Life-sized dogs made out of bicycle parts are cyclists' best friend

Take notes, recyclers — this artist is doing it right.Artist and designer Nirit Levav fashions life-sized dog sculptures out of recycled bicycle parts. Using mostly bike chains, the creations look surprisingly pet-able for a collection of old metal.SEE ALSO:

Unlock your favourite streaming sites with a subscription to Surfshark

SAVE 81%: A two-year subscription to Surfshark is on sale for £1.77 per month as of May 18, saving you 81% on list price.There are a lot of established names in the VPN game, and you've probably come across the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These top VPNs have been around for a while now,

Protect all of your devices with a secure subscription to ZenMate VPN

SAVE 85%: A three-year subscription to ZenMate VPN is on sale for £1.44 per month as of May 18, saving you 85% on list price.Another day, another deal on a VPN. We know what you're thinking: aren't we bored of deals on VPNs at this point? Absolutely not.

Secure your connection and bypass online restrictions with the best free VPNs

How can you best protect your identity and data when online? The simple answer is with a virtual private network, or VPN. That's the easy part covered, but how do you select a VPN that works for you? We know the decision process can be tough, so we've tried to help you out.

Why the first big U.S. ocean wind farm is a big deal

Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. The U.S. is getting its first major offshore wind farm. And it's a big deal.The Biden administration recently gave the green light for the company, Vineyard Wind,

Amazon gives workers new wellness program, but not extra time to participate

Amazon wants warehouse workers to take action to improve their health — but they won’t get extra time to do it.On Monday, Amazon announced wellness initiatives aimed at operations employees, with a focus on health education, mindfulness, and stretching.

You can get iPhone notifications in your Oculus Quest headset now

VR is futuristic, cool, and just plain fun, but it leaves you blind to the environment around you. The latest Oculus Quest software update just made that way less of a problem for iOS users.In the latest roundup of new Oculus features on the company blog,

New support groups for farmworkers aim to heal widespread trauma

A migrant farmworker living in the U.S. might endure multiple types of trauma and stress throughout their life. Common workplace experiences include sexual violence and harassment, exposure to pesticides, low pay and limited workplace protections,

Newborn baby sea otter and mom show off their cuddling skills

The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California had an unexpected cuteness overload last week. The aquarium is located right on the bay, and its Great Tide Pool opens directly into it. So, when this pregnant sea otter needed to give birth last week, she sought refuge in the aquarium's tide pool.Since then,

Tegan and Sara come for your hearts with new album 'Love You to Death'

Don't worry, Tegan and Sara haven't forgotten about you. In fact, they made a new album just to win your heart, Love You to Death. The album is due out June 3, but new music is a little bit closer — April 8, to be exact. SEE ALSO:

Fight breaks out on Spirit Airlines because it's Spirit Airlines

The experience of flying on budget airlines continued to take public relations hits after a brawl broke out onboard a Spirit Airlines flight Wednesday.The incident happened shortly after Flight 141, from Baltimore, landed in Los Angeles. While the plane taxied to the gate,



iPhone 6s合约机比裸机更便宜?三运营商合约价逐一算

iPhone 6s上市还不到一个月,相信买到的童鞋已经在嘚瑟了,没买到的还在持币观望中。在国内比较普遍购买iPhone的方式,除了在官网购买,或是在手机经销商等,就是三大运营商的合约机方式。


微信提现收费震惊朋友圈 9个你最想知道的答案

凭借简单快捷、几乎无收费等特点,微信支付正逐渐赢得越来越多人的喜爱。昨日,微信支付团队发布公告,3月1日起,个人用户的微信零钱提现功能(从零钱到银行卡)开始对超额部分收取手续费,转账恢复免费。根据新的 ... ...

Elderly British veteran reunites with childhood sweetheart 70 years after suffering PTSD

LONDON — Roy Vickerman first met Nora Jackson when he was introduced as the new boy at a school in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, back in 1940. Four years later, he asked her to marry him.Now, after a World War, a case of PTSD, a separation and seven decades spent apart, they've been re-united.SEE ALSO:

A taste of country life at one of America's first dude ranches

Image: Ivan Dmitri/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesIn the early 20th century, facing a drop in cattle prices after World War I, many ranchers in the western United States began offering tourists the chance to stay at their ranches to experience a slice of rustic livingThe guests, known as “dudes,

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Windows team rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 10586.338 to the Release Preview Ring

Windows Insider Release Preview Ring participants can now download the most recent, stable, production-worthy version of Windows 10 Mobile, 10586.338, sans new Redstone related upgrades and features.The post Windows team rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 10586.

iPhone 7 耳机接口和电池续航 你会选哪个?

目前关于即将在今年秋季发布的 iPhone 7,广大果粉最关心的问题应该就是 3.5mm 耳机接口是否会取消,将音频功能整合到 Lightning 接口上。而最近又有一则与 iPhone 7 相关的消息曝光,同样也非常受关注,即 iPhone 7 的电池容量可能会增加,续航相应的也会增加。而电池容量的增加或许是建立在取消 3.5mm 耳机接口的基础上的。那么问题来了,你愿意为了新增的电池容量而放弃耳机接口吗?还是你认为目前的 iPhone 电池续航已经足够日常使用,苹果还是保留耳机接口吧?  上周 OnLeaks 大神爆料,iPhone 7 由于移除包括 3.

: 任天堂迷你紅白機超搶手 淘寶網出現山寨品


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