家经济进入深水区的风口之上,全民互联网以及人口红利消失所带来的影响,究竟能否拉动 SaaS 的发展、形成燎原之势。SaaS 市场涵盖了企业管理、云服务、大数据、信息安全等多层应用的生态链。一旦切中痛点,解决核心需求,SaaS 用户就会具有高留存率的特征,但由于安全性、标准化、复杂性使得前期获客成本和市场教育难度亦极高。

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