Windows 10 build 10135 screenshots have leaked, showcase small improvements

Windows 10 for desktop is already available in preview form for users enrolled in the Windows Insiders program. Earlier today, Wzor leaked some screenshots of the new Windows 10 build 10135 for desktop.  Judging from the screenshots, it seems some minor changes have been made.

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How to change system sounds on Windows PC

Xbox head Phil Spencer says Microsoft will recognize Raven Software union once Activision Blizzard a

Witcher 4's research phase has just concluded, suggesting development phase is only just beginning

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"The Wild Update," Minecraft's next big update is coming June 7

May's optional Windows 11 update could break Trend Micro products

Broadcom shift from chips to software with new $61B bid to acquire VMWare

Real Madrid, Microsoft branded tablet now available in Spain

If you like Real Madrid, personalized gear, and Microsoft tablets you’re in for a treat. A new tablet with Microsoft and Real Madrid branding is now available. Unfortunately for fans of the famous football club, the tablet is only available for purchase within Spain.

Snap in Windows 10 refined with Snap Assist, Corner Snap, and Snap Fill

With Windows 10 comes a new way of snapping apps and programs side by side on Windows powered devices. With Aero Snap in Windows 7 and Side by side app multitasking in Windows 8 there have been a range of developments in snapping programs and apps.

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13 March Madness Fans in a Frenzy Over Basketball

Without the support of their devoted followers, basketball games would be eerily quiet. There would be nothing mad about March at all — no screaming, cheering, yelling or victory dances. Dunks and 3-pointers would be uneventful, celebrated by no oneLuckily, March Madness is in full swing,

The Gadget Show 2014: Keeping fit with Fitbit wearable technology

ITProPortal caught up with Peter Groom, Sales Director of Fitbit in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics, to chat through some of the key features of the popular fitness band.Read more:



Bill Gates To Stanford Grads: Don't (Only) Focus On Profit

jfruh (300774) writes "The scene was a little surreal. Bill Gates, who became one of the world's richest men by ruthlessly making Microsoft one of the word's most profitable companies, was giving a commencement address at Stanford,




“已读回执”(Read Receipt)的诞生并不起眼。它始于我们的工作邮件,可以轻松选择退出,其目的是略微提高生产效率。



Dell Could Be Shopping Some Assets To Help Relieve EMC Deal Debt Load

Since Dell announced its intention to buy EMC for $67 billion in October, there has been a lot of speculation about how the company was going to pay off the massive $40 billion debt it used to finance the deal.

VR好搭档:售价599美元的ALLie 360°全景摄像头



在30年前的科幻影片中,我们就已经见识过了能够自动系鞋带的运动鞋。而除了耐克(Nike)之外,彪马(Puma)也推出了另一款名叫Autodisc的概念运动鞋。  外媒Engadget有幸拿到了一双,并对其做了一番评测。与将点击布置在鞋底的Nike HyperAdapt不同,Puma Autodisc将之设计到了鞋尖。鞋子前部收纳的鞋带可一键收紧,或者通过配套的移动app进行设置(支持3档松紧调节)。  与Nike HyperAdapt的另一个不同点是,Puma Autodisc不会在用户将双脚塞进去后自动收紧鞋带。  

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