Vladimir Putin is totally down with a Donald Trump presidency

Somewhere within the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin is crossing his fingers and toes that American voters will bless him with a President Donald Trump. Not really. But maybe. SEE ALSO: Behind Donald Trump's yuge love/hate relationship with the mediaPutin,

More Questionable Things The Republicans Said About Defense At Last Night's Debate

Last night’s Republican Presidential Debate was focused mainly on the economy, although there was a segment in the middle when the moderators turned to foreign policy and military affairs. As always,

All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Last Night's GOP Debate

The second Republican presidential debate was a very long and chaotic affair. Foreign policy and the military were hot topics this round and everyone wanted to chime in. Although much of the discussion was filled with the same re-wrapped, hyperbole-filled position statements,

The best Black Friday TV deals at Walmart, including a 65-inch QLED display for under $400

UPDATE: Nov. 25, 2022, 9:10 a.m. EST This story has been updated with the latest and greatest TV deals from Walmart's ongoing Black Friday sale. Here's a brief overview:BEST BUDGET PICK:

Star Lord and co. face the music in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3' trailer

After a stint traveling with the God of Thunder himself, the Guardians of the Galaxy are back on their usual beat: saving the galaxy, their way.This time, though, the team — Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Drax (Dave Bautista), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Mantis (Pom Klementieff),

Harrison Ford dons his fedora once more in 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' trailer

It's been over a decade since Harrison Ford's last outing as Indiana Jones, but in 2023, the legendary archaeologist returns.The trailer for the fifth installment in the action-adventure series, titled Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is full of classic Indy hijinks. Car chases, booby traps,

10 gifts for people who are obsessed with their iPhone

We gathered some of our favorite iPhone accessories below – for both the new iPhone 14 and older generations – that are sure to put a smile on any Apple fanatic's face.1. Apple MagSafe iPhone WalletThe first-generation Apple iPhone wallet debuted with the iPhone 12.

Check out these thoughtful and unexpected holiday gift picks

Shop directly from the interactive video above.What to gift the person who has everything they want? How about something they need! This year, we're saying "so long" to sentimentality and "hello" to unexpected, practical gifts for everyone on your list.

Serbia vs Switzerland livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Serbia will take on Switzerland in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Stadium 974.The Eagles will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Cameroon on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the Swiss will be coming from a match with Brazil.

Cameroon vs Brazil livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Cameroon will take on Brazil in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.The Indomitable Lions will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Serbia on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the 2002 champions will be coming from a match with Switzerland.

Brutal and prolonged heat wave about to hit the Southwest

Residents of the Southwest U.S. are gearing up for what could be the worst heatwave to strike the region since 1990. From Sunday through Wednesday, high temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, could reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit,

This L3D cube is the new lava lamp

The little kid inside you is going to go crazy for the L3D Cube. The light-up device has different settings to fit your mood and even has a function that interacts with music. Read more...More about Led Lights, Light Cube, Led, Lights, and Tech

Kickstarter just did something tech startups never do: It paid a dividend

In early March, Kickstarter quietly sent shareholders a dividend. In the wider world of business, such an action would be unremarkable. More than 80 percent of the companies in the S&P 500 pay dividends, and many smaller companies do, too. 


促狭的空间、没什么装饰的办公场所,墙上却着精致的画框,看起来和周边的环境有些格格不入。但转念一想,这又反应着这间由原英语老师创立的创业公司的气质,因为隐约记得画框里面是类似“stay hungry,

On-Demand Delivery Startup Postmates Launches In Chicago, Its Fifth Market

Postmates has spent the past few years offering delivery of lunch and other goodies in San Francisco and other markets. Now the company, which provides can get damn near anything couriered to your door in less than an hour, will be rolling out in Chicago. Read More

iBeacon进入德国市场遇阻 因德国人性格?

德国,一个对隐私权尤为敏感的国度,且德国人以严谨著称,而一切似乎正在证明对于苹果的 iBeacon 来说,要进入这个市场尤为困难。据《华尔街日报》报道,德国人对于欧洲的技术供应商更为感冒,而不是美国同行。

雅虎收购图片应用商Cooliris 未披露财务条款

11月22日,据外国媒体报道,图片应用制造商Cooliris刚刚宣布,其已经被雅虎收购。Cooliris成立于2006年,最初以打造用于导航图片和其它媒体内容的“3D墙(3D wall)”应用而出名。此举也表明雅虎仍在积极探索移动应用业务。


我们还在盼着用 Oculus Rift 玩游戏呢,人家就开始合计拍电影了。Oculus 公司日前宣布,已组建实验室 Story Studio 负责拍摄所谓的“虚拟现实电影”。  

nubia Z9 Max & Z9 Mini:国产千元机也能有顶级的做工和媲美单反的拍照

Z9 Max 5.5吋1080p,前置800万后置1600万像素,骁龙810+3GB运存,双面玻璃阳极氧化铝中框,2499元;Z9 mini 5吋1080p,摄像头配置一样,骁龙615+2GB运存,同样的机身外观设计和用材,1499元。


北京2015年7月8日电 /美通社/ -- 今日,新时代证券公司在官网发布公告,公司高级管理人员自发出资认购旗下融通基金产品。

绝对值得的高端体验 谷歌OnHub路由器评测

对于那些喜欢在家居环境上纠结的人们来说,路由器是个非常令人蛋疼的玩意儿 —— 生活中绝对少不得它,但是丑陋的外形又实在是和周围格格不入,就像是上个世纪来的遗迹一样。

【MDCC 2015】“龙书”《编译原理》联合作者Monica S. Lam:开放的社交移动生态系统

斯坦福大学计算机系教授、《编译原理》联合作者、ACM Fellow Monica S. Lam发表了《开放的社交移动生态系统》演讲。指出目前移动社交产业所存在的问题,并以自己的一款创业产品为例,详细介绍该如何打破这一僵局。

UK offers tax breaks to boost sharing economy

The UK government has announced a little extra tax relief aimed at encouraging what the chancellor termed ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ in yesterday’s budget — albeit the other beneficiaries here are likely to be gigantic tech platforms like Airbnb if Brits take up the invitation to rent out their spare rooms for a little tax-free extra income.

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