White House declines to fire Aaron Swartz prosecutors two years after online petitions filed

The White House refused on Thursday to fire the prosecutors who oversaw the criminal investigation of Aaron Swartz, the late Internet activist and coder, nearly two years after petitions asking for their removal attracted more than 90,000 signaturesSwartz committed suicide on Jan. 11, 2013,

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White House declines to fire Aaron Swartz prosecutors two years after online petitions filed

The White House refused on Thursday to fire the prosecutors who oversaw the criminal investigation of Aaron Swartz, the late Internet activist and coder, nearly two years after petitions asking for their removal attracted more than 90,000 signaturesSwartz committed suicide on Jan. 11, 2013,

'The Internet's Own Boy': Aaron Swartz Documentary Trailer Debuts

Coder and digital-rights activists Aaron Swartz died over a year ago at 26, after he committed suicide in his New York City apartmentShortly after his death, filmmaker Brian Knappenberger decided to make a documentary on Swartz'z life, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund itSee also:

Watch This Film About Why Aaron Swartz Matters More Than Ever

Aaron Swartz was a young, bright genius who believed in the open Internet. A self-made millionaire by the age of 19, he co-founded Reddit, was part of the creation of RSS and became a political organizer and Internet hacktivist who was instrumental in the fight against SOPA.

The Internet's Own Boy: Why Aaron Swartz's Story Matters More Than Ever

Aaron Swartz's story is a complicated one, with many moving parts—it's no easy task to do them all justice with a single film. But The Internet's Own Boy, a new documentary that chronicles the late 26-year-old's internet activism, fight against the feds, and ultimate death,

[视频]Aaron Swartz纪录片接受预订

由著名导演Brian Knappenberger所拍摄获奖纪录片《天才陨落:Aaron Swartz的故事》(The Internet's Own Boy)目前已经接受预订,该片主要讲述编程天才和网络游侠Aaron Swartz的故事。

Aaron Swartz and MIT: The Inside Story

An anonymous reader writes: "The Boston Globe has reviewed over 7,000 pages of documents from Aaron Swartz's court case, shedding light on the activities that got him in trouble and how MIT reacted to his case. Quoting: 'Most vividly,

Aaron Swartz记录片在知识共享许可证下发布到互联网档案馆

讲述Aaron Swartz一生的记录片《The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz》于6月27日在美国电影院和在线视频点播网站正式上映。

White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

First time accepted submitter devloop writes Petitioners requesting the White House remove D.A. Carmen Ortiz from office for gross prosecutorial overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz, received today what amounts to a denial from WhiteHouse.gov. "Aaron Swartz's death was a tragic,

互联网之子 – Aaron Swartz - 心梦缘@

1986年11月8日,有个叫Aaron Swartz的人在美国芝加哥伊利诺伊州出生。因为他父母创办了一个软件公司,所以,Aaron在3岁的时候就接触到了电脑,然后就着迷了。

Worldwide Aaron Swartz Day Memorial Hackathons This Weekend

New submitter sterlingcrispin writes: There are hackathons taking place all over the world in memory of Aaron Swartz this weekend, November 8th and 9th. The goal is to "bring together the varied communities that Aaron touched to figure out how the important problems of the world connect,

Neil Young told Spotify to choose between him and Joe Rogan. Spotify chose Joe Rogan.

This may be your last chance to listen to "Heart of Gold" on Spotify, Neil Young fans.According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is obliging the legendary artist's request to be removed from the streaming service due to its distribution of the popular podcast,

YouTube bans Dan Bongino permanently

Conservative radio host and personality Dan Bongino has been kicked off YouTube for good.“We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account,

Mike Schur shares a hilarious 'Office' moment inspired by his life

Mose Schrute is in the house! Or rather, he's on the podcast.On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey took a break from recapping episodes to interview comedic genius Mike Schur. For those who don't know,

Anti-work subreddit goes private after rough Fox News interview

The anti-work subreddit went private today following a lousy Fox News interview between anchor (and notorious tool) Jesse Watters and one of the subreddit's moderators, Doreen Ford. Watters and other Fox News hosts have argued that the subreddit is helping to fuel the Great Resignation,

Tiffany Haddish and 'The Afterparty' cast hilariously remix the show's plot — Mash Libs

The ensemble cast of The Afterparty cooked up an alternative plot for their Apple TV+ show.

Wise life advice from a 5-year-old is going viral on Twitter

Gwenyth T. was driving her 5-year-old son, Clark, to school when she got one heck of a motivational speech. Clark is now in school for the first time due to the pandemic, and it's been a bit of a rough transition. "He’s a sweet, sensitive kid. An only child who is just very verbal, very chatty.

