'Addams Family' actor Ken Weatherwax dead at 59

Ken Weatherwax, who as a child played the mild-mannered, bug-eating Pugsley on the original Addams Family TV show, has died, according to multiple reports. He was 59.TMZ says Weatherwax died in his California home of a heart attack.

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'Addams Family' actor Ken Weatherwax dead at 59

Ken Weatherwax, who as a child played the mild-mannered, bug-eating Pugsley on the original Addams Family TV show, has died, according to multiple reports. He was 59.TMZ says Weatherwax died in his California home of a heart attack.

10 Snappy Life Lessons From 'The Addams Family'

When you think of TV families, you may conjure up the Brady Bunch or the Jetsons. But, for many of us growing up in either the 1960s or the 1990s, we look to a different, less nuclear family: the Addams.Sure, they may be creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and all together ooky,

When you catcall Wednesday Addams, there are consequences

Warning: this video contains some graphic language and great braids.Webseries Adult Wednesday Addams imagines life after she moves out of the family manorTurns out, life is terrifying once you leave the comfort of disembodied hands and man-eating plants. After Wednesday is harassed by catcallers,


Empire State Realty Trust和iHeartMedia将举办激动人心的年度万圣节LED音乐灯光秀 纽约2015年12月23日电 /美通社/ -- Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT)和iHeartMedia今天正式公布以帝国大厦(Empire State Building,

The Most Ill-Advised Continuations of Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

The X-Files, Heroes and Twin Peaks are all coming back to our screens soon, with at least some of the original castmembers returning. Sounds great—except that this sort of thing doesn’t always work out. Here are the most ignominious examples of classic TV shows that were reanimated...

Why the City of Oakland Finally Legalized Pinball Machines

Everyone has tried it at some point. The authorities started turning a blind eye years ago, but it wasn't officially legalized until the summer of 2014. Finally, after more than 80 years of illegitimacy, the City of Oakland has legalized…pinball machines.Read more...

Not Safe For Play? The Evolution of Pinball Machines

Game of skills or evil gambling? It is hard to believe that there was a long period in the history of arcade games when pinball machines, these amazing mixtures of art, design, engineering, technology, gaming, sport, culture, and so on, were banned. It was illegal to own even just one. Read more...

Mork and Mindy Was One of the Most Unlikely Miracles in the History of Television

Groundbreaking sitcom Mork and Mindy was always doomed to fail. This weird comedy about an alien and his human pal reached a U.S. audience of 60 million viewers every week, and launched Robin Williams’ career. And then, it tanked. We talked to the show’s writers and director,

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Making of Mork and Mindy

For one year, Mork and Mindy was arguably the most successful science fiction TV show ever made. The comedy about an alien and his human best friend turned Robin Williams into a global sensation. How did this miracle happen, and why didn’t it last? To find out,

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for October 1

Some Quordles are brain-busters, some are less challenging than remember what you had for lunch yesterday. Some, like today's are in-between.If it's a little too challenging, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution.

The best retro mini-fridges that’ll keep your food even cooler than their vintage vibe

Ever heard the phrase "Everything old is new again?" For whatever reason, we tend to have a nostalgic soft spot for aesthetics that seem to transport us to another time period. Whether it's clothing or home design, style just comes in waves every few decades or so,

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for October 1

October is here, and to kick off the spooky season there's a brand new Wordle. But if you've used all your brain cells this week and are struggling with today's puzzle, never fear — we're here to help every day.If you just want the answer,

Hurricane Ian slammed into South Carolina, and photos and video from the scene are harrowing

Hurricane Ian made landfall in South Carolina at 2:05 p.m. ET Friday near the city of Georgetown on Winyah Bay — marking the official start of the storm's second major assault on the U.S. mainland. Some damage was immediately visible, with at least two piers collapsing into the sea.

10 movies you'll want to see out of NYFF 2022

The 2022 New York Film Festival begins today, showcasing a slew of new films to get excited about this upcoming fall and winter.This year's lineup includes movies from Luca Guadagnino, Joanna Hogg, and Noah Baumbach,

A family-friendly streaming guide for Hispanic Heritage Month

From stunning animation to heartfelt family stories to the acknowledgment of complex histories and identities, the current digital media environment is rich with stories by and about Latinx culture.

Joe Rogan and Oprah's bestie caught texting with Elon Musk over Twitter buy

Remember when Elon Musk was going to buy Twitter? Earlier this year, Musk seemed intent on taking over the social media platform.

40 Beatles covers to honor John Lennon

Monday marks the 34th anniversary of the tragic death of John Lennon, killed outside his apartment building in New York at the age of 40.Lennon's gift for songwriting was one of the many reasons that the music of the Beatles remains so influential across the entire music industry.

Hackers sent extortion email to Sony executives 3 days before attack

The hackers behind the massive Sony hack warned of a damaging cyberattack in a jumbled email sent to company executives three days before the hack.The email, sent on Nov. 21, was addressed to Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, Chairman Amy Pascal,

Protesters gather for 'Royal Shutdown' at Barclays Center

Protesters gathered at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday, hoping to redirect national media attention around the widely-publicized game to the Eric Garner decisionActivists rallied on social media under the hashtag #RoyalShutdown, pointing to the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,

Lifelogging Wearable Camera Startup, Narrative, Gets $8M For U.S. Push

Lifelogging camera startup Narrative has bagged a new chunk of funding to fuel a U.S. push, taking in $8 million led by Khosla Ventures. Existing investors True Ventures and Passion Capital also participated in the round.

The "Man In the Moon" Was Created By Mega Volcano

astroengine writes Whenever you look up at the near side of the moon, you see a face looking back at you. This is the "Man in the Moon" and it has inspired many questions about how it could have formed. There has been some debate as to how this vast feature — called Oceanus Procellarum,

This Week in PC Hardware: Lots of AMD, transparent mirror displays, 10TB HDDs, and more

This week in PC hardware is all about AMD, crazy displays, massive hard drives and more. Here are some of the breaking hardware news from this week.Processors


axure功能太强大,动态面板已经搞得我头晕@[email protected]眼花了,更别提7.0版本的中继器了。。。废话不多说,还是和 ...

今日新聞淺談:客戶要求幫忙備份 58G 的謎片,癮科技同事有好主意...

昨天吳老闆在臉書上看到臉友的狀態,大意是說有位修理電腦手機相關器材的老闆,收到一位阿伯要修理 Macbook Air,請老闆修理前幫忙備份裡面的影片,打開一看,大概有 58G 的 A 片要備...







Master Chief's Iconic UNSC MA5 Halo Rifle Is Now a BOOMco Dart Blaster

To the dismay of blaster fans who’d fallen in love with the BOOMco toys, Mattel has scaled back the line and will start focusing it more on licensed properties. The silver lining to that bad news is that we’re going to be seeing more and more weapons from the Halo universe brought to life,

iPhone和iPad也可以使用macOS Sierra壁纸

果然不出所料,OS X 的确在这一届 WWDC 大会上成为了历史。苹果软件工程高级副总裁克雷格·费德里奇在今天凌晨的主题演讲过程中表示,OS X 将正式更名为 macOS,这一代 Mac 操作系统的版本定名为 macOS Sierra。新系统名称确定的同时,我们也看到了全新的壁纸:背景同样是山峰群,只不过是换了一个地方。  对于那些想要尝鲜的用户来说,现在就可以下载 macOS Sierra 的全新壁纸,无论你手上拿的是 iPhone 6/6s Plus、iPad Pro 还是 MacBook。  

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