Vikings' Adrian Peterson to remain suspended due to child-abuse case

MINNEAPOLIS — An arbiter appointed by the NFL ruled Friday that Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson will remain suspended until at least next spring in the child-abuse case that has sidelined him for all but one game this season.The decision by Harold Henderson,

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NFL suspends Adrian Peterson for the rest of 2014 season

The NFL has suspended star running back Adrian Peterson for the remainder of the 2014 season.The ruling follows Peterson's plea of "no contest" to charges of misdemeanor reckless assault relating to a child abuse case involving one of his sons.

Vikings' Adrian Peterson to remain suspended due to child-abuse case

MINNEAPOLIS — An arbiter appointed by the NFL ruled Friday that Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson will remain suspended until at least next spring in the child-abuse case that has sidelined him for all but one game this season.The decision by Harold Henderson,

Adrian Peterson's suspension: A clumsy solution amid a bigger mess

Roger Goodell's hammer came down hard on Tuesday morning when the NFL commissioner suspended Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson without pay for the rest of the current season for beating his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch, leaving the boy with visible welts and cuts on his legs,

Adrian Peterson Barred by Vikings Until Child Abuse Case Resolved

The Vikings have indefinitely suspended running back Adrian Peterson from the team until the legal matters surrounding his alleged child abuse are resolvedThe team announced early Wednesday that Peterson had been placed on what is known as the "exempt/commissioner's permission list.

Nike drops Adrian Peterson after plea deal

Nike canceled its endorsement deal with Ray Rice in September after video emerged of the former NFL star decking his wife in a casino elevator during the off-seasonNow the sportswear giant has canceled its endorsement deal with NFL megastar Adrian Peterson after the Vikings running back struck a plea deal to avoid facing charges of felony child-abuse for giving his four-year-old son a "whooping" with a wooden switchSee also:

Adrian Peterson reaches plea deal, avoids jail in child abuse case

NFL superstar Adrian Peterson has reached a plea deal that should have him avoiding any jail time in the child-abuse case that's caused him to miss most of this football season,

Of course a fight broke out at the end of the Super Bowl

What a fitting ending to a season littered with violenceWith only 18 seconds left in the game, a fight broke out between several players of the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Despite the scuffle, the Patriots went on to win 28-24See also:

The Ellen Show officially ends with a digital whimper

The Ellen Show, a cultural daytime television phenom that aired 19 seasons, more than 3,000 episodes, and led to countless viral moments before that was even a known phrase, officially came to an end on May 26. Unlike what you'd expect from an arbiter of early 2000's television culture, however,

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' cast shows us why jeans are essential in beach sports

Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis and the cast of "Top Gun: Maverick" have strong opinions about jeans as viable beachwear. The new film, directed by Joe Kosinski, has it's own beach sports scene that is destined to be as iconic as the original. "Top Gun: Maverick" releases in theaters Friday,

'Sex Bomb' celebrates the joy of embracing sexuality and love as a British-Indian Muslim woman

"It's so easy to put women in boxes," writes comedian Sadia Azmat in her memoir Sex Bomb: The Life and Loves of an Asian Babe. "Judging whether we're the right or the wrong sort of girl, trying to make our identities and facets work for your head and understanding of the world,

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it. Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well.

Yes, we can reverse gray hair. No, we don't know why it works. Just chill.

There are so many news stories this year that seem likely to give us gray hairs, you'd be forgiven for missing one that gives us hope that we can restore those gray hairs back to their regular color — no dye required.In the first published study to find evidence of "natural re-pigmentation,

'Harry's House' finds a home on TikTok

The world is on fire. So much so that TikTok can sometimes feel like an alternate reality. The trends keep trending. The algorithm never stops churning out content onto our feeds. This week, we are all in Harry's House. Harry Styles's latest album is all my FYP can talk about.

Learn to sketch cityscapes and buildings with this bundle

TL;DR: As of May 27, The 2022 Urban Sketching Course Bundle is on sale for just $39.99. That's 87% off its regular price of $319.Imagine if you had something to do every time you went to the park this summer besides pop a bottle of rosé.

