Adam Levine singing 'Oops! I Did it Again' is a '90s dream come true

The Voice judges stopped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Monday to play "Spin the Microphone" — which is basically spin the bottle meets karaoke — and it resulted in the gift that is Adam Levine singing a Britney Spears songHonorable mention goes to Gwen Stefani's version of "Hotline Bling,

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Jennifer Lopez Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Tight Pants Competition

Sorry, Jimmy, but J. Lo has the tightest pants in townThe pop star stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday and challenged Jimmy Fallon to a tight pants competition. Fallon put up a good fight, wearing a pair of white wash denim that accentuated all the wrong spots,

Now Jimmy Fallon has hurt the fingers on his other hand

Jimmy Fallon should probably be more careful.Four months after the Tonight Show host needed emergency surgery to save one of his fingers after a fall, Fallon hurt his other hand in a spill at a party in his honor on Saturday.See also:

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap with an iPad app

Jimmy Fallon proves it's easy to be a rapper, provided you have two things: an iPad and Will Smith.Fallon, who described himself as a "classically trained beatboxer," used an iPad app called Loopy to quickly re-create the beat of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. Then,

Jimmy Fallon hospitalized for hand injury

Jimmy Fallon has called off Friday's taping of The Tonight Show after being hospitalized for a hand injuryA spokesperson for NBC confirmed to Mashable that the host is doing "fine" following the incident,

Jimmy Fallon Throws Big Balls at Julia Roberts' Face

Things are getting a little R-rated over at The Tonight ShowJimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts played a risqué round of Face Balls on Thursday's night's show. It's a game during which, literally, each player throws plastic balls at the other's face. If this is what fame affords you,

Here's how Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger

Jimmy Fallon made his return to The Tonight Show Monday night following an incident that almost left him down finger.The culprit? A braided rug.See also: Jimmy Fallon hospitalized for hand injuryFallon came back to share the gory details, explaining,

8 things that could happen on Universal Studios' new Jimmy Fallon ride

Jimmy Fallon has given us a lot throughout his late-night tenure, from lip-sync battles to TV parodies to a profound appreciation for The Roots. And in 2017, the Tonight Show host will enter a new frontier: He's going to star in his own ride at Universal Studios Orlando. The ride's name:

Heidi Klum Teaches Jimmy Fallon the Sexy 'German Roll'

Jimmy Fallon is one lucky fellaThe Tonight Show host got down and around with supermodel Heidi Klum in a recurring sketch called "This Is How We Roll." From what we can tell, it's basically Fallon's strategy for getting very, very close to very, very pretty celebritiesBut, it turns out,

Sandra Bullock makes a mean hand-crafted sundae on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock really has a way with her handsOn Wednesday night, the Blind Side actress visited Jimmy Fallon to do a rendition of the late night show host's popular segment "Real People, Fake Arms."Acted out within a mock Canadian soap opera titled "Jacob's Patience,

Watch Tom Cruise Breaking Jimmy Fallon's Face

Add Jimmy Fallon to the list of people who want to break Tom Cruise's faceThe actor and comedian played a competitive round of "Face Breakers" on The Tonight Show on Wednesday. The rules are simple: The first person to smash all the glass with a football winsSee also:

'Paper Girls' plays up a time-traveling mystery in this Prime Video trailer

If you just watch this 30-second slice of the upcoming Prime Video series, Paper Girls, you'll pick up on a few things. Four newspaper delivery girls — Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), KJ (Fina Strazza), Tiffany (Camryn Jones), and Mac (Sofia Rosinsky) — get zapped into the future,

BetterMe's 'Childhood Trauma Test' is all over TikTok. Here's why you shouldn't take it.

TikTokkers have been sharing their results from BetterMe's "Childhood Trauma Test," but the site's privacy policy reveals that the test is a data collection tool.A typical TikTok about the test starts with something like, "Test shouldn't be that bad. My childhood was good,

Sabrina Spellman’s ‘Riverdale’ return throws Twitter into chaos

Sabrina Spellman has another chilling adventure coming up: an appearance on Riverdale.Fans, including myself, were devastated when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was canceled by Netflix in 2020. Why should Riverdale, which resides in the same Archie Comics universe,

9 of the best earbuds on Amazon

Sure, they're small, but that doesn't mean earbuds are a purchase to be taken lightly.You've probably been listening to music on the go for most of your life. So you know that finding a good pair of earbuds is actually pretty tricky. (I've gone through more in my lifetime than I can count.

The best Dyson deals ahead of Prime Day 2022

Our picks for the best Dyson deals ahead of Prime Day:BEST CORDLESS VACUUM DEAL: Dyson V8 Fluffy — $299.99 $449.99 (save $150)BEST UPRIGHT VACUUM DEAL: Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy — $529.99 $699.99 (save $170)BEST FAN DEAL: Dyson PureCool TP01 — $299.99 $399.

