Videos from inside San Bernardino shooting locale show police response

While authorities continue to investigate Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, a pair of videos of the response to the incident have emerged.See also: San Bernardino shooting:

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Videos from inside San Bernardino shooting locale show police response

While authorities continue to investigate Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, a pair of videos of the response to the incident have emerged.See also: San Bernardino shooting:

Multiple victims reported in San Bernardino shooting

Several people were reportedly injured in a shooting in San Bernardino, California, on Wednesday afternoon. There are initial reports that 12 people were killed.

Who were San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik?

Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and wounded 17 others at an office holiday party at a San Bernardino conference center on Wednesday morning. Then they fled. Hours later, they both died in a gunfight with police on the streets of San Bernardino.

Snapchat positions itself as breaking news platform with San Bernardino coverage

Snapchat is not typically a place you'd go to for information about a breaking news story. But the messaging app ran a story on the San Bernardino mass shooting Wednesday, providing its 100+ million users with updates and images from people at the scene.

Anonymous Goes After Donald Trump

Hacker collective Anonymous seems to be targeting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after the real estate tycoon called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States.One of the Twitter accounts for the hacker group said that it briefly took down http://www.trumptowernyc.

$75,000 Offered To Find Drone Operators Who Interfered With Firefighters

After three separate instances of drones grounding firefighting efforts, a Southern California county is getting serious about finding and punishing their operators. San Bernardino County Supervisors have offered a $75,

Amy Schumer, Barack Obama plea for an end to gun violence in video campaign

Celebrities and survivors of gun violence and their families teamed up Everytown for Gun Safety to create a video pleading for legislation to end gun violence in the United States following last week's mass shooting in San Bernadino. Stars including Julianne Moore, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston,



Improve your Microsoft Excel skills with the help of this certification training bundle

TL;DR: The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale for £25.04 as of Oct. 18, saving you 98% on list price.Microsoft Excel is a platform many of us are familiar with but have never mastered. In fact,

We asked TikTok baristas about Riddler's question mark latte art in 'The Batman' trailer

In the new trailer for the upcoming move The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, there are explosions, balls of fire, gritty voiceovers about retribution, and...latte art?Yep, one of the most talked-about moments involves a cup of coffee. Specifically,

The result of Apple's new privacy policy? More money for Apple.

Apple wants to be the privacy Big Tech company. But it won't say no to some extra cash as a result.Earlier in 2021, Apple instituted a new App Store policy that limited apps' ability to track user behavior without getting express permission first, which has made targeted advertising more difficult.

'Y: The Last Man' won't get a Season 2 from FX. The search for a new home has already begun.

In a devastating turn of events, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Sunday that FX decided against moving ahead with a Season 2.It's a surprising move for a series that is still three episodes away from finishing its first season,

Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content

In internal documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a whole host of people have been pushing back against Facebook for hate speech for some time now — and that list includes pop star and Only Murders in the Building comedy breakout Selena Gomez.

Daniel Craig crashes Rami Malek and Kenan Thompson's audition to play Prince on 'SNL'

From Get Out to Us, Jordan Peele has taken on directing his share of horror films about racism. Up next? A biopic about Prince that turns into a horror film about racism.That is, if you're watching Saturday Night Live. During a sketch on the latest SNL, Kenan Thompson, Rami Malek,

Chris Redd returns to 'SNL' Weekend Update to pay for a 2020 COVID joke that aged so poorly

Saturday Night Live's latest Weekend Update segments were highlighted by some actually-strong one-liners about COVID-bearing bats and, unexpectedly, trickle-down economics. But Chris Redd's appearance cast a shadow over all of it.It's not just his rant wanting to know who the hell drive blimps,

Taylor Swift tells Australian media to 'take it down a notch'

Fans, politicians and the media in Australia have been swept up in a frenzy over Taylor Swift.Since arriving in the country, the pop star's movements have been intensely followed by the media — even as she tries to take time out. In response,

How Redditors track mass shootings

Another day, another mass shooting spree.According to Mass Shooting Tracker, a repository for mass gun violence data gathered by redditors, that's not an exaggeration.See also: San Bernardino shooting: At least 14 dead; suspects at largeSo far this year,

Bullet-riddled Quran is latest in slew of anti-Muslim crimes after Paris attacks

The discovery of a bullet-riddled Quran left outside an Islamic clothing store in California has prompted a prominent Islamic group to ask authorities to investigate the incident as a hate crimeThe Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) says the destroyed holy book was found outside of Al-Farah Islamic Clothing in Anaheim,


威锋网讯,和硕联合科技,iPhone 5c 和 iPad mini 的主要组装厂家,其在第一季度的盈利上涨了 22%,似乎显示出了苹果较低端设备巨大的销售潜力。  

17 Subway Pictures That Show the Beauty in Public Transportation

Most people think of the subway as a dark and damp rat kingdom that's sole purpose is to transport you places while you uncomfortably inhale air that was recently inside another person's lungsBut the filthy tunnels can make for works of art,


法国警方人员在阿布扎比“人权”课程毕业典礼上称赞阿联酋安全部门 阿联酋阿布扎比--(美国商业资讯)--法国警察总局Marc Boudet少将盛赞阿联酋警察和安全部门的效率,表扬他们采纳最佳的国际标准,为社区成员服务,改善安全保障,提升警务人员的技能。

The Ukrainian revolution, one year on

KIEV, Ukraine – On a recent autumn afternoon, Mustafa Nayyem sat in the corner booth of a dark café in the Ukrainian capital, sipping coffee and reminiscing about how the revolution began a year ago. "It was a real uprising of the people, totally grassroots," he said. "There were no politics,

APPLE WATCH人机交互指南之图标与图片设计

Apple Watch 人机交互指南对于除了对交互和UI元素进行了详细的说明之外,还单独开辟了一章来规范图标和 […]

Start Your Free Amazon Prime Trial Today For Holiday Shopping

Amazon Prime, the best deal in tech , somehow keeps getting better, having added music streaming , photo storage , HBO , and potential expansion to other retailers . You'll be able to use Prime shipping to get all your new stuff to your door as fast as possible,

Protests in Cairo after judge drops charges against Mubarak

CAIRO, Egypt — After an Egyptian judge on Saturday dismissed charges against former President Hosni Mubarak over the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution, more than 1,000 people demonstrated near Tahrir Square where the uprising first took place.See also:

CES2015:三星电子推出Tizen系统Smart TV

美国时间1月6日消息,CES2015(美国消费电子产品展)将于当地时间1月6日在美国拉斯维加斯举办,开展前夕,三星电子召开发布会推出了全新Tizen系统,并宣布2015年推出的所有Smart TV均搭载全新Tizen操作系统平台。

Razer Unveils Its $100 Android-Powered Gaming Console, Razer Forge TV

Earlier this year, high-end gaming tech company Razer announced at Google I/O that it would be soon be making its first foray into Android-based gaming consoles. Today at CES, that device made its public debut. The Razer Forge TV is a micro-console, 4×4 inches and selling for $100,


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