Office Brainstorms Are a Waste of Time - Try This Instead

Brainstorming seems to be a big part of office life. However, study after study has shown that brainstorming isn’t more effective than having people working on their own and then reporting their ideas laterWhat makes brainstorming so unproductive? To put it simply,

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Office Brainstorms Are a Waste of Time - Try This Instead

Brainstorming seems to be a big part of office life. However, study after study has shown that brainstorming isn’t more effective than having people working on their own and then reporting their ideas laterWhat makes brainstorming so unproductive? To put it simply,

How to run a global meeting, the right way

The world is getting smaller and, with what feels like the ever-accelerating pace of business, organisations need to keep up as many teams are located across continents. Read more:

Ev Williams: Twitter Should Be a Platform Company

Twitter and Medium cofounder Ev Williams was interviewed this morning by the legendary journalist Walter Isaacson at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen. Isaacson didn’t hold any punches when it came to asking about Twitter’s future (not to mention its CEO search), either.

Exactly when you should quit stressing over the details

You've probably heard the productivity adage that "done is better than perfect," which certainly sounds more appealing than "the devil is in the details." However, as an editor, it's my job to check (and double check) the work that comes across my desk. Moreover,

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others writes Everyone who is part of an organization — a company, a nonprofit, a condo board — has experienced the pathologies that can occur when human beings try to work together in groups. Now the NYT reports on recent research on why some groups, like some people,

European Entrepreneurs Launch StartupBoat To Address Refugee Crisis

While many in Europe are sunning themselves on beaches, a group of young tech entrepreