Eminem is not afraid again in empowering 'Guts Over Fear' video

Eminem and "Chandelier" singer Sia deliver a vocal one-two punch for his boxing-themed "Guts Over Fear" music video. Lyrically, the 42-year-old rapper ponders his career, referencing past songs in several verses: “Here I go recycling the same old song," he raps,

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Eminem will be the first guest on Apple Music's Beats 1

You get one shot, Beats 1.When the flagship radio station of Apple Music makes its splashy debut on June 30, Eminem will be its first guestSee also: Apple Music vs. the streaming competitionZane Lowe,

Eminem is not afraid again in empowering 'Guts Over Fear' video

Eminem and "Chandelier" singer Sia deliver a vocal one-two punch for his boxing-themed "Guts Over Fear" music video. Lyrically, the 42-year-old rapper ponders his career, referencing past songs in several verses: “Here I go recycling the same old song," he raps,

Eminem Apologizes to Mom in Emotional Mother's Day Music Video

Grab a tissueEminem dropped a touching music video on Mother's Day to apologize to his mom, Debbie Mathers, for his hateful lyrics about her sprinkled throughout his past songs.The video for "Headlights" is told in first-person via the eyes of Debbie Mathers.

Lose yourself in Eminem's new online documentary 'Not Afraid'

LOS ANGELES — Eminem wants you to lose yourself in a new half-hour documentary about his life and Shady Records, the label he co-founded with his manager Paul Rosenberg.The doc, created by Complex, debuted online Thursday. It features the 42-year-old rapper, Rosenberg, Dr. Dre,

Apple Music独家:Eminem发布独占音乐影像短片《Phenomenal》

凭借苹果强大的号召力,越来越多的独家影音内容在其Apple Music上发布。虽然Eminem之前和苹果有诸多不愉快,但作为Dr.Dre发掘的最出色说唱歌手,Eminem在7月3日正式于Apple Music上发布了独占音乐影像短片《Phenomenal》。

Gawker Eminem's New Music Video Is An Apology to His Mother | Jalopnik Russian Dash Cam Shows Why Yo

Gawker Eminem's New Music Video Is An Apology to His Mother | Jalopnik Russian Dash Cam Shows Why You Should Always Wear A Seatbelt | Jezebel Lea Michele Posts Lovely, Heartbreaking Photo Of Cory Monteith | Kotaku Meet Japan's King of FartsRead more...

Eminem Is Zane Lowe’s First Interview On Apple’s Beats 1 Radio

Beats 1 is a key part of Apple Music, the service launching next week on June 30. The 24-hour live global music station has a trio of star DJs at the helm, including Zane Lowe, BBC alum who is helming Beats 1’s launch.

Hey Ya! Lollapalooza Lineup Features Outkast, Eminem, Lorde and More

Lollapalooza organizers hope you lose yourself in the festival's lineup this year.Eminem, Outkast, Kings of Leon, Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Arctic Monkeys will perform as headliners for the Chicago-based music festival in Grant Park from Aug. 1 to Aug. 3. Meanwhile,

Add Eminem's 'Phenomenal' next to 'Lose Yourself' on your workout playlist

It's no "Lose Yourself," but Eminem's new song "Phenomenal" is a worthy contender for your sweat-inducing workout playlist. The tune will be featured on the soundtrack for Weinstein Company's sports drama Southpaw,

有頭有面!Beats1 首個受訪嘉賓將會是 Eminem

Apple Music 服務除了有大量音樂供播放,其 Beats1 電台也是主要賣點。他們將會有針對音樂人的訪問節目,而首個嘉賓將會是 Eminem,認真夠 Face。以下有更多資料:The post 有頭有面!

iPhone's Dynamic Island can be turned off temporarily. Here's how.

Are you annoyed by your new iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max's Dynamic Island, and want to turn it off? It cannot permanently be done, but there's a workaround you may have missed. First things first: The Dynamic Island is not just a feature showing you notifications about app behavior,

All the best smartwatches for every wrist and interest

Your phone might feel like an essential tool in your daily life, but how irritating does it become to take it out of your pocket every time you need to do something quickly? In a world where the smartphone quickly overtook the need for a watch on your wrist, things are turning back the other way.

Get 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited ahead of the fall Prime event

SAVE $35.96: Prime members who haven't subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited before can score a free 4-month trial through Oct. 12. Nonmembers can get three months for free.Something tells us you're going to be listening to a lot more Rihanna than usual from now until February. Perfect timing:

Listen to music for up to 7 hours on a charge with this $30 Bluetooth speaker

TL;DR: As of Sept. 27, you can get the Soundfreaq Compact Bluetooth Speaker for just $29.99 instead of $79.99 — that's a 62% discount.Where would we be without the convenience of Bluetooth-compatible speakers?

Get a refurbished iPad Mini 2 for just $200

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get the Refurbished iPad Mini 2 for just $199.99 instead of $300 — that's a 33% discount.You love your laptop, but you might be thinking that it would be easier to have a device that's more portable and lightweight so you can Tweet, read,

These wireless earbuds can make workouts better for under $40

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get a pair of Refurbished Altec Lansing Nanobuds Sport Nanopods for just $36.99 instead of $39.99 — that's a 7% discount.Wireless earbuds certainly offer convenience, but high-maintenance models aren't always ideal for strenuous activity.

Score this ultra-portable refurbished Acer laptop for only $250

TL;DR: Through Sept. 30, you can get the Refurbished Acer Travelmate P446 for just $249.99 instead of $427 — that's a 41% discount.All laptops are technically developed to be portable computers, but a good number of them are still bulky to a fault. If ultra-portability is your priority,

Live updates: Ferguson grand jury reaches a decision

A grand jury has reached a decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in AugustMashable is covering the event live below3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW1. The announcement on the grand jury's decision could come today.2. If charged,

Stray dog follows adventure race team for 430 miles through the Amazon

In a heartwarming story tailor-made for the start of the holiday season, a stray dog followed a team of athletes throughout its grueling 430-mile adventure competition in the Amazon rainforest.The dog, later named Arthur, came upon Team Peak Performance,

J.J. Abrams confirms a 'tiny' Star Wars trailer is coming this weekend

LOS ANGELES — Despite the great disturbance in the Force on Monday morning, no one knows exactly when or where the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will debut. We only know that it will, on Friday, and it'll be 88 seconds long.

JavaScript,一个超级简单的方法判断浏览器的内核前缀 - 一步一步往上走

先说明,此处的方法是说超级简单的方法,不是指代码超级少,而是用非常简单的知识点,只要懂得怎么写JavaScript的行内样式就可以判断。 大家应该还记得JavaScript行内样式怎么写吧?(看来我是废话了!

iPhone 6迟迟未到 水货商收钱放贷


AWS re:Invent大会中国专场,PingWest邀请你来!

下个月,亚马逊云服务AWS将会在美国拉斯维加斯举办第三届re:Invent大会。与往届不同的是,PingWes […]



跟Bob大叔观OO原则 - 辰希小筑



光荣最新的策略类大作《三国志 13》很快就将发布,游戏的预购也已经开始。担心自己跑不起吗?这个完全不是问题!  随着预购的展开,本作 PC 版的配置要求也随之意外泄露。要跑起《三国志 13》,你只需要最低 Pentium4 1.

Google Fiber面向小企业推出3种网络服务:月费70-250美元不等

据外媒报道,日前,谷歌披露了更多关于Fiber将如何受益小型企业的新计划。谷歌方面表示,他们将面向小型企业推出3种不同的网络服务选择,价格从70美元/月到250美元/月不等。其中,70美元/月价位的为Fiber Business 100,它将向客户提供100mbps的下载速度;100美元/月为Fiber Business 250,它将向客户提供250mbps的下载速度;

Edward Snowden asks Twitter CEO to bring us tweet editing

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden made history when he exposed government surveillance programs. Now, he has shed light on another need: Twitter product changes. On Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked Snowden, “What would you like to see us do?

MIT评出全球十大突破性技术 阿里巴巴连摘两项 未来还有量子计算机

2月21日下午,美国权威科学杂志《麻省理工科技评论》(MIT Technology Review)发布2017年全球十大突破性技术榜单。在与Google、微软、IBM等科技巨头的较量中,阿里巴巴分别入选“强化学习”和“刷脸支付”两大突破性技术榜单。作为全球最为著名的技术榜单之一,《麻省理工科技评论》全球十大突破性技术具备极大的全球影响力和权威性,至今已经举办了超过16年。每年上榜的技术突破,有的已经在现实中得以应用,有的还尚需时日,但注定将在未来对人类的经济政治生活产生重大影响,甚至会彻底改变整个社会面貌。

中兴通讯与美国政府和解 但需支付8.9亿美元罚金

【媒体报导】中兴通讯昨天晚些时候发布公告,表示该公司已经与美国政府出口管制调查案件达成和解。这次和解意味着长达一年时间美国政府的封杀终于要结束了,而且也是中兴通讯国际化发展最大的阻碍被去除了。当然对 ... ...

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