The best travel sites to help you plan the perfect trip

Traveling can be a great way to log off, relax, and recuperate from the stress of everyday life.But planning your next travel adventure? That can be a downright existential hellscape, a task that can quickly turn from exciting to tedious as you try to juggle various destinations,

Taco Bell made a huge Cheez-It and is holding it prisoner in California

Well, I guess someone had to make a giant Cheez-It eventually.And who better to do that than the fast food restaurant that replaced taco shells with Doritos? Yes, Taco Bell is back at it with dark food sorcery,

EU abolishes roaming charges, but may have just hurt net neutrality

The death of roaming charges is imminent in the European Union.On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted that all countries in the union must abolish roaming charges starting June 2017. The charges have been slashed on a yearly basis since 2007,

10 horror greats share the urban legends they grew up with

The stuff of (urban) legend VIDEOS | STORIES | LOCAL LORE | QUIZ Read more...More about Quiz, Halloween, Horror Movies, Horror, and Entertainment

Streaming services lead LGBT representation on TV, reports GLAAD

"20 years ago, GLAAD began tracking the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) characters on television, and at the time, you could count them on one hand."That's how GLAAD C.E.O. Sarah Kate Ellis introduces this year's GLAAD "Where We Are on TV" report. The latest report,

[分享] 台灣電信4G費率比較 中華電信/遠傳電信/台灣大哥大

前言:6月是台灣通訊界的一個重要的里程碑,國外行之有年的4G LTE行動網路終於在台灣也正式上路了,初期除了涵蓋率不夠理想之外,費率的部分也是多到讓人看了一頭霧水,讓人不知道究竟該怎麼才能選出最適合自己的費率~畢竟4G的費率還沒有3G來的成熟,很多費率也許看起來相當優惠,但其中也夾藏了很多不明顯的小陷阱!

Mythbusters Proves Most Airlines Board Planes All Wrong

When you're boarding a plane, do you usually think to yourself, "There has got to be a better way to do this" as you jockey around other people for overhead bin space? Discovery Channel's Mythbusters experimented with every type of boarding, and the results are efficient, if not very fun.Read more.

C#之关于时间的整理 - WEI_聪

今天在整理C#的异步编程的时候,看到一个Stopwatch类。让我想起了,时候整理一下C#关于时间的类,望补充、斧正。 DataTime类 表示时间上的一刻,即某个时间节点,通常以日期和当天的时间表示。

售價:$2,588!中階觸控買個安心‧BlackBerry Leap 香港發佈

今日 BlackBerry 在香港發佈主打中階機款市場的 Leap,售價 $2,588,已室 3HK、1010 及 SmarTone 發售,在各大零售商亦買得到,以 BB 手機來講算係抵玩。The post 售價:$2,588!中階觸控買個安心‧BlackBerry Leap 香港發佈 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Brands, Platforms, The Live Video Labyrinth And How Everyone Can Win

With Periscope and Meerkat being two of the breakout stars of this year’s SXSW, and Snapchat serving as the primary engagement tool for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, live video platforms have taken the media, political and business worlds by storm. Read More

乐视网上半年净利润2.84亿元 同比增11.64%

8 月 19 日消息,乐视网(300104)今日晚间发布 2016 年半年度报告。报告显示,乐视网上半年营收 100.63 亿元,同比增长 125.59%;归属于上市公司普通股股东的净利润为 2.84 亿元,同比增长 11.64%。  主要财 ... ...



松下推出基于 Android 的车载娱乐系统

松下与高通最新的合作成果是基于 Android 系统的车载娱乐系统,概念有点像 Google 早前与克莱斯勒新扩展的合作项目,并非我们现有的 Android Auto。这系统将会由 Android Nougat 驱动高端的硬件,包括用上 Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am 汽车芯片、Adreno 530 GPU、680 DSP 和高速 LTE 通讯模块。因为这系统是作为 OEM 的参考设计而来,所以日后各车厂也能按需要定制化规格,包括其触控屏幕和应用程序。松下汽车部门总裁 T...

7 things 'Pokémon Go' badly needs in 2017

LONDON — I feel like I should make one thing clear up front: I love Pokémon Go.SEE ALSO: Charmander and friends come to life in artist's Pokémon renderingsSince I first downloaded the game last July, I don't think a day's gone by without me opening up the app.

Artist's amazingly intricate cardboard creations will definitely make you smile

These figurines are a far cry from your usual cardboard cut-outs. Monami Ohno, a Japanese artist, transforms plain brown cardboard into incredible objects. SEE ALSO: Dad Makes Awesome 'Aliens' Halloween Costume for Daughter From Star Wars to Super Mario, there's nothing she hasn't done. 

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