2022 Vetter黑客松(Hackathon):通过员工参与推动创新


三年前微软以安全理由拒绝在IE浏览器内加入WebGL支持,但三年后的微软已经拥抱了WebGL,现在更是加入了Khronos Group和WebGL工作组。WebGL是基于OpenGL ES和Javascript的浏览器3D显示技术规范,而WebGL和OpenGL都由Khronos Group负责管理。

2014中国全地形车锦标赛第二站 落户丹水明珠邓州

全地形车,无所不至,纵横中国,驰骋无疆 邓州2014年9月25日电 /美通社/ -- 激情狂野的第三届中国全地形车锦标赛已经在东营打响,有“中原天府”美誉的河南省邓州市今年将作为继山东东营之后的第二站举办城市。

Crash test dummies are growing to match obese Americans

America's obesity epidemic has claimed an unlikely victim: slender crash test dummies. The mannequin-like figures that are used to simulate a person's car accident experience are about to pack on the pounds — and the increase in girth is all in the name of increasing automobile safety.

苹果发布重要安全补丁 建议Mac用户都安装

威锋网讯  苹果周一发布了一个非常重要的安全补丁,用来修复Network Time Protocol(NTP: 网络时间协议 )存在的一个漏洞。 网络时间协议(NTP)是一种通过因特网服务于计算机时钟的时间同步协议。


苹果在今天凌晨发布了 iOS 8.1.3 正式版,新版本带来了一系列漏洞修复。其中一个重点是,iOS 8.1.3 减少了系统升级时所需的储存空间,这一点让很多持有旧款 iPhone 的用户感到兴奋。另外一个重点就是,iOS 8.1.

无人驾驶汽车已经成型 那么无人飞机呢?


YouTube beefs up video ads with side-by-side product listings

If you've ever watched a retail ad and wished there was an easier way to go about finding those featured products, YouTube — like it or not — has you covered.The popular video service on Thursday announced TrueView video ads, a desktop and mobile feature rolling out over the next few months.

Spring Boot异常处理详解 - 程序员赵鑫

在 "Spring MVC异常处理详解" 中,介绍了Spring MVC的异常处理体系,本文将讲解在此基础上Spring Boot为我们做了哪些工作。下图列出了Spring Boot中跟MVC异常处理相关的类。 Spring Boot在启动过程中会根据当前环境进行AutoConfigurat...

Cortana gets smarter and more helpful in Windows 10 Insider build 14328

With build 14328 for PCs, the Windows team is bolstering Cortana services across the desktop with a heap of features that many users should find useful.The post Cortana gets smarter and more helpful in Windows 10 Insider build 14328 appeared first on WinBeta.

Dear Hollywood, Please Make Independence Day 3

Independence Day: Resurgence seemed like it was going to be such an obvious hit. But the sequel to the 1996 mega-blockbuster, released this past weekend, simply wasn’t very good. Even so, I really, really hope we get a third ID4 installment, because the next movie, as we see teased in Resurgence,

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