Wordle memes are everywhere

It didn't take long for Wordle, the internet's latest obsession, to turn into a meme. "Not Wordle" is the latest Twitter trend that pokes fun at our collective compulsion to post our Wordle results on the timeline. Wordle is a daily word game that involves guessing a five-letter word.

Apple's App Store sales jumped 50% in 2014, likely hitting $15 billion

Apple may not attend CES in Las Vegas, but it has a tendency to try stealing some of the event's thunder by putting out announcements. This year is no different.The Cupertino, California,

Paris shooting suspect appeared in 2005 documentary on jihadists

Before he was convicted of terrorism charges, one of the suspects in the brutal attack on a satirical magazine in Paris was a hopeful rapper, according to 2005 footage that resurfaced on ThursdayCherif Kouachi,

Saudi blogger to be publicly flogged for insulting Islam

A Saudi blogger who was sentenced last May to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes will be publicly flogged for the first time after Friday prayers outside a mosque in the Red Sea coastal city of Jiddah, a person close to his case said Thursday.


来自日本设计师平田昌大的设计——所以说我很喜欢日本的某些设计,它们总是带着一点让人感动的小心思和小细节在里面,而这款旅程铅笔(Pencil Journey)也不例外,以笔尖的位置代表日本,从笔尖开始,笔杆上面会标示出从日本出发到其他国家的相对距离,而且每支铅笔上标注的国家似乎还都不同,于是,用完一支铅笔,就好像在笔杆上面周游了世界。



Dimension Data部署全球标准化数据中心托管服务

扩大托管服务组合,以提高数据中心的运营效率,促成数据中心的业务转型 约翰内斯堡--(美国商业资讯)--市值60亿美元的信息和通信技术(ICT)解决方案和服务提供商达科(Dimension Data)今天宣布,该公司将部署全球标准化数据中心托管服务。

阿里巴巴成立规模为 10 亿港元的香港青年企业家基金

阿里巴巴集团 今天宣布,已成立一个规模为 10 亿港元(1.29 亿美元)的非盈利组织,为希望通过这家电子商务巨头的在线交易平台创业的年轻人提供帮助。这个名叫“ 阿里巴巴香港青年企业家基金… Read More



Mental Health Startup Lantern Launches Tool To Manage Stress

One in five adults in America experienced a mental health issue last year, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Meanwhile, one in ten people under the age of 18 went through a period of major depression in 2014.


集成平台服务(iPaaS)提供商MuleSoft日前发布了最新版的Anypoint平台,包括Anypoint MQ,基于了云的异步消息传递功能。Anypoint MQ允许用户处理基于事件的用例,执行“先进的异步消息传递方案”。


威锋网 1 月 20 日消息,在前段时间的电影《火星救援》当中。主人公被一个人扔在火星并度过了长达数百天的时间。而他在这期间所面临的最大问题就是食物,如果不是偶然发现了几个土豆并根据自己深厚的植物学知识将它们成功的批量种植出来的话,相信等不到救援人员他就会交待在火星上。  然而根据这件事情,至少说明了如果人类想要长时间的在火星住下去的话,仅仅从地球带资源上去显然是不够的。毕竟火星可不比月球,如此远的距离,输送物资显然是无法实现的。而仅凭宇航员带的那一点点东西显然根本无法坚持太久。因此,想要在火星上建立基地的话,还是要从火星自带的资源入手。  

Android与JS进行交互传文件路径 - DevLi

webview+h5这种混合开发最近很火,其中最重要的大概就是java代码和js的交互了,刚接触这东西两天,写写收获。 新建一个assets文件夹,要与res这个文件夹同级,其中存放web项目。 先看android端 初始化webview 这里执行了点击h5中的按钮,调用系统相机的操作,onActi


旅行,不在于去多远的地方,更在于自己的心境。 当我们重新打量自己的生活,试着以一种外来者的心态,试着调动自己所有的感官投入到城市当中,你会发现,也许并不了解自己生活的城市。 MINI中国用两年的时间,以国际化的视角去发现与美相关的旅行目标点和新方式,不止是自然风光和人文建筑,在城市中的衣、食、住、行里,其实都能获得不一样的感悟,在熟悉的地方发现陌生的、厚重的美,探索积淀在城市里千百年来的秘密,彷佛进入秘境。 比如今天要说的北京。 在北京,欣赏故宫有几种方式?俯瞰钟鼓楼会看到什么形态?那些拆了建、建了拆的过程让哪些有趣的地方成为历史?......

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