Google's latest Easter eggs are a barrel of LMAO

You may remember the silly tricks Google hid away in its search engine years ago, such as flipping the screen when you type "do a barrel roll". Now it seems the tech giant just built a whole lot more of this kind of whimsy for us to uncover — this time,

Spider-Man may appear in 'Captain America 3,' but not with Andrew Garfield

Despite their public protestations to the contrary, it looks like Sony is working with licensing Spider-man to Disney for use in Marvel's Captain America 3. Just not with Andrew Garfield in the spidey-suit.

The gift of sport: 7 presents perfect for the inspired athlete

Every holiday list has at least one — that recipient who's on the path to bettering themselves in their active lifestyleWhether it's hockey or it's golf, buying for the sporting enthusiast isn't just about generating a stocking stuffer that matches their interests.

SXSW In One Photo: Shingy on a Wrecking Ball

Austin, TX — All the brands are here, and form a chorus of undignified pleas for your attention. But why are they bothering? Nothing will beat AOL's race to the bottom like Digital Prophet and escaped muppet David Shing , wobbling on a branded wrecking ball.Read more...

迎来送往 苹果管理层将有两次重大人事变动

威锋网消息,苹果最近将有两次重大的人事变动。根据 LinkedIn 网站的信息,前达美航空公司营销和电子商务副总裁 Bob Kupbens 正式加入苹果,成为苹果在线商店副总裁。

iWatch消息停不下来: 将会配备汗液传感器

威锋网讯,iWatch 的传闻似乎在本周又达到了一个新的高度。在过去的两天里,关于 iWatch 的传闻似乎不绝于耳,而在今天,似乎又为我们带来了新的信息。  

林寶堅尼研發 910 匹馬力 Plug-in Hybrid 超跑

提起 Plug-in Hybrid 汽車,不少人都會聯想到 Toyota Prius 一類的房車,跟強勁的馬力和速度沾不上邊。巴黎車展期間,林寶堅尼決意將這個想法打破,發表了 Plug-in Hybrid 超跑 Asterion LPI 910-4,一部混能超級狂牛。


你应该还记得上面这张图。用户利用Google Maps的地图编辑工具创作了一些令Google尴尬的图像,而要审查用户作出的每一个变动显然也是不现实的。

微软测试负责人称Windows 10 Build 10134即将发布

Windows 10正在进入最后的阶段,意味着团队工作重点已经从开发新功能转移到完善系统以及UI优化,系统版本发布的进度也开始加快。Windows Build 10130于上两天推出,带来了不少自定义功能和界面元素更新。

Tinder Is Going to War Over Threesomes

You might remember 3nder, the oddly-named dating app for finding your very own three-person sexy time party. Well it seems that Tinder, a dating app with a similar name, is threatening to sue the company behind the app.Read more...




拉力和场地差别非常大。由表及里,先说看得见的,驾驶舱:这是2006年的斯巴鲁wrc战车,注意脚下,是三块踏板:由左至右为离合器刹车和油门。排档在方向盘后面的右手边,为顺序换挡,换挡时是不用离合的,离合踏板是起步时用的 早年全手动的时候跟指法还是很有效的,推测现在的车手和f1一样,是一个脚一个踏板的。手刹在驾驶和副驾驶之间,相较民用车被抬高了,车手更容易拉到。(车手的右手会经常离开方向盘去拉手刹或者换挡,现在新的方向盘上会有小握把方便单手搓轮)方向盘上基本没有电子系统,车手在驾驶时不需要照顾这些。转向比为1:1.


华为荣耀8青春版1099元起的售价如何?现在,新旗舰荣耀V9的售价也正式公布了,相当给力。具体如下:荣耀V9 4GB+64GB版:2599元;6GB+64GB版:2999元;6GB+128GB版:3499元。2月28日10:08 vmall、京东、天猫、苏宁 ... ...

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