How to find the messaging platform that’ll take your company to the next level

Messaging’s casual tone and solicitation of real-time responses has its strengths and weaknesses.

The Burgeoning Invisible App Market

Today’s “invisible app” market could be classified as a passing trend, but it might also be the beginning of a significant multi-year shift in how we transact when we’re away from our computers. This shift applies to mobile devices, email,

Three Classes In, Is Raising A New Fund With Plans To Incubate 100 Bitcoin Startups By 2016

Adam Draper and Brayton Williams launched in 2012 at a time when the accelerator market was beginning to burst at the seams with new entrants — some would say it was nearing saturation.

3D Touch Will Change The Way You Use Your iPhone

Don’t call it Force Touch — Apple’s new flagship feature 3D Touch is a completely different software implementation of the technology that is already available on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook trackpad.

Y Combinator Demo Day Winter 2014, Batch 2 – The Dating Ring, Unbabel, Pushbullet, AirHelp, And More

Today's Y Combinator Demo Day started a little differently. Co-founder Jessica Livingston presented YC's former leader and her husband Paul Graham with a pair of his own shorts signed by all of this batch's companies to commemorate Graham passing the torch on to new YC president Sam Altman.

Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp On International Ambitions, The Apple Watch, The SF Housing Crisis A

As part of a larger story about Pinterest’s Jumpstart program — a new experiment in its international expansion — I sat down with Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp to talk about the company and its current goals. We spoke at length about how Pinterest is structured internally,

Winning AngelList

It’s a 500,000 person party, and you’re invited. It’s 24/7, no charge for entrance, and when you leave you could go home with a pile of cash instead of a creeping hangover. As Fred Wilson says, "If you’re working in tech and you’re trying to raise an angel round,

Alienware Steam Machine Review: PC Gaming With Console Comforts

Steam is a massive online gaming platform that reaches 100 million players worldwide. Now, Valve, the company behind Steam, along with a litany of hardware makers (in this case Dell/Alienware) wants to go head-to-head with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.Read more...

Startup School with RealVNC part 3: A definitive guide to your financing options

The reason the majority of startups and new businesses fail is a lack of capital. In this definitive guide we'll take you through all the financing options available to you. Read more:

The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software - jiahu

The Free Lunch Is OverA Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in SoftwareBy Herb SutterThe biggest sea change in software development since the OO revol...

Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Summer Semester 2015

Your education doesn’t have to stop once you leave school. We’ve put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this summer for the latest term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your life with free, online college-level classes.

When business continuity plans go wrong…

Covid-19 has been a great test of company’s business continuity plans.

IT gathering dust

Businesses are selling off unused tech without correctly purging data.

Today’s world needs cloud native more than ever

Cloud native can be a winning strategy with planning. Simply being in the cloud is not enough.

What 10 things SaaS vendors must demand from their BI platform

Quick deployment, security and true inclusivity must all be on a vendors' wish-list.

Cybersecurity must take centre stage in the gig economy

In the UK, the gig economy now accounts for more than 4.7 million workers – and employs 1 in 10 working-age adults.

Cloud computing for small businesses: Five reasons why it works

If you don't take advantage of this technology, your business is likely to be left behind. All you need to do is to find the right cloud solution for your business.

How SD-WAN is helping CIOs keep their business connected

SD-WAN technology will rise at 30.8 per cent compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2023.

How to use the Microsoft Office Ribbon

Everything you need to get you up and working with Microsoft's latest office suite.

Micro conversions: Why marketers are taking small steps to get big website results

The digital world has created a multitude of touch points, signals and clues for marketers to unlock.

The future of banking

Transformative business model evolution within financial services.

Hackers Break Into

mpicpp is one of many to point out that hackers broke into the website in July and uploaded malicious software. "Hackers silently infected a computer server this summer. But the malware didn't manage to steal anyone's data, federal officials say. On Thursday,



磨刀匠彻底失业 25年磨一次的炫酷菜刀

我们从来没想过自己平常用惯了的菜刀还能怎么高大上,TB Groupe 日前却展示了怎么用造隐形战机的思路来造菜刀,结果就是这把 Furtif Evercut。  

富国银行吸引用户尝试 Apple Pay,可获20美元代金券

虽然很多商家并不支持苹果全新 Apple Pay 移动支付服务,并选择推出自家的解决方案。不过银行们对 Apple Pay 却青睐有加,因为 Apple Pay 可以简化用户支付流程,改善体验。


基金会拨款100万美元,协助四家组织提供人道援助,并对最多50万美元的员工捐款进行一比一匹配,进而可能提供100万美元额外援助 纽约--(美国商业资讯)--摩根大通公司今日宣布,为了向难民提供迅速援助并帮助缓解欧洲难民危机,其基金会将携公司员工提供最多200万美元的捐款。

Spotify Bets On Data To Lure Artists To Its Platform

Music streaming service Spotify is getting big, and its streaming data is now becoming valuable for artists and music labels. Today, the company announced that artists and labels can now access a new Fan Insights portal. Read More


流行文化总是会孕育出一批跟风者,什么热门就追在后面效仿,然而却画虎反类犬。他们总是会遭到外界的嘲笑、讥讽与轻视,自己却不以为意。这些反感并不是一定是无中生有的,很有可能这些人本来就很讨人厌。在如今 ... ...

Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson shamelessly objectify male reporter

While on a press tour for upcoming rom-com, How to Be Single, Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson spent nearly 3 minutes shamelessly flirting with the cute male TV reporter attempting to interview themOver the course of their short chat, Mann and Johnson try to set him up with an off-screen colleague,

正则表达式个人总结(二):正则表达式语法的深入理解第二部分 - 韩韩韩

4.选择与分组 (1).分组 字符组[]:表示匹配若干个字符之一 字符组可以浅显的理解为一些字符的组合,字符组与普通字符的区别在于:abc普通字符表示匹配a接下来b接下来c而字符组[abc]表示在同一位置匹配a或者b或者c;由于字符组本身的含义也决定了可以将这个字符组看成是一个普通的特殊字符。 普通

A Cubs fan paid $47,000 for two World Series Game 7 tickets

Starved for their first championship since 1908, Chicago Cubs fans are understandably invested in Wednesday night's World Series Game 7 against the Indians in Cleveland. But one Cubs fan is really invested — to the tune of nearly $50,000. SEE ALSO:

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