A Look at the NSA's Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

realized writes in with a closer look at the NSA's QUANTUM system. "Today QUANTUM packs a suite of attack tools, including both DNS injection (upgrading the man-on-the-side to a man-in-the-middle, allowing bogus certificates and similar routines to break SSL) and HTTP injection.

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This Sticker Automatically Injects Meds When a Chemo Patient Can't

Chemotherapy is a brutal but often life-saving treatment for an even worse disease. It can also reduce a patient's white blood cell count, which hinders the body's ability to fight off infections. Injections of Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) can help boost white blood cells, if given exactly a day later.

Woman charged with manslaughter for allegedly injecting Google exec with heroin

Alix Tichelman, 26, was arrested thanks to CCTV footage which showed her gathering possessions, including needles and heroin, and lowering a blind before leaving the executive's boat.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Google Injects Health Facts Into Knowledge Graph

Google’s semantic-search base, which it uses to supplement organic search results with summarized information typically foregrounded above the organic results, is getting an injection of medical facts to expand the utility of search services for users with health-related queries. Read More

Injecting Liquid Metal Into Blood Vessels Could Help Kill Tumors

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes One of the most interesting emerging treatments for certain types of cancer aims to starve the tumor to death. The strategy involves destroying or blocking the blood vessels that supply a tumor with oxygen and nutrients. Without its lifeblood,

A New Injectable Enzyme Can Halt the Bleeding of Wounds

In serious emergencies, blood loss can be a rapid and unstoppable cause of death. Now, a team of researchers has developed an injectable enzyme that can stop wounds from bleeding. Could this be bye bye, Band-Aid?Read more...

West Virginia's Toxic Spill Water Will Be Pumped Into Wells Beneath Ohio

The geology of the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes makes the land around them particularly suitable for an ugly task: hazardous waste disposal. There, hundreds of injection wells, each up to 10,000 feet deep, contain the chemical leftovers from steel mills, wastewater treatment, and more. Read more.

Amazon “smart” home plans to get $55m cash injection and 798 jobs by 2019

Internet of Things devices are at the heart of its Lab126 unit’s plans for the coming five years and it’s likely to involve various products that make shopping easier.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/24/amazon-smart-home-plans-get-55m-cash-injection-and-798-jobs-2019/

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "The state of Oklahoma had scheduled two executions for Tuesday, April 29th. This in spite of myriad objections that the drugs being used for both lethal injections had not been tested, and thus could violate the constitutional right to the courts,

3D-Printed Microfish May Soon Inject Themselves In Your Body

Not unlike those fortune-telling fish you used to get at joke shops a new form of 3D-printed microfish – fish, not fiche – can wiggle and jiggle and wriggle inside you, dropping off medicine and cleaning up toxins as they go.Researchers at the University of California,

Verizon Injects Unique IDs Into HTTP Traffic

An anonymous reader writes: Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is now also a real-time data broker. According to a security researcher at Stanford, Big Red has been adding a unique identifier to web traffic. The purpose of the identifier is advertisement targeting,

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

An anonymous reader writes On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving the conviction of a man based solely on the analysis of his "inadvertently shed" DNA.

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all,

Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

An anonymous reader writes 14 years after the Anna Kournikova virus took advantage of users' ignorance about file-name extensions in order to wreak worldwide havoc,

Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

Phopojijo writes The Khronos Group has announced the Vulkan API for compute and graphics. Its goal is to compete against DirectX 12. It has some interesting features,

Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement

Sparrowvsrevolution writes A new Wired magazine story goes inside the North Korean rebel movement seeking to overthrow Kim Jong-un by smuggling USB drives into the country packed with foreign television and movies. As the story describes, one group has stashed USB drives in Chinese cargo trucks.

NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

jones_supa writes NVIDIA has fixed a long-standing issue in the Ubuntu Unity desktop by patching Compiz. When opening the window of a new application, it would go black or become transparent on NVIDIA hardware. There have been bug reports dating back to Ubuntu 12.10 times.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email At State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

HughPickens.com writes: The NY Times reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, according to State Department officials.

How Steve Jobs Got the iPhone Into Japan

hcs_$reboot writes "Masatoshi Son, SoftBank CEO, remembers the early days when he tried to cut a deal with Steve Jobs in order to be the first to offer the -not even named iPhone yet- "new phone" from Apple, back in 2005. At the time, Son didn't even own a mobile carrier.

Ubuntu's Mir Gets Delayed Again

jones_supa writes "Delays keep piling up for the Mir display server on the Ubuntu desktop. After already being postponed multiple times, Mir might not be enabled by default on the Ubuntu Linux desktop until the 16.

Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics

An anonymous reader writes in with news about Russias censorship of internet sites critical of President Vladimir Putin.

启用全球新域名Mi.com 小米国际化加速


Facebook 收购安全服务提供商 PrivateCore

Facebook 今天宣布收购位于 Palo Alto 的安全服务提供商 PrivateCore,Facebook 表示此次收购,除了人才外,PrivateCore 的安全技术也可帮助 Facebook 保证其服务和用户数据的安全。

OpenBSD's Kernel Gets W^X Treatment On Amd64

New submitter brynet tips this news from Theo de Raadt: Over the last two months Mike Larkin ([email protected]) modified the amd64 kernel to follow the W^X principles. It started as a humble exercise to fix the .rodata segment, and kind of went crazy. As a result,

微软或许应该承认Xbox One销售失败了?

本月初曾有消息称,索尼 PlayStation 4 的销量迄今已经远超微软 Xbox One 游戏机,前者与后者的销量比几乎为 2:1,这似乎意味着,微软在游戏领域的路子走得越来越艰难了。

Linux体系结构和Linux内核结构 - baozouge

/** ****************************************************************************** * @author 暴走的小哥哥 * @version V1.0.0 * @date 2016-02-23 *************

A Jagerbomb That Explodes When You Drop in the Shot Is a Much More Awesome Drink

Jagerbombs are awful and gross and taste like medicine and don’t really deserve to exist after you grow up. Explosions are awesome and cool and need to happen more in your life as you get old (the highly controlled, non-violent, and fun sort of explosions, of course).

How Extreme Is the Weather on Other Planets in the Universe?

Storms that go on for 400 years. Falling molten glass rain. Temperatures jumping from 500 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius in just 6 hours. The weather in our universe is crazy. Read more...



医疗收入循环管理解决方案提供商 Recondo Technology 获得 1600 万美元债务融资

Recondo Technology 是一家在医疗行业领域内提供收入循环管理解决方案的初创公司。近日,该公司宣布获得了一笔 1600 万美元债务融资,旨在支持、加速该公司的未来业务增长。本轮融资的领投方是知名风投 Lemhi Ventures,债务融资合作方为 Bridge Capital。据悉,该公司计划利用这笔资金扩大产品开发——特别是在支持应用程序接口的收入循环内容产品的研发投入,同时,他们还会扩大医疗索赔进展情况追踪范围,并支持自动化授权等解决方案。2013 年,该公司被《Modern Healthcare》评为全美医疗科技领域里最热门的初创公司。

刘强东对话董明珠:我们两个都是“自虐型”企业家 不喜欢休息 ... ...

11 月 8 日,格力电器董事长董明珠与京东董事长刘强东今日在某个活动论坛上展开对话,双方就传统制造转型、无人机物流、品质追求等话题展开了讨论。  双方首先谈及了品牌,董明珠称好的品牌必须有质量、技术、 ... ...

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