Opera Max Can Now Compress YouTube And Netflix Videos

Opera Max, Opera‘s data-saving proxy for Android, has long allows you to save some of your previous mobile data by compressing text, video and images when you surf the web or use apps like Instagram on your phone. What Opera Max couldn’t do, however,

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Opera Max Can Now Compress YouTube And Netflix Videos

Opera Max, Opera‘s data-saving proxy for Android, has long allows you to save some of your previous mobile data by compressing text, video and images when you surf the web or use apps like Instagram on your phone. What Opera Max couldn’t do, however,

Opera Max Is the Little App That Saves Your Bandwidth

BARCELONA, Spain — Among the myriad of app companies presenting at ShowStoppers, a show the accompanies Mobile World Congress, Opera had one of the most pragmatic appsOpera Max has one goal: to save your bandwidth. It compresses data on its servers before sending to the end user.

Opera Opens Pre-Registration For Its Data-Savings Android App

Last December, Opera announced Max, a free app that would use Opera's servers to compress all the non-encrypted data to your Android device. At the time, it opened up sign-ups for a small private alpha test, but starting today, it will take sign-ups for it's soon-to-launch Max beta.

Opera Launches Its Max Data-Savings App For Android

About a week ago, Opera teased its new Max data-savings app for Android and allowed users to pre-register. Starting today, Opera will roll out Max to these pre-registered Android users in the U.S. on a first-come, first-served bases.

Opera’s Max Data-Savings App Now Comes Pre-Installed On Phones From 14 OEMs

Opera today announced that its Opera Max data-management app is now integrated into phones from 14 OEMs. These include previously announced partners like Samsung and Xiaomi, as well as three newly announced partners: Acer, Hisense and TWZ. Thanks to these partnerships,

Opera Brings Video Compression To Its Mini Browser For iOS

Last February, Opera acquired video optimization service Skyfire, and now it is starting to bring some of the service’s features to its mobile browser, starting with Opera Mini 9 for iOS, which is launching today.

Chrome’s Browser On Android Can Now Save Up To 70% Of Your Data

For some time, Google has been developing technology to reduce data consumption on mobile devices. Last January, the company officially introduced an optional data compression feature into its Chrome mobile browser, allowing users to reduce their data usage by up to 50%.

Opera Mini browser now available for Windows Phone as a Beta, download now!

Early this month, Opera opened up the Beta program for Opera Mini, a new browser for Windows Phone. You were required to sign up for the program using your email address and Opera would then send you an email with the download link.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone updated with support for new languages and more

Opera Mini is popular name when it comes to mobile browsers. On Windows Phone, the app has seen its fair share of problems and was removed a number of times from the app store. The app is available, and if you happen to be a regular user of it,

Opera Mini for Windows Phone updated, removes the beta tag

Opera Mini has hit the Windows Store with new features and improvements. Opera Mini has finally dropped the "beta" from its name, and the latest update does not have a change log, so it is hard to say whether the update does much more than minor bug fixes.

BukuKas gets $50M from investors including DoorDash’s Gokul Rajaram and TransferWise founder Taavet

BukuKas, a startup focused on digitizing Indonesia’s small businesses, has raised $50 million in Series B funding. The round included participation from Gokul Rajaram, the DoorDash executive, and Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder and chief executive officer of TransferWise.

Dott, Lime and Tier selected for London e-scooter trial

Transport for London and London Councils have announced Dott, Lime and Tier Mobility as the winners of its prized e-scooter pilot, confirming last month’s suspicions based on job postings by the companies.  Last year, the government legalized e-scooter rental trials by local authorities,

Canoo is being investigated by the SEC

Canoo, the Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup that debuted on the Nasdaq public exchange earlier this year, is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, just months after its merger with special purpose acquisition company Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.

Bosta raises $6.7M to expand e-commerce delivery business across Africa and MENA

Per a recent report by Bain & Co.,e-commerce is expected to grow to $28.5 billion in MENA by 2022 from a 2019 value of $8.3 billion. Egypt, one of the most active e-commerce countries in the region, is anticipated to grow 33% annually to reach $3 billion by 2022. But for any e-commerce business […]

Should startups build or buy telehealth infrastructure?

Turnkey solutions might be tempting to healthcare startups looking to take advantage of the current market tailwinds, but startups still have to decide what to outsource and what to build.

Daily Crunch: AT&T’s $43B WarnerMedia spinoff will create a new content colossus

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Want to double your rate of return? Seek counsel from experienced executives

Years of data from hundreds of successful startups show the impact of relevant executive expertise is even greater than anticipated — it doubles the rate of return on a venture investment.

WellPath Integrates With 23andMe, FitBit To Customize Your Daily Supplements

These days, you can get a subscription box for just about anything. And today, that includes customized nutritional supplements. WellPath, a company that puts together customized packages of monthly nutritional supplements tailored to your specific body,

Reminder: Early-Bird Tickets To Disrupt SF 2015 End August 21

You love technology and you love money. Why not combine both of those loves by purchasing an early-bird ticket to Disrupt SF 2015 before Friday and save yourself $1,000 in the process? But you have to act fast, because you only have four days left to decide. Early-bird tickets are on sale for $1,

How The Blockchain Can Aid The Effectiveness And Use Of Complementary Currencies

The blockchain provides the foundation to design complementary currencies that embellish community relationships, drive regional economic growth and encourage self-sustainability. The local multiplier effect is the underlying benefit of using complementary currencies.

Aesop 河原町店

TORAFU ARCHITECTS 事务所为澳大利亚护肤品牌 Aesop 完成了位于日本京都河原町的零售店门面和内部空间设计。


(配图来自:电影《启示录》) 工作笔记之,如何从零开始做App之,登录注册篇! 首先,来点背景介绍: 东码头A […]

三星八核Exynos 5433跑分超4万 高通805战败

不久之前,Antutu 的数据库曝光了三星未发布新机 Galaxy Note 4 跨界旗舰的配置,我们已经清楚该机子根据处理器将分为两个版本。

Sure, go to Bestival, but does it have the best sound quality?

Bowers & Wilkins is to bring hi-fi quality sound to WOMAD music festival this summer. The special speaker stack is being touted as the first of its kind to deliver studio-quality festival sound.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/03/sure-go-bestival-does-it-have-best-sound-quality/


微软此前已经把自己的业务做到了天上。软件巨人与达美航空、沙特航空等一班国际知名航空公司进行战略合作,合作的方面 […]

Windows 10与网银:Spartan浏览器不影响大局

很多时候微软在Windows上遇到的问题都是因为“向后兼容”,在新版Windows上微软不断的为程序、驱动等等 […]


在最新一集的《闲话行尸Talking Dead》谈话节目中,AMC公布了翘首以盼的新一季先行预告(preview trailer),新一季将在10月11日AMC电视网首播。

A Strike May Park San Francisco's Tech Buses

San Francisco’s tech workers may be looking for a new ride to work if their shuttle bus drivers go on strike over contract negotiations. At a meeting yesterday in San Leandro,

Jalopnik For $27,995 Could This 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Be The Best Worst Idea Ever?

Jalopnik For $27,995 Could This 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Be The Best Worst Idea Ever? | Lifehacker Why Dogs Like to Lick Your Face,

iPhone 7/7 Plus/7 Pro外形齐曝光!你怎么看?

iPhone 7的外形看够了,不妨再来看看iPhone 7 Plus和iPhone 7 Pro,三款新品放在一个画面中,是多么的美啊!现在有网友送出了一组iPhone 7的新模型图,比较惊人的地方是,一同出镜的竟然还有iPhone 7 Plus和iPhone ... ...

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