How to watch the San Diego State vs. Furman March Madness game

And now, let’s work our way down to the Sweet 16.Watching Saturday’s battle between fifth-seeded San Diego State and one of the March Madness’ 2023 Cinderellas, 13th-seeded Furman, at 12:15 p.m.,if you’re a streaming fan, means using apps and services from the NCAA and CBS. Here’s how.

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for March 27

If Quordle is a little too challenging today, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way,

Get lifetime access to these stacked learning bundles for under £100

TL;DR: The Ultimate Lifetime Bundle of StackSkills, Infosec4TC, and Stone River is on sale for £98.87, saving you 99% on list price.You never have to be done learning if you don’t want to. With time and a little motivation, you could pick up exciting new hobbies, marketable new skills,

How to watch the Masters 2023 livestream online for free

SAVE 49%: ExpressVPN can access the Masters for free. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £85.52 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off. Subscribers also get a money-back guarantee that can be used to stream for free.Golf fans are a seriously dedicated bunch,

'Succession' Season 4, episode 1: The final season begins the same way the show started

It's our last first day at Succession school. The final season of HBO's remarkable hit on billionaire echelons who've become the internet's favorite fancam material is finally here, and things are kicking off with a familiar festivity. Like its Season 1 pilot episode,

'Succession' Season 4: What's the real meaning of the final scene with Logan in episode 1?

We've had a recent hit of apocalyptic heartbreak with The Last of Us, we're currently getting our fix of survival-based scares with Yellowjackets, and here to round off the holy trinity of misery with some good old fashioned psychological-trauma-mixed-with-familial-dread is the return of Succession.

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for March 27

Yikes, it's Monday again. Hopefully, a brand new Wordle can brighten your day. If you're struggling, don't worry — we're here with our daily hints and tips to help you figure out the solution.If you prefer to just be told the answer,

Microsoft threatens to cut-off rival AI chatbots from Bing data

The AI chatbot wars are heating up, apparently. Microsoft is reportedly considering barring other companies from using data from its search engine Bing.

Declutter your space like a pro

Whether you're organizing your closet or tackling the garage, the start of spring is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your stuff for an effortlessly organized space.If you're not sure where to put everything you decide to keep, these storage bins, shelves,

The lighting is always flattering with the best smart bulbs — these are our faves

Best deals on smart light bulbs this week TP-Link Kasa KL125P2 LED Smart Light Bulb (2-Pack) (Opens in a new window) — $17.

Here's why a smart lock should be the first smart home device you own

Best deals on smart locks this week August Wi-Fi Smart Lock With Smart Keypad (4th Generation) (Opens in a new window) — $227.

文章: 执行分析还是内存分析?

在寻找执行热点的时候,有时内存分析将会提供比执行分析更加清晰的图像。在本文中,Kirk Pepperdine谈论了一些决定应该在什么时候采用哪种类型的分析器的指示灯。 By Kirk Pepperdine Translated by 孙镜涛

America's most WTF campaign ads of 2014

Election Tuesday is almost here. But before everyone heads to the polls, let's take a walk down memory lane with some of the most WTF campaign ads that politicians in the United States came up with this election seasonSee also:


挪威攝影師 Ole C. Salomonsen 所居住的地方 Tromsø,本身就是觀賞北極光的上佳地點,所以多年來他拍攝了無數精彩的極光照片與影片,隨著科技發展,他也用相機實時攝錄 (而非 Timelapse),展現極光現場高速躍動所帶來的震撼!


法國普羅旺斯地區艾克斯--(美國商業資訊)--smartTrade Technologies宣佈,在端對端低延遲外匯交易平台 LiquidityFX中增加差額信貸功能。  


中国女性已成为职场中的“半边天”,但需提高数字技术娴熟度,加快事业发展 上海2016年3月8日电 /美通社/ -- 埃森哲(纽交所代码:ACN)研究发现,熟练使用社交媒体、移动应用和云计算等数字技术,能帮助女性在职场中缩短与男性的差距。同时,这种数字技术娴熟度——即人们应用数字技术来提升知识、联系及效率的程度,对于帮助女性在教育、就业和事业发展方面,实现性别平等有重要的推动作用。 埃森哲最新发布的《实现平等:数字技术助力消除职场性别差距》研究报告印证了女性正利用数字技能,在就业准备、应聘求职及事业发展等领域获得优势。

计算机网络基础知识笔记(四) - cnb_yangwei



凤凰科技讯 北京时间10月23日消息,据外媒报道,亚马逊CEO杰夫贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)认为,该公司的智能语音助手Alexa能够在医疗保健领域成为一款非常实用的工具。内置Alexa语音助手的Echo音箱亚马逊内部确实有考 ... ...

史林枫:sqlserver数据库中数据日志的压缩及sqlserver占用内存管理设置 - 史林枫

使用sqlserver和IIS开发.net B/S程序时,数据量逐渐增多,用户也逐渐增多,那么服务器的稳定性就需要维护了。数据库如何占用更小内存,无用的日志如何瞬间清空?


前不久,美国最大的在线折扣经纪商TD Ameritrade及其最大股东TD Bank Group宣布将斥资40亿美元收购知名券商Scottrade。此事在宣布之时曾引来海外金融机构及媒体的强势关注,但由于TD Ameritrade知名度略逊于嘉信理财这类明星公司,其业务也并未涉足中国内地,因此没有引起人们的注意。根据TD Ameritrade新闻通告,这项年内最大的互联网券商并购案将在2017年完成。而就在公告后一周,这家公司就宣布启动旗下智能投顾项目Essential Portfolios,零售业务整合方案的推陈出新,可谓节奏飞快。感慨一句「活久见」。

越是热衷于社交媒体的人 就越容易抑郁和焦虑

一项最新研究发现,社交媒体帐户的数量可以反映出一个人的的心理健康状况。匹兹堡大学健康科学学院近日的研究数据显示,同时使用 7 到 11 个社交媒体的年轻人,出现抑郁和焦虑症状的比例比只有 1 到 2 个社交媒体账号的人群要高上 3 倍之多。该研究主要作者 Brian A. Primack 博士及其团队在 2014 年进行了一次调查,受调查者的年龄范围处于 19 到 32 岁之间,总人数为 1787 人。该调查利用一种抑郁症评估问卷的形式来对社交媒体的使用与抑郁症之间的关联进行调查。 阅读全文

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