Nokia drives $100m into connected car innovations

Nokia Growth Partners is heading up a fund that is designed to invest in connected car innovations and combine them with the company’s established HERE maps product.Read more:

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Nokia drives $100m into connected car innovations

Nokia Growth Partners is heading up a fund that is designed to invest in connected car innovations and combine them with the company’s established HERE maps product.Read more:

After Exiting Phones, Nokia Launches $100M Fund To Drive Connected Cars

Nokia has launched a new $100 million investment fund focused on connected cars, as the 150-year-old company seeks to pull off its latest reinvention trick. The fund will be managed by Nokia's venture arm, Nokia Growth Partners. Read More

Nokia invests $100 million in the future of car technology

One of the fastest growing sectors in the technology industry is cars, having morphed from a simple audio jack in the stereo to things like Ford Sync and Google’s self-driving autos. Now Nokia is also looking to invest in this market, announcing a new plan.

Sizing Up The Suitors For Here, Nokia’s Map Business

As the number of connected mobile gadgets — from smartphones and watches to cars — continues to grow, the market is heating up for accurate location data to serve those of us who use these devices. That fact is being played most expensively at the moment with the sale of Here,

Google’s Battle To Keep Maps Relevant In The Age Of Apps

The battle to own the digital map continues -- with Google stepping up its game in the U.K. today by significantly expanding the transit data embedded within its mapping interface. It's now offering Google Maps users public transport options for routes across the U.K.,

The New Dynamics Of Unicorn Startup Acquisitions

The rumors of a possible $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple spread far and wide last week, and rightfully so.

An in-depth look at the benefits, not features, of Apple’s iPhone 6

When you evaluate a handset, it’s all very well looking at the specs and oohing or aahing, but what really matters is the benefits a phone offers, and there’s an important distinction here.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Switch to remote is having a negative impact on B2B companies

It's hurting sales, as well as brand image

More and more businesses are outsourcing IT

It's due to more than just the post-pandemic recovery

Gartner: Enterprises must embrace 'business composability' to improve resilience

Businesses must be able to innovate quickly, analyst firm claims

Get cheap web hosting with this limited-time HostGator deal

Get 70% off Hostgator web hosting packages—this week only!

Preventing ‘Black Swan’ events in pharma

A ‘Black Swan’ is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation, but often deemed obvious or inevitable in hindsight.

Getting your managed mobile services strategy right

In a changing world, the only constant seems to be change.

Consolidating your tech stack improves your cybersecurity posture

Less is more! Why having too many cybersecurity solutions could put your organization at risk.

A closer look at how to keep your business secure in a post-Heartbleed world

The Heartbleed flaw has cast a long shadow over the security world, and we discuss how organisations can adopt a reliable approach to protecting themselves in the wake of the bug.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

How to land a job in big data

Big data is booming, and data scientists are in high demand in business. So what you can you do to improve your chances of getting a job as a big data analyst? Our handy guide will help you out.Read more:

Report claims that iPhone users are the biggest sext senders

Those who have an Apple smartphone are far more likely to send a risqué message than other handset owners, according to a new study.Read more:

Maxim Magazine Sold to Operator of Steak 'n Shake Restaurants

A smart business deal can help diversify a business or appeal to a core user. Sometimes the best do both.Maxim magazine has been bought by Biglari Holdings, a company that operates Steak 'n Shake among other businesses, according to a press release.





LG G3规格大猜想:5.5寸2K屏/骁龙805/3GB RAM/13MP摄像头

看起来,LG G3将会沿用上一代产品的主要元素,即在G2的基础上,带来独特的外观和质感。如此一来,该设备铁定会保留G2和G Flex的那种奇怪的背部按键了。至于机身颜色,预计会有黑白等多种。

Bing takes the fight to Google with new streetside and high-resolution aerial imagery

Police investigating the disappearance of a Microsoft Windows program manager -- search under way


一年前的今天,Facebook才刚刚成立自己的人工智能实验室FAIR。当时Facebook已经收购了语音识别及机器翻译公司Mobile Technologies,在开拓语音识别领域的同时,小扎希望人工智能技术能尽可能的发挥用户所分享的内容,创造新价值。

Michael Jordan: Champion athlete, professional cigar smoker

Michael Jordan is a man of many talentsThe basketball player, turned baseball player, turned golfer donned casual golfing attire Friday at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitation in Las Vegas. In typical Jordan fashion, he was smoking a cigar right on the green.

In tense standoff, FBI closes in on 4 Oregon refuge holdouts

The FBI closed in on the final four occupiers at a wildlife refuge in Oregon Wednesday night that has been under the control of a self-described militia group for more than a month. The move prompted a tense standoff with the holdouts,

一加3手机视频曝光:风格大变 说好的指纹识别呢?

在2016年开头这两个月,各家厂商都卯足了劲准备发新品,相对于一向高调的友商,一加就要安静很多。不过,现在网上终于传来新消息,疑似曝光了一加手机3的外观设计和配置。一加3曝光爆料视频显示,一加手机3将搭载 ... ...

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