Harrison Ford dons his fedora once more in 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' trailer

It's been over a decade since Harrison Ford's last outing as Indiana Jones, but in 2023, the legendary archaeologist returns.The trailer for the fifth installment in the action-adventure series, titled Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is full of classic Indy hijinks. Car chases, booby traps,

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for January 29

If Quordle is a little too challenging today, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way,

Master Microsoft Excel with this heavily discounted training bundle

TL;DR: The 2023 Complete Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Expert Bundle is on sale for £32.50, saving you 96% on list price.Excel is an enigma. This Microsoft Office staple is a necessary evil both at work and at home, serving so many functions, while also being notoriously difficult to navigate.

The best dating apps for bisexual people

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.The bisexual community has an inside joke that describes what it's like to date as a bi person: People think it means double the options or double the fun,

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for January 29

You made it! It's Sunday, it's Wordle time, and that means we're here to help, as always.The bottom of this article features January 29's Wordle solution. If that's not why you're here, scroll down and see what's on offer here, from clues, to strategies. You'll find what you need.

Tyre Nichols news is painful. Here's how to be informed and avoid racial stress.

As the video of the brutal police beating of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police continues to circulate online, many are feeling a range of emotions, from anger and sadness to frustration and fear. The tragic incident has sparked widespread outrage and calls for justice,

The bizarre 'To Leslie' Academy Awards controversy, explained

Just a few years after awarding Best Picture to the wrong movie, we might see a surprise nomination get revoked before the Oscars air on March 12.When the Academy Awards nominations were announced last week,

Apple might use Siri to create apps for its mixed reality headset

Well, that's one way to do things.According to a report from The Information, Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset could have a truly funky method for designing user-created apps. Put simply,

10 gifts for people who are obsessed with their iPhone

We gathered some of our favorite iPhone accessories below – for both the new iPhone 14 and older generations – that are sure to put a smile on any Apple fanatic's face.1. Apple MagSafe iPhone WalletThe first-generation Apple iPhone wallet debuted with the iPhone 12.

Check out these thoughtful and unexpected holiday gift picks

Shop directly from the interactive video above.What to gift the person who has everything they want? How about something they need! This year, we're saying "so long" to sentimentality and "hello" to unexpected, practical gifts for everyone on your list.

Serbia vs Switzerland livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Serbia will take on Switzerland in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Stadium 974.The Eagles will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Cameroon on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the Swiss will be coming from a match with Brazil.


硬件正在成为亚马逊实现让用户更依赖其服务的方式之一。Kindle阅读器,Kindle Fire平板电脑以及刚刚 […]

英特尔更新集显驱动 现已加入Windows 10豪华午餐

针对昨日正式公布的Windows 10系统,英特尔带着升级版的IGP(集成图形处理器)驱动参与到这场盛宴中。最新版本号为15.,除全面支持Windows 10系统外驱动充分调用了全新的Direct 12 API,全新的驱动支持DirectX 11.

【新三板】艾瑞:to B公司怎么讲个性感的故事


ieee浮点 - kellis


没有了饥饿营销,小米 2015 年出货量未达预期

2015 年,尤其是下半年,小米的新品发布猛然变得密集而没有节奏,给人的感觉像是逐日的夸父。实际上,它还在奔跑,只是没有预期中那么迅速了。


威锋网 2 月 20 日消息,如果问地球上哪个地方最神秘,并且最适合去探险的话,相信在很多人的答案里,一定都有亚马逊森林这个地方。毕竟,虽然南极作为世界上拥有最极端环境的地方,仅从外部环境的角度考虑,的确要更加危险一些。但亚马逊的多姿多彩,神秘与物种的多样性,则令很多人更加为之痴狂。  而即便到了现在,有关亚马逊的神秘面纱也并没有完全被揭开,那里还有很多秘密隐藏在某个未知的角落当中。在近期,科学家就公布了位于亚马逊中心地带的一条神秘河流,长度约4英里,但独特之处就在于,这条河的河水因为温度过高而一直处于沸腾的状态!  长久以来,这条河流一直都是秘鲁的传奇。

Apple Watch 2开始备货:供应商正翘首企盼

iPhone 的出货量下滑了一个季度,而且本季度估计还会继续下滑。对于苹果供应商来说,这自然是不愿意看到的。不过,苹果的另外一条产品线却是另外一种风景。威锋网通过供应链了解到,第二代 Apple Watch 如今已经进入备货阶段,组装厂商广达的营收有望在今年第三季度获得大幅度增长。  除了广达之外,宸鸿科技也有望在 Apple Watch 2 的备货背景下通过苹果订单拉动营收。作为触控面板大厂,宸鸿科技日前曾表示,虽然今年的触控面板情况仍然不乐观,但是从下半年开始,随着一系列新手机、平板以及可穿戴设备的推出,该厂商的第三、第四季度营收将呈现出上涨趋势。  


微信搜索“36氪”,获取更多高质量内容.点击进入36氪应急手机维修平台CellSavers今日宣布获得1500万美元A轮融资,由以色列风险投资公司Carmel Ventures领投,红杉资本参投。红杉资本也是该公司的种子轮投资者,去年底他们曾投资300万美元。CellSavers表示,该笔融资将被用于加速发展其终端对终端的技术平台。CellSavers是一家美国公司,成立于2015年中期。该公司开发了一个独特的平台,采用其专有算法,使高技能的“拯救者” (技术熟练、响应迅速的技术人员)与客户实时连接。

PS4 Pro 到底如何帶來 4K 畫質?Sony 工程師告訴你

大家期待已久的 PS4 Pro 將會於下個月正式推出,其中最重要的功能相信就是新增的 4K 輸出支援。不過暫時仍然未有太多消息解釋當中會採用什麼機制處理解像度的變化,最近有 Sony 的工程師就出來解話。The post PS4 Pro 到底如何帶來 4K 畫質?Sony 工程師告訴你 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

支援 4K HDR 遊戲及影片!Nvidia 發表新版 Shield TV 對應 Google Assistant

早前一直有傳 Nvidia Shield TV 將會推出新版本,而如今亦終於確認屬實,皆因 Nvidia 今日在 CES 2017 上就發表了該新款 Android TV 主機,並將名稱簡化為 Shield。新世代 Shield 不但支援 4K HDR 遊戲及影片播放,更重要是支援 Google Assistant 語音助理。以下有更多資料:The post 支援 4K HDR 遊戲及影片!Nvidia 發表新版 Shield TV 對應 Google Assistant appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

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