Derek Zoolander lands his first Vogue cover

Derek Zoolander is so hot right now.The ridiculously good-looking model made his much-anticipated return to the fashion world after a 15-year hiatus last March, when he and fellow model Hansel made a surprise appearance at Valentino's Paris Fashion Week show. Almost a year later,

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New 'Zoolander 2' poster boasts really ridiculously good looking selfies

Prepare for Blue Steel selfiesAn exclusive new poster for Zoolander 2, debuting on Mashable, shows beloved male models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) having a shared selfie-fest.See also: 'Zoolander 2' teaser is here to teach you about neuroscienceThe upcoming film,

10 deep moments with Derek Zoolander

Derek Zoolander: man, model, philosopher.Everyone knows that Derek Zoolander is more than just a really, really good looking face. Behind his Blue Steel stare is a brain that is bursting with deep thoughts that he's dying to gift upon the world.See also: 'Blue Steel' vs.

Forget Blue Steel and Magnum, here's a more modern take on Zoolander's looks.

No, you're aren't taking crazy pills.It's been almost 15 years since Derek Zoolander first debuted his signature look to the world. But Blue Steel is so last decade and has fallen significantly out of style. With Zoolander 2 on the horizon,

'Zoolander 2' trailer proves sequel will be at least ... 3 times bigger

Don't eugoogolize the Zoolander franchise just yet. According to its just-released trailer, the 2001 comedy's long-awaited sequel looks like it just might deliver a bracing shot of Blue Steel.Zoolander 2 — or 2oolander, according to its title card,

32 celebrities who made ridiculously good looking 'Zoolander' cameos

There are no small parts, just small Derek Zoolander Schools for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good TooThat's why so many stars were jammed into the original Zoolander movie. No ants, to our knowledge, made cameosSee also: 'Blue Steel' vs. Derek Zoolander's other really,

Justin Bieber headed to the runway in 'Zoolander 2'

Millions of tweenage girls have testified for years that Justin Bieber is ridiculously good looking. But is he on Derek Zoolander's blue steel level? (No.) Ben Stiller, who is reprising his role as Zoolander for the film's long-awaited sequel,

'Blue Steel' vs. Derek Zoolander's other really, really ridiculously good looks

The only thing better than the return of Zoolander is orange mocha frappuccinosParamount confirmed on Tuesday that the classic 2001 comedy is getting a sequel in the most model-esque way possible: A Hansel/Zoolander walk-off in the middle of a Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week.See also:

Justin Theroux talks 'Zoolander 2' Benedict Cumberbatch controversy: 'It hurts my feelings'

Justin Theroux is finally speaking out about the recent Zoolander 2 controversyThe actor and screenwriter, who penned the upcoming film starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson,

Ben Stiller is just as excited for 'Zoolander 2' as you are

Things got a little weird on Thursday's Tonight ShowFirst, Ben Stiller praised Derek Zoolander for "doing a sequel to a movie 15 years after it came out, that no one really went to in the first place." See also: Forget Blue Steel and Magnum,

'Zoolander 2' finally has a release date from Paramount

Movies are about to get really, really, ridiculously good lookingParamount announced Tuesday that the 2001 iconic comedy Zoolander will indeed be getting a sequel, aptly titled Zoolander 2, set to hit theaters on Feb. 12, 2016See also:

The Ellen Show officially ends with a digital whimper

The Ellen Show, a cultural daytime television phenom that aired 19 seasons, more than 3,000 episodes, and led to countless viral moments before that was even a known phrase, officially came to an end on May 26. Unlike what you'd expect from an arbiter of early 2000's television culture, however,

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' cast shows us why jeans are essential in beach sports

Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis and the cast of "Top Gun: Maverick" have strong opinions about jeans as viable beachwear. The new film, directed by Joe Kosinski, has it's own beach sports scene that is destined to be as iconic as the original. "Top Gun: Maverick" releases in theaters Friday,

'Sex Bomb' celebrates the joy of embracing sexuality and love as a British-Indian Muslim woman

"It's so easy to put women in boxes," writes comedian Sadia Azmat in her memoir Sex Bomb: The Life and Loves of an Asian Babe. "Judging whether we're the right or the wrong sort of girl, trying to make our identities and facets work for your head and understanding of the world,

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it. Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well.

