Monsters rise in epic trailer for 'The Witcher: Blood Origin'

1200 years before Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri crossed paths in The Witcher, the Continent was a very different place. An unstoppable empire rules with an iron fist, but that won't stop seven valiant warriors from banding together and fighting back in Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin.

TikTok's CEO is headed to Congress to testify about user privacy and safety

TikTok's CEO Shou Zi Chew will testify in a Congressional hearing set to take place on March 23.The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee on Monday announced the committee appearance via press release. TikTok's ties to its China-based parent company, Bytedance,

'Babylon' is finally coming to streaming

What: Babylon Where to watch: Premium Video-On-DemandPremiere date: January 31, 2023 If you haven't yet seen one of 2022's most polarizing films, fret not, because it's coming to streaming. Damien Chazelle's Babylon is a bombastic epic about a changing 1920s Hollywood,

Grab an earbud upgrade for any style and budget

A great pair of earbuds can truly enhance your commute, work day, or workout routine. Here are a few deals to help you find the best upgrade.BEST BUDGET EARBUDS: The Sony wired extra bass earbuds are an inexpensive pick for work calls and workouts $28 $44.99 (save $16.99)BEST STYLISH EARBUDS:

Nespresso's newest coffee and espresso machines are on sale at Amazon for 25% off

SAVE 25%: As of Monday, Jan. 30, Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso makers are on sale at Amazon for 25% off. It's cold and dark first thing in the morning, so the last thing you want to do is to get out of your cozy home to stand in line at a coffee shop.

Snag a year of Peacock Premium for $30, a 5th-gen iPad for an all-time low price, plus more of the b

We've rounded up the best deals we could find on Jan. 30 — here are some of our top picks:BEST TECH DEAL: Apple 5th generation iPad Air (64GB, WiFi) — $499.99 $599 (save $99.01)BEST BEAUTY DEAL: Dyson Corrale hair straightener — $399.99 $499.

Best air fryer deals: Save up to $60 on GoWise, Dash, and more

Check out our favorite air fryer deals as of Jan. 30:TOP PICK: The GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer features eight cooking presets — $59.80 $119.99 (save $60.19) RUNNER-UP: The Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer includes an auto-shutoff function to prevent overcooking — $60.50 $99.99 (save $39.

The iPad Air is back down to its lowest price ever

SAVE $99.01: The 2022 iPad Air is back down to its holiday season record-low pricing. Grab it in your choice of colorway at Best Buy or in a more limited selection at Amazon as of Jan. 30. At just $499.99, you'll save 17% off its $599 list price.

Keke Palmer learns some weird facts about Hello Kitty in 'SNL' sketch

What would you do if you found out that Hello Kitty was not actually a cat, but a human? If you're Keke Palmer and Bowen Yang in the above Saturday Night Live sketch, you lose your mind.The two play new employees at New York's Hello Kitty store who are very excited about their new jobs...

'SNL' Weekend Update tackles the newest Kanye controversy, rail strikes, and more

Isn't it crazy that between Alex Jones and Kayne West, Jones is the one who appears the least insane? That's also what the host of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update thinks as they cover the latest headlines from the past week.Starting with Ye's appearance on the InfoWars podcast,

'The Last of Us' trailer: Ellie and Joel are here to break your heart

You wouldn't expect a trailer featuring fungal zombies and a-ha's 1985 hit "Take On Me" to make you tear up, but the trailer for HBO's The Last of Us somehow manages to do all that...and more.

IDC 预测:PS 4 追赶 PS 2,Kinect 可单卖

翻一下游戏主机的历史,PS 2 的丰碑无疑是最高的那座,上市 7 年销售 1 亿 2000 万台,迄今总销量为 1 亿 5000 万台,除了 NDS 之外,还没有哪款游戏设备的销量能和 PS 2 比肩,在游戏主机领域,PS 2 无疑是前无古人的。

Rocket Internet’s Helpling Mops Up $17M For Its Cleaners-On-Demand Service

Helpling, the Rocket Internet-backed cleaner-on-demand service, has tidied in a nice little sum of its own after announcing $17 million in fresh funding. Investors in this Series A round include Mangrove Capital, Phenomen Ventures, Point Nine Capital and Delivery Hero chairman Lukasz Gadowski.



Chris Sacca说:Twitter 要是不听我的话,就等着被 Google收购吧

在今年 Twitter 的投资者年会前,Chris Sacca发布了名为《 What Twitter Can Be》的博文。这篇文章“不经意”地发在了特殊的日子,有问有答,让本来想在年会上发问的投资者一下子闭上了嘴巴。



Mac QQ未来会怎么变?来听听QQ团队的计划

打开 Mac App Store,QQ Mac 版在上面得到的评分是 2.5 星。很明显,大多数使用这款产品的用户对它都不是太满意。在评论中,不少用户除了抱怨之外也留下了不少功能诉求,如果你想知道自己需要的功能会不会出现在 ... ...

机器人写小说获文学奖 评委:剧情完美

由人设定男女主人公和故事梗概,人工智能负责组合词汇,构成最终小说。命题(请以以下情节为基础写作小说)某机器人对写小说产生兴趣,别的机器人看到后也纷纷开始写小说,竟然不再服务于人类。评语“能够完整写出小说太令人震惊了。如果100分满分的话我打60分,未来令人期待”“但是对于角色的刻画还很粗、情节的转换也不够自然、对于故事的交待也不够巧妙。不能算很好的小说,距离星新一奖得奖的距离还很远。” --日本科幻小说作家长谷敏思


每一个国产品牌都有一颗出国销售的心,只不过选的路各不相同。 今日魅族在众筹网站 Indiegogo上对一款产品进行众筹,但是出乎意料的并不是手机,而是一款蓝牙 HIFI 音箱——Gravity,它拥有不对称的设计,描述为:拥有浮动显示的浮动音箱,众筹价格 169 美元起。 从众筹页面能够看到,这款 Gravity 音箱采用“Missing Design”设计风格,由日本设计师坪井浩尚设计。 Gravity 音箱主体呈黑色,由铝合金组成和聚酯纤维组成,在左侧上下各有一块亚克力玻璃。下侧起支撑作用,让设备看起来是浮空的,而上侧则是起到棱镜的作用,将屏幕信息进行直角反射。

Sleepace享睡正式发布全新智能睡眠产品 -- 享睡纽扣

睡不好怎么办?Sleepace享睡纽扣帮你一睡到天亮 深圳2016年5月31日电 /美通社/ -- 5月31日,相继拿下美国CES创新奖和德国iF产品设计奖的领先智能睡眠品牌Sleepace享睡正式发布全新智能睡眠产品 -- 享睡纽扣。享睡纽扣,帮助睡眠新玩意,简单扣在枕头边,就可以获取睡眠信息,改善睡眠,是目前最具性价比的智能睡眠产品。


微信搜索“36氪”,获取更多高质量内容.点击进入36氪编者按:本文来源微信公众号“壹娱观察”(ID:yiyuguancha),授权36氪发布。作者伊娃曹(Eva Cao),历任华谊兄弟北美首席代表及国际制作部总监、华狮北美制作公司副总裁、美国韦恩斯坦公司亚洲制作部顾问。现在国内和美国电影产业方面的合作越来越多,飞来飞去致力于嫁接两边资源的人也已络绎不绝。好莱坞主流片厂、经纪公司、律所一周能见好几拨中国人,听过或是没听过的那些大小公司都煞有介事地来跟这些好莱坞机构聊一聊合作。

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