Microsoft India offers Smart Buyback promotion for Lumia 540

Microsoft originally started selling the Lumia 540 in May of this year. The 540 was then the latest edition in the budget-friendly Lumia 500 series, which has historically sold well in India compared to...

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Windows 11 Insiders on the Release Preview channel can now test Android apps

Windows 11 security feature causing performance issues on some devices

Surface Duo 2's January Update improves camera, Link to Windows experience

Blizzard Entertainment is working on a new survival game

Microsoft was busy last quarter, here's everything new in Windows, Microsoft 365, and Xbox

Crusader Kings III is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on March 29, 2022

Windows 11 and Windows 10 users to get text prediction on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is making consumers very happy, says Argus Insights

For a modern company, revenues, market shares and earnings are no longer the most important metrics for success: customer happiness is what defines a powerful, enduring brand (look at Apple in the PC and phone market for...The post Microsoft is making consumers very happy,

Microsoft and TASER partner to provide robust, secure cloud solutions for law enforcement

TASER makes the eponymous non-lethal self-defense weapon that’s been the subject of many action movies and much controversy since its introduction. Naturally, TASER and law enforcement organizations that use their products are interested in...

Kangroo mobile desktop PC running Windows 10 goes on sale for $99

Today, InFocus’s new Kangroo Windows 10 portable PC goes on sale for $99. This newest portable PC is slightly larger than other Pocket PCs and PCs on a stick that we’ve seen recently, but...The post Kangroo mobile desktop PC running Windows 10 goes on sale for $99 appeared first on WinBeta.

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Women Vs. Women, Or The Ugly Side Of Feminism

With the birth of the new feminist narrative sweeping popular culture, it is bound to enter its awkward teenage phase. And just like a teenage mean girl, the new feminism is growing unwieldy before gracefully settling into something we can agree on. But before it makes it there,

Android组件系列----BroadcastReceiver广播接收器 - 生命壹号

​【声明】欢迎转载,但请保留文章原始出处→_→生命壹号:文章来源:联系方式:[email protected]【正文】一、广播的功能和特征广播的生命周期...





Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

An anonymous reader writes The better question may be whether it will ever be ready for the road at all? The car has fewer capabilities than most people seem to be aware of. The notion that it will be widely available any time soon is a stretch. From the article:

Less Than 2% Of Android Devices Are Running Lollipop, Three Months After Launch

I really, really like Android 5.0 (or “Lollipop”, as it’s known by those of us who probably care too much about these things.) It cemented my preference for Android, and has earned the Nexus 5 another few months as my go-to phone.Alas, most Android devices still aren’t running 5.0.


风口上的O2O,犹如一阵飓风,让互联网模式渗入到传统服务领域。 先有滴滴快的实现合并,市值超过100亿,又有U ...

我在 Google 做技术经理的一天

感谢伯乐的投递2010年,我加入 Google 后不久就厚着脸皮写下了《我在 Google 当工程师的一天》这篇关于日程表的文章。


编者按:怎样成为一个伟大的管理者?一个成功的团队需要具备哪些因素?Google 负责人力运营的副总裁 Laszlo Bock通过调查和分析 Google 的优秀团队给出了答案。  是什么成就一个高效的 Google 团队?我们 Goog ... ...

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