Looking for a Chromebook? This Lenovo is $79 during Black Friday.

Save $60: As of Nov. 24, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 is on sale for $79 at Best Buy. That's a savings of 43%. The winter lull is a great time to assess your accomplishments, plan for the next year, and upgrade any gadgets that will help you optimize your work or school setup.

College is a bloody mess in trailer for 'The Boys' spin-off 'Gen V'

The trailer for Gen V, the highly-anticipated spin-off from Amazon Prime's smash hit series The Boys, is here. And it's bloody as hell.

Swifties are suing Ticketmaster over presale mess

Taylor Swift recently told fans to draw their cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man, and Swifties have taken the advice to heart. Twenty-six Taylor Swift fans are uniting in an attempt to take down LiveNation, Ticketmaster's parent company,

Monsters rise in epic trailer for 'The Witcher: Blood Origin'

1200 years before Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri crossed paths in The Witcher, the Continent was a very different place. An unstoppable empire rules with an iron fist, but that won't stop seven valiant warriors from banding together and fighting back in Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Keke Palmer learns some weird facts about Hello Kitty in 'SNL' sketch

What would you do if you found out that Hello Kitty was not actually a cat, but a human? If you're Keke Palmer and Bowen Yang in the above Saturday Night Live sketch, you lose your mind.The two play new employees at New York's Hello Kitty store who are very excited about their new jobs...

'SNL' Weekend Update tackles the newest Kanye controversy, rail strikes, and more

Isn't it crazy that between Alex Jones and Kayne West, Jones is the one who appears the least insane? That's also what the host of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update thinks as they cover the latest headlines from the past week.Starting with Ye's appearance on the InfoWars podcast,

'The Last of Us' trailer: Ellie and Joel are here to break your heart

You wouldn't expect a trailer featuring fungal zombies and a-ha's 1985 hit "Take On Me" to make you tear up, but the trailer for HBO's The Last of Us somehow manages to do all that...and more.

Drake's exes unionize in new 'SNL' sketch

Are you a woman who's ever had an encounter with Drake that then turns into him using your likeness to diss you in a song? Well, you may be entitled to financial compensation.In a new sketch from Saturday Night Live,

Protests sweep through 2022 FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which kicked off this week in Qatar, has been ridden with controversy and criticism — long before the event even started.This year's host country is under scrutiny for its history of human rights abuses and alleged bribery and corruption in connection with FIFA,

Save £80 on the Apple Watch Series 7 this Black Friday

SAVE £80: The Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale for £389 this Black Friday, saving you 17% on list price.Black Friday is your chance to get unexpected discounts on the biggest and best tech — the sorts of deals that would just be unimaginable at any other time of year.

Save over £100 on the Nespresso Vertuo Plus this Black Friday

SAVE OVER £100: The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is on sale for £89.78 this Black Friday, saving you 55% on list price.One of the great pleasures of Black Friday is the opportunity to stock your home and kitchen with all-new, upgraded appliances and gadgets. And for coffee lovers,



Guy Hilariously Annoys His Girlfriend With 'Lord of the Rings' Quotes

One does not simply quote Lord of the Rings without tormenting their significant other.Joe Azzopardi uses dramatic quotes from the fantasy trilogy to annoy his girlfriend — no matter where the couple may be.

火星探索不再“有去无回” 干冰或成新能源


Unboxing and hands-on with the Microsoft Lumia 435

Microsoft's Lumia 435 is the lowest-end Lumia device you can buy right now. Sporting a 4 inch WVGA screen with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, it's a great little device for those who just need something that works.We've got our hands on said device and will be writing a full review soon.

Pop-Out Legs Let These Shipping Containers Lift Themselves Onto Trucks

Shipping containers are a cornerstone of the world’s economy, but they’re also very, very heavy and completely dependent on cranes to be moved about. Except the SL-Tainer, which is the first container to be blessed with built-in legs so that it can actually lift itself.Read more...

Chelsea Clinton And Sheryl Sandberg Address Silicon Valley’s Gender Gap ‘Crisis’

Joining Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg onstage Monday in Palo Alto, Chelsea Clinton said she wanted to see the private sector and government work together to show girls they can grow up to be like Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. In the recent years,

【上海 · Talk】“易果生鲜”金光磊:做了十年生鲜电商,是一种怎样的体验?


大众包揽前三甲 2月份国内轿车销量排行榜

二月份的轿车销量榜单出炉啦,大众依旧火力十足包揽前三。虽然这样的结果总感觉少了些许激情,但是买的人多最少代表这车没啥太大毛病。其实从榜单上能够很明显地看出来前十名大多售价区间都在10~15万之间,这也代表 ... ...


直拳和左勾拳,即使不喜欢看拳击的朋友都知道这两个词的意思。新的数据出炉之后,我们看到我国智能手机市场对于苹果来说已经变得越来越重要,而印度市场,也在渐渐崛起,分析师就非常形象的用直拳来代表中国市场,用左勾拳来代表印度市场。  为什么说中国市场对于苹果来说,就像是直拳一样呢?毫无疑问,快速的增长,需求的旺盛,这一切都是那么干净利落,扑面而来,没有过多的废话,美国普林斯顿大学拳击教练约瑟夫·布朗说过:“掌握直拳技术等于掌握拳击技术的 80% 。”  根据数据,在今年第一季度,来自中国的收入同比增长了 13.

物联网初创公司 Vault RMS 获得 130 万美元种子轮融资,能够追踪消防员是否暴露在有毒环境中

美国疾病控制中心发布了一份研究报告称,在极端工作环境下,消防员的患癌几率非常高,特别是呼吸道、口腔、消化道、以及泌尿系统癌症。Vault RMS 希望利用物联网技术减少消防员的患癌几率。本周三(8 月 3 日),总部位于圣迭戈的物联网初创公司 Vault RMS 公司宣布获得了一笔 130 万美元的种子轮融资,领投方是本土风投 Keshif Ventures 和雷格梅森集团的 Bill Miller,旧金山风投 Right Side Capital 也参与了本轮融资。

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