How to find tech gifts for less money and less hassle this holiday season

Tech gifts are about as close to a guaranteed holiday win as you can get. After all, they're basically the adult equivalent of the toys we spent our early days unwrappingUnfortunately,

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How to find tech gifts for less money and less hassle this holiday season

Tech gifts are about as close to a guaranteed holiday win as you can get. After all, they're basically the adult equivalent of the toys we spent our early days unwrappingUnfortunately,

Apple Used MLK In Ads, But Does Not Observe His Holiday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day happens a week from today, on Monday Jan. 19. But it's not a holiday for the loyal employees of Apple. They have to go to work. Read more...

7 Wonderful Gadget Stories to Warm Your Holiday Heart

Technology is a great gift to give for the holidays. It can provide hours, and days, and weeks, of entertainment and even help inspire kids for a lifetime.Read more...

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Online Sales Hit $4.5B, 34% Of Purchases Made On Mobile

The first two days of the holiday sales period have netted $4.45 billion in U.S. online purchases, with mobile devices — led by smartphones — accounting for a record $1.5 billion of that amount, with $2.72 billion spent on BlackFriday and $1.73 billion on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving E-Commerce Sales Rise 26% But Average Basket Size Declines To $123.45

The number of people buying goods online and by mobile during the holiday season continues to grow, but the average value of what they are buying appears to be falling.

eBay Debuts “Innovators Collective,” A Tech-Focused Section Featuring New Lifestyle Products, Electr

With only weeks of holiday shopping remaining, eBay today has rolled out a new product category on its U.S. marketplace which features a collection lifestyle products and other items from companies ranging from emerging small businesses fresh off a crowdfunding round to larger,

Your drone shopping guide: Top picks for every high-flying need

The rules are changing for personal drone use but owning and flying one is not illegal. You’ll just need to use more care on the prosumer models and not fly them by any landmarks, tall buildings or FAA officialsWith all that in mind, and totally between us,

The best gadget to take your office anywhere in 2016

It's that time of year when the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and we all start thinking about the holiday season. (The ever-present sound of Christmas Carols makes this one easy.

Swagway's elusive CEO opens up and reveals brand new SwagTron

LAS VEGAS — Johnny Zhu doesn’t want to be photographed. He is a private man. At least that’s what the nattily-dressed 45 year-old CEO of Swagway tells me.Maybe he’s also just a bit overwhelmed. Less than 5 months ago the Chinese native founded Swagway, LLC,

GoPro Could Go Robo With Consumer Drones Launching Next Year

GoPro is working on a lineup of consumer drones to supplement its action camera lineup, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new product category would offer aerial drones like the Parrot Bebop and DJI Phantom and Inspire 1. The drones would reportedly retail in the $500 to $1,000 range,

You'll probably need Prime Video to watch some NFL games this year

Football’s entering the modern streaming age, and it’s time to explain that to every tech-averse parent in America.For the first time ever, there will be real, legit NFL games broadcast (almost) exclusively on a streaming platform in 2022. For 15 regular season games (and one preseason matchup),

19 perfect Netflix soundtracks for your own personal montage

Getting stuff done right now is a hard task, one you'd probably rather watch in an onscreen montage of your own life, a minute-and-a-half of soundtracked productivity without the IRL effort.Turning your own to-do list into an enthusiastic filmic moment is a hard ask in this uneditable reality,

These 2 magnificent galaxies are about to collide

The story of space is a story of collisions. Sometimes, a meteor plummets through Earth's atmosphere and slams into a doghouse. Sometimes stars crash into one another, violently. Other times, two dazzling spiral galaxies collide.Hawaii's Gemini North telescope, atop the towering volcano Mauna Kea,

I tried 3 TikTok-viral side hustles and lost 20 cents

We live in a capitalist society intent on grinding down the human spirit into sellable parts. As such, for many people it is no longer enough to work a steady, full-time job in pursuit of debt-free financial security. In this nightmare of a reality built from panic attacks and crushed dreams,

The Aarke Carbonator Pro is a seltzer lover's dream

I admit that I haven’t always been a fan of seltzer (I thought it tasted like boring soda), but at some point in my mid-20s everything changed. The LaCroix boom happened, and sparkling water suddenly burst onto the scene as a new, young, cutting-edge beverage. Now,

Astronomers watch Betelgeuse recover after colossal blast

Just like the mischievous Tim Burton character of the same name, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse's head shrank. Scientists watched the star blast its outer surface into space in 2019, an unexpected cosmic event they had never seen before in a normal star. The eruption was so catastrophic,

Study for IT certifications with this online learning bundle on sale

TL;DR: As of August 13, you can get the CompTIA & AWS, Cisco Certification Paths Bundle for just $34.99 instead of $449 — that's a 92% discount.If you’re looking for a job in IT, then there may be an alternative to the traditional four-year schooling route.

