Kanye madness has begun: Fans descend on first pop-up stores to open worldwide

Hypebeasts, right this way. After Kanye West announced Wednesday that he would be blessing fans with 21 pop-up stores this weekend, the day has come to load up on Pablo merch ...if you happen to live in Australia. Because Australia is way down under (and thus technically in the future),

The Ellen Show officially ends with a digital whimper

The Ellen Show, a cultural daytime television phenom that aired 19 seasons, more than 3,000 episodes, and led to countless viral moments before that was even a known phrase, officially came to an end on May 26. Unlike what you'd expect from an arbiter of early 2000's television culture, however,

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' cast shows us why jeans are essential in beach sports

Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis and the cast of "Top Gun: Maverick" have strong opinions about jeans as viable beachwear. The new film, directed by Joe Kosinski, has it's own beach sports scene that is destined to be as iconic as the original. "Top Gun: Maverick" releases in theaters Friday,

'Sex Bomb' celebrates the joy of embracing sexuality and love as a British-Indian Muslim woman

"It's so easy to put women in boxes," writes comedian Sadia Azmat in her memoir Sex Bomb: The Life and Loves of an Asian Babe. "Judging whether we're the right or the wrong sort of girl, trying to make our identities and facets work for your head and understanding of the world,

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it. Google Street View offers up a window to the world in all its bizarre, intimate, and often raw glory. That window just so happens to peek into your home, as well.

Yes, we can reverse gray hair. No, we don't know why it works. Just chill.

There are so many news stories this year that seem likely to give us gray hairs, you'd be forgiven for missing one that gives us hope that we can restore those gray hairs back to their regular color — no dye required.In the first published study to find evidence of "natural re-pigmentation,

'Harry's House' finds a home on TikTok

The world is on fire. So much so that TikTok can sometimes feel like an alternate reality. The trends keep trending. The algorithm never stops churning out content onto our feeds. This week, we are all in Harry's House. Harry Styles's latest album is all my FYP can talk about.

Learn to sketch cityscapes and buildings with this bundle

TL;DR: As of May 27, The 2022 Urban Sketching Course Bundle is on sale for just $39.99. That's 87% off its regular price of $319.Imagine if you had something to do every time you went to the park this summer besides pop a bottle of rosé.

Research says using GIFs on Tinder increases responses by 30 percent

Dating is hard, online dating is its own hell, and opening lines can make you want to cease human contact altogether. It's awkward to straddle the line between just the right amount of forwardness and tact to total strangers when you're not actually interacting in person. But panic no more:

Watch: Airline invites James Corden to take 'Carpool Karaoke' to the skies

Air New Zealand are an airline that have made a name for themselves for their viral in-flight safety videos, and their latest pitch is no exception, calling on U.S. TV host James Corden to give "Carpool Karaoke" a cockpit makeover.SEE ALSO:

Olympians' big night out results in closing ceremony ban and curfew

It's the last few days of the Rio Olympics, and celebrating hard is a no-brainer at this point for many athletes. Party a little too hard however, and they'll be consequences.Australian swimmers Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon didn't return home after a night out in Copacabana,

Google 将为企业用户每年提供 2TB 免费存储空间

Google Cloud Platform 与创业公司 Panzura 携手,向企业用户提供每年 2TB 免费存储空间。随着云服务竞争日渐激烈,未来或将进入免费阶段。

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Lasrick (2629253) writes In a controversial article last week, MIT physicist Ted Postol again questioned whether Israel's vaunted Iron Dome rocket defense system actually works. This week, he comes back with evidence in the form of diagrams, photos of Iron Dome intercepts and contrails,

Horizon, the App That Prevents Vertical Videos, Is Now On Android

Remember Horizon, the brilliant little iOS app that let you shoot horizontally-oriented videos no matter what angle you were holding your smartphone? It's finally available on Android, ensuring your Moto X isn't going to pollute YouTube with horrible portrait-oriented videos.



斯沃琪:Apple Watch将使瑞士陷入“冰河世纪”

全球最大钟表制造商斯沃琪集团(Swatch)联合投资人Elmar Mock近日在接受彭博社采访中坚信即将于4月24日发售的Apple Watch会对瑞士现有的传统制表行业和相关工作产生非常大的压力,他表示“售价区间在500法郎到1000法郎的产品将直面来自Apple Watch的挑战,真的是非常危险。


2013年,一个拿着iPad的小伙向我提出的两个问题,曾让我哑口无言,捧着Surface(RT)一度不知道如何 […]

Boston May Refuse to Bid For the Olympics

In what the AP calls a “hastily called news conference” this morning, Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced that the city will “refuse” to sign its host city contract unless he can be sure taxpayers won’t be paying for cost overruns.Read more...

'The Magicians': The 10 biggest changes from page to screen, and why they matter

Back in December, before Syfy aired a sneak peek at The Magicians — its highly-anticipated adaptation of Lev Grossman's beloved, bestselling book series,

Shane Hastie在敏捷之旅新加坡大会上作了题为“运用敏捷思维应对严峻的商业挑战”的演讲

Shane Hastie在敏捷之旅2015新加坡大会上作了主题演讲,他在演讲中探讨了敏捷思维以及如何运用敏捷思维帮助解决复杂的商业问题。 By Savita Pahuja Translated by 谢丽

新能源汽车行业发展迅速 充电服务平台电小五引关注

上海2016年3月29日电 /美通社/ -- 3月24日,在博鳌亚洲论坛的对话会上,新能源汽车被强调是是中国汽车产业未来发展的方向。其实早在3月5日的政府工作报告上,“新能源汽车”就被指出是“新经济”在工业领域的一个标志性行业。据中国汽车工业协会统计,2015年中国新能源汽车市场增长迅速,产销量分别为340471辆和331092辆,同比分别增长了3.3倍和3.4倍,而配套的充电桩生产和服务市场也呈现火爆态势。在此基础上,电小五作为一家专注用户体验的停车充电信息平台,近年来在充电桩服务市场脱颖而出,引起了人们的关注。

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