The drone race is off and running, with Israel in the lead

Audiences around the globe enjoyed all the action of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games thanks in large part to the drones hovering above the events (or below them), capturing every movement, from every angle.

What is Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

If you want to pay online, you need to register an account and provide credit card information. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with bank transfer. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, these methods may become obsolete.

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better in (2022) ?

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly:  When it comes to English grammar, there are two Big Players that everyone knows of: the Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Sellfy Review 2022: How Good Is This Ecommerce Platform?

Are you searching for an ecomerce platform to help you build an online store and sell products?In this Sellfy review, we'll talk about how this eCommerce platform can let you sell digital products while keeping full control of your marketing.And the best part?

Ahrefs vs SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?

SEMrush and Ahrefs are among the most popular tools in the SEO industry. Both companies have been in business for years and have thousands of customers per month. If you're a professional SEO or trying to do digital marketing on your own,

Top 10 Best PLR(Private Label Rights) Websites | Which One You Should Join in 2022?

Content creation is one of the biggest struggles for many marketers and business owners. It often requires both time and financial resources, especially if you plan to hire a writer.Today, we have a fantastic opportunity to use other people's products by purchasing Private Label Rights.

Canva Review 2022: Details, Pricing & Features

Are you looking for a new graphic design tool? Would you like to read a detailed review of Canva? As it's one of the tools I love using. I am also writing my first ebook using canva and publish it soon on my site you can download it is free.  Let's start the review.

Top 7 Best Wordpress Plugin Of All Time

If you are looking for the best wordpress plugins, then you are at the right place. Here is the list of best wordpress plugins that you should use in your blog to boost SEO, strong your security and know every aspects of your blog .

Roku lands its first streaming deal in Asia with Philippines-based PLDT tie-up

Roku, the streaming media company, has netted its first deal with an operator in Asia after it announced an agreement with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). Read More

Every single part of this camera is 3D printed

We’ve seen 3D printed cameras before, but they always include some prefabricated part: a hinge, a spring, or more complicated bits like shutters and iris mechanisms. But designer Amos Dudley has done what I’ve always hoped someone would do: make a camera entirely out of 3D printed parts — yes,

Paypal brushes-off request from Palestinian tech firms to access the platform

Some people might be wondering why a hashtag to do with Paypal has been blowing up on twitter in the last two days.


4月11日,华硕携手英特尔发布ZenFone系列智能手机及PadFone变形手机,华硕集团董事长施崇棠、华硕集 […]





欧洲议会投票赞成分拆 Google 搜索业务会对 Google 产生实际影响么?


苹果回应AW新系统心率监测bug 附解决方法

5月31日消息 苹果在上周为AppleWatch智能手表推送了首个系统更新AppleWatchOS1.0.1,不过自那儿以后用户开始察觉到心率监测不像从前那么准确了,似乎是一个bug,现在官方对此作出了回应。  苹果在刚刚更新的 ... ...

iOS定位--CoreLocation框架 - 空巢男人

CoreLocation框架的使用// 首先导入头文件#import CoreLocation框架中所有数据类型的前缀都是CLCoreLocation中使用CLLocationManager对象来做用户定位1.CLLocationManager的使用CLLocationManager的常用操作/**...

World's biggest airplane makes rare flight across 3 continents

The world's largest plane is journeying to Australia for the first time ever.The An-225 Mriya aircraft, built by the Ukrainian aeronautics company Antonov Airlines, landed at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague on Tuesday, where it was loaded and prepared for the rare journey.SEE ALSO:

OPPO新旗舰Find 9配置曝光:2K双曲屏、骁龙821、8G内存

上市88天,销量过700万台,R9销量固然不俗,但OPPO现在还缺乏一款扛鼎的旗舰产品,想想看,Find 7推出已经2年多了。OPPO新旗舰Find 9配置曝光:2K双曲屏、骁龙821、8G内存据网友给出的最新消息,Find 9配置大曝光 ... ...

Hue’s Xbox One release date announced

Curve Digital and Fiddlesticks, the developers of upcoming puzzle-platformer game Hue, have announced that the game will head to the Xbox One on August 23rd.The post Hue’s Xbox One release date announced appeared first on WinBeta.

魔兽7.0增强萨最新输出手法 增强萨属性天赋选择

魔兽7.0增强萨最新输出手法 增强萨属性天赋选择。增强萨在新版中有了巨大的变化,增加了漩涡资源,移除了图腾系统,循环手法都有了翻天覆地的变化。相信不少玩家选择增强萨多多少少是因为毁灭之锤的缘故。职业定位 ... ...

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