Yes, we can reverse gray hair. No, we don't know why it works. Just chill.

There are so many news stories this year that seem likely to give us gray hairs, you'd be forgiven for missing one that gives us hope that we can restore those gray hairs back to their regular color — no dye required.In the first published study to find evidence of "natural re-pigmentation,

'Harry's House' finds a home on TikTok

The world is on fire. So much so that TikTok can sometimes feel like an alternate reality. The trends keep trending. The algorithm never stops churning out content onto our feeds. This week, we are all in Harry's House. Harry Styles's latest album is all my FYP can talk about.

Learn to sketch cityscapes and buildings with this bundle

TL;DR: As of May 27, The 2022 Urban Sketching Course Bundle is on sale for just $39.99. That's 87% off its regular price of $319.Imagine if you had something to do every time you went to the park this summer besides pop a bottle of rosé.

Amazon wins again as Walmart cuts 10,000 jobs and 269 stores all over the world

NEW YORK — Walmart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market.The stores being shuttered account for a fraction of the company's 11,000 stores worldwide and less than 1% of its global revenue.The closures will affect 16,

Why this brand wants to reclaim the word 'flattering'

"You look fat in that." "Don't you think that's a little tight?" "Please don't wear that."If you've ever been told you shouldn't wear something because of your body's shape or size, you're not aloneBody positive clothing brand SmartGlamour aims to fight against that mindset with its latest campaign.

You can start shooting up New York in 'The Division' on Jan. 28

What's the natural response after a viral outbreak decimates the population of New York City? To grab a bunch of guns and start shooting, of course.You'll be able to start doing just that on Jan. 28.While Destiny fans wait for Bungie to figure out what's next, 





World's First Large-Scale Waste-to-Biofuels Facility Opens In Canada

Zothecula (1870348) writes "Thanks to its extensive composting and recycling facilities, the city of Edmonton, Canada is already diverting approximately 60 percent of its municipal waste from the landfill. That figure is expected to rise to 90 percent, however,

台湾小米因虚报红米销量,被公平会裁罚 60 万台币

小米靠着饥饿行销成功地以少量的花费,引起消费者的注意,但显然这种操作一个不当也是有很大的风险的。台湾公平会今天针对去年底的红米抢购做出了裁罚,表示在去年的 12 月 9 日、16...

F#新Bug,小心! module 里的泛型变量。 - greatim

module 里的泛型变量,在 F# 里面,只是看起来像变量,实际上是在执行一个函数。由此,使用时如果当成真变量,就会引起逻辑错误。

外国政要成社交媒体“控” 网上展魅力忙亲民


Knock Out Father's Day Shopping with Electric Razor Deals From $45

Whether you’re curious about switching to an electric shaver, or you just want to get your Father’s Day shopping done early, Amazon’s got great deals on two of your favorite electric shavers, today only. Read more...



深入理解C++对象模型 - luoxn28

C++对象模型是比较重要的一个知识点,学习C++对象的内存模型,就可以明白C++中的多态原理、类的初始化顺序问题、类的大小问题等。 1 C++对象模型基础 1.1 C++对象中都有哪些东东 C++对象中包括以下内容: 静态常量 成员变量 成员函数 虚函数 纯续函数 ... 以下是一个对象的定义: 1


为了让人类拥有神奇的第六感,Cyborg Nest 实验室开发了一款名为 North Sense 的微型蓝牙装置。用户只需要将它植入体内,就会在面向北方的时候产生振动,下面,我们来了解一下具体情况。  Cyborg Nest 实验室的 CEO 兼创始人 Liviu Babitz 在接受媒体采访的时候表示:“我们的目的是帮助尽可能多的人获得感官方面的延伸。在未来,North Sense 将给用户带来更多的感觉。

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