IT gathering dust

Businesses are selling off unused tech without correctly purging data.

The moon has a dust cloud, but a lunar mystery remains

It looks like it's back to the drawing board for scientists trying to solve a decades-old lunar mystery.Some Apollo astronauts orbiting the moon in the 1960s and 70s saw a glow along the horizon just before sunrise,

ESA: No Conclusive Evidence of Big Bang Gravitational Waves

hypnosec writes: The European Space Agency has made a joint analysis of data gathered by the ground-based BICEP2 and Keck Array experiments and its own Planck satellite to try to verify previous reports of BICEP2's primordial gravitational waves detection. However,

How to ensure your PC has a long and healthy life

You spend a lot of money on a computer, so you want to make sure it lasts – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t serve you for a long time, provided you’re careful with it.Read more:

A Weird Neuroscientific Explanation for Why We Love Cheetos 

Getting sticky, tangy orange dust everywhere is usually considered a drawback of snacking on Cheetos. But that messy, colorful coating is actually one of the reasons people love Cheetos so much. Or at least that's what companies analyzing our brain activity think. Read more...

Japan's Decade-Long Mission to Mine an Asteroid

1999 JU3: It doesn't sound like a very noteworthy name. It's just one of more than 5,000 Apollo-class asteroids. But 1999 JU3 could become a household name if Japan succeeds in mining it—a mission that JAXA has struggled with for decades, often disastrously. And on Sunday,

SEC Rule Change Gives Startups An A+ For Capital Formation

Earlier this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a new set of rules implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act. The release of these final rules further advances one of the core principles and goals of the 2012 law:

Spend Your Black Friday Funds Helping Crowdfund A Mission To The Moon

You have enough towels already. And owning more gadgets just means more under-utilized stuff gathering accusatory dust. So why not spend the Black Friday funds you’d set aside to spend on sales tomorrow helping to crowdfund a mission to The Moon instead? Read More

The Guerrilla Movement To Deploy Sensors All Over Your City

“You want to see our sensor?” Pierre Forcioli-Conti gestures at a high window that leads to the roof. “You’ll have to climb over Matt’s desk and go out the window.” No problem.

What's The Most Useless Piece of Tech That You Own?

It’s probably gathering dust on your shelf or in a nearby drawer.Read more...

What You Don't See When You Look at Your Favorite Constellations

You’ve probably gazed at the constellation of Cygnus on a starry night—it’s distinctive and easy to spot on in the Northern hemisphere. But this is the bit of it you can’t see.Read more...

How to find the messaging platform that’ll take your company to the next level

Messaging’s casual tone and solicitation of real-time responses has its strengths and weaknesses.

When business continuity plans go wrong…

Covid-19 has been a great test of company’s business continuity plans.

Today’s world needs cloud native more than ever

Cloud native can be a winning strategy with planning. Simply being in the cloud is not enough.

What 10 things SaaS vendors must demand from their BI platform

Quick deployment, security and true inclusivity must all be on a vendors' wish-list.

Cybersecurity must take centre stage in the gig economy

In the UK, the gig economy now accounts for more than 4.7 million workers – and employs 1 in 10 working-age adults.

Cloud computing for small businesses: Five reasons why it works

If you don't take advantage of this technology, your business is likely to be left behind. All you need to do is to find the right cloud solution for your business.

How SD-WAN is helping CIOs keep their business connected

SD-WAN technology will rise at 30.8 per cent compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2023.

How to use the Microsoft Office Ribbon

Everything you need to get you up and working with Microsoft's latest office suite.

Micro conversions: Why marketers are taking small steps to get big website results

The digital world has created a multitude of touch points, signals and clues for marketers to unlock.

The future of banking

Transformative business model evolution within financial services.


友加能够异军突起,凭借移动即时社交的特点登上App Stroe的榜首,主要还是因为移动社交的需求旺盛,且更能贴合90后用户的使用习惯和场景,顺应未来的移动用户碎片化及快速反馈的大趋势,这些都促进友加能够短时间爆发。

ATC Global发布最新技术交流会及展商推介会安排

北京2014年7月30日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年9月17日到19日,来自世界各地的空中交通管理专家将云集北京,共同参加由博闻中国举办的北京国际空中交通管制展览暨研讨会。



Forget Hot Air: Disney Parade Floats Could Soon Fly Under Drone Power

The Disney theme park empire is always working to stay on the cutting edge of spectacle tech, and judging by some recent patent applications, The Mouse has his eye on the skies: Disney's R&D teams want to use drones for their theme park parade floats and aerial displays. Read more...

These Slithering Modular Snakebots Are the Future of Robotics

A snakebot recently crawled up my leg. The engineers sort of grinned while I grimaced, wondering if I should try to attack it or cry for help, an impulse that comes from watching too many scifi movies, I guess. I expect most robots to destroy me, but these snakebots are designed to do the opposite.

君亭酒店招募“试住员” 以口碑传播君亭形象

杭州2015年7月24日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,中端精选酒店品牌君亭酒店旗下两家分店 -- 合肥银泰君亭酒店和杭州汇和君亭酒店接待了几位特殊的客人,他们是君亭酒店聘请的“酒店试住员”。




一项针对200位高管开展的调查显示,大多数制造企业有计划明年增加数据分析方面的投资,即使需要推迟其他技术投资 霍尼韦尔成熟的自动化技术和服务能够助力制造业向工业物联网演变 美国得克萨斯州休斯敦2016年9月19日电 /美通社/ -- 霍尼韦尔(纽约证券交易所代码:HON)过程控制部近期联合KRC Research研究机构开展的一项针对制造企业高管的调查显示,大多数受访者(67%)都在积极推进数据分析方面的投资计划以应对极具挑战的商业环境,即便削减其它领域的投资也势在必行。

想造自主GPU 苹果不收购Imagination却挖人墙角?

想造自主GPU 苹果不收购Imagination却挖人墙角?网易科技讯10月14日消息,据国外媒体报道,今年早些时候有报道曾指出苹果正在与英国半导体厂商Imagination就潜在的收购进行秘密谈判。苹果随后证实了双方洽谈的事实, ... ...

FCA将强势出席CES展 发布最新车载系统

据外媒12月28日报道,菲亚特克莱斯勒汽车公司(FCA)下周将首次在拉斯维加斯举行的大型国际电子消费展(CES)上召开新闻发布会,公布一系列高新技术娱乐信息系统。菲亚特克莱斯勒发表声明,细述了这款即将在明年1月3日亮相的数字系统的细节。FCA将在展会上公布最新的Uconnect信息娱乐系统,而且在系统的性能方面有所提高,启动时间缩短,信息处理能力更强。 阅读全文

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