If next generation firewalls don't evolve, they'll soon be irrelevant

While NGFWs continue to be a vital part of an organisation's protection, they were designed for a time before advanced targeted threats started attacking our enterprises, which often go undetected.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: that security threats today with today's must prot

Best small business website builders in 2021

We evaluate the best small business website builders, helping you choose the right option for your company's new site.

Ring for Business review

Ring for Business supports a variety of sensors and cameras, with useful features like user management and individual staff codes.

Hybrid working is creating fresh headaches for security leaders

Many leaders struggle to balance employee experience and security

Workers unwilling to shoulder responsibility for cybersecurity

Employees that don't work in IT think cybersecurity is someone else's responsibility

Many businesses are taking too long to respond to attacks

The average company takes more than two full days to respond

Digital transformation progress made clear by the Digital Maturity Matrix

How companies can gauge their own digital transformation development

How teams can embrace Agile collaboration in the hybrid work era

How remote and hybrid teams can collaborate consistently and effectively

Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay, now let's get on with making phones'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced his sexual orientation in the hope that it would help others struggling with their identity, but has asked that it not become an unnecessary focus for media attention.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Sony hopes to boost falling Xperia sales with new head of mobile division

The Japanese firm has announced that senior vice president Hiroki Totoki will take over from the current head of Sony Mobile next month, with the aim of returning the business to profit.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/30/sony-hopes-boost-falling-xperia-sales-new-head-mobile-division/

UK police predict gang crime before it strikes, Minority Report-style

London's police forces are trialling big data software designed to pin-point gang members in the city most likely to commit violent crimes.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/30/uk-police-predict-gang-crime-before-it-strikes-minority-report-style/

ELLE上线全新应用 ELLE China App

ELLEplus 携手《ELLE世界时装之苑》数字版强势出击上海2014年5月26日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,ELLE China App闪亮登场,iPad 杂志 ELLEplus 内容全新改版,令人耳目一新;新增《ELLE世界时装之苑》数字版,百分百还原纸质杂志内容,为读者提供更加快捷、轻便的阅读体验。

仿若装踏板的火箭 时速140公里的自行车

如果你要问世界上最快的自行车速度记录,答案是荷兰 VeloX3 创下的每小时 133.8 公里。对这个记录不服的大有人在,比如 AeroVelo 团队,他们就计划开发一辆时速超过 140 公里的自行车。

DoJ: Law Enforcement Can Impersonate People On Facebook

An anonymous reader sends news that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency impersonated a young woman on Facebook to communicate with suspected criminals, and the Department of Justice argued that they had the right to do so.


现在几乎所有的互联网大佬都不说自己做老板,而是做产品经理,因为产品经理比老板更牛。 互联网时代是围观性的社会, […]

BlackBerry Wants Startup Hustlers To Buy Its New Touchscreen Smartphone

BlackBerry has gone back to making touchscreen phones again after it unveiled the Leap, a device that the company believes will appeal to young people and startup founders, in particular. Read More

9 music documentaries to binge on Netflix this Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day weekend, you're free from responsibility and you've already seen Straight Outta Compton in theaters. What's next? If you're in a musical mood, just head over to Netflix and pick up one of about a million available music documentaries. From the story of soul singer Nina Simone,

Office 365 Groups adds new compliance and protection features

Microsoft continues to build on the success its having with Office 365, and as part of that is continuing to push Office 365 Groups as the way for groups to work together within Office...The post Office 365 Groups adds new compliance and protection features appeared first on WinBeta.




Apple的一个正在编撰中的文档表明,swift的一个设计初衷是允许程序运行时的加载时抽象能高效执行。Apple的设计文档提供了与库设计者相关的信息,包括swift标准库。 By Sergio De Simone Translated by 王庆

后台管理UI的选择 - 张果

最近要做一个企业的OA系统,以前一直使用EasyUI,一切都好,但感觉有点土了,想换成现在流行的Bootstrap为基础的后台UI风格,想满足的条件应该达到如下几个: 1、美观、大方、简洁 2、兼容IE8、不考虑兼容IE6/IE7,因为现在还有很多公司在使用Win7系统,系统内置了IE8 3、能通过

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