If 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was remade entirely with pets

It doesn't take a genius to realize that the only way Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be more exciting is by adding cats and dogs.So we compiled an animal cast list for Star Wars: The Fuzz Awakens, which should probably be the next installment in the series.See also:

Best Buy is selling the iPhone 6 and 6S for $1 for 3 days

An iPhone for $1 sounds too good to be true.Best Buy will be selling the 16GB iPhone 6 and 6S for $1 starting on Friday if you opt into a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless or Sprint.See also: The best gift ideas of 2015The 16GB 6S normally retails for $200 with a two-year contract,

The pride of Austin: How Lammes Candies is thriving after 5 generations

Like many family-run businesses across the United States, Lammes Candies prides themselves on treating all of their employees like members of the family. But the Lammes family takes it to another level. Over 130 years in business and five generations later,

家具设计界的伟大魔术师 Judson Beaumont


威智网 7 月 31 日消息,微软 Windows Phone 部门主管 Joe Belfiore 日前表示,微软将在北京组建一个新的团队,专门负责研发生产面向中国市场的 Windows 设备,包括 PC、平板以及智能手机。  


在平台化战略的驱动下,美国音乐搜索应用 Shazam 的估值已经超过 5 亿美元,中国本土的「入口级」应用们又会为移动互联时代带来多大的惊喜呢?

Microsoft's new Portable Power external charger astonishes with 6,000 mAh battery

Portable Power, which bears Microsoft's branding, is basically an evolution of previous Nokia external battery charger designs - and it looks great.Read more:

Jimmy Kimmel swears he's not behind Dennis Quaid's viral rant

After video surfaced of Dennis Quaid's expletive-laden rant on Tuesday, many suggested that late night host Jimmy Kimmel might have been the force behind the freakout.It's not exactly a far stretch of the imagination,



PSA: the WinBeta Podcast is at 8pm GMT, daylight savings time varies between countries

Just a quick reminder that daylight saving time varies between countries. The show runs on GMT time so check your local time.The post PSA: the WinBeta Podcast is at 8pm GMT, daylight savings time varies between countries appeared first on WinBeta.

基于 Node.js 的轻量「持续集成」工具 CIZE - Houfeng

CIZE 是什么? CIZE 是一个「持续集成」工具,希望能让开发人员更快捷的搭建一个完整、可靠、便捷的 CI 服务。 甚至可以像 Gulp 或 Grunt 一样,仅仅通过一个 即可完成几乎所有的工作。 如果您对它有一点兴趣,欢迎到 GitHub 加个 star 以关注它。 "https://git

是好事吗? App Store搜索广告服务开始运行

早在今年 6 月份的 WWDC 大会上,苹果就曾经预示 App Store 将会迎来重大变革,其中一项改动就是加入搜索广告(Search Ads)服务。iOS 10 Beta 1 发布时,就已经包含有 App Store 搜索广告了,只不过当时只邀请部分开发者进行测试。威锋网消息,苹果今天在其开发者页面上宣布,App Store 搜索广告服务从今天开始逐渐向所有开发者开放。  “搜索广告是你在 App Store 当中推销 iPhone 和 iPad 软件的有效及简易方式(目前只限于美国),它可以帮助消费者在第一时间发现并下载所需的应用。

[视频]三星宣传片惊现超高屏占比Galaxy S8

感谢安卓中国的投递近日三星发出了两段关于三星AMOLED显示屏的宣传片,在其中一段视频中出现了一部新手机,该机与近期曝光的渲染图中的三星Galaxy S8外观相似,有可能就是Galaxy S8本身。视频中出现的手机屏占比非常高,完全不逊色于小米MIX,因此其额头、下巴与左右边框都是极窄的设计。值得注意的是,宣传片中的手机没有Home键,而此前曝光的三星S8也是这种设计, 阅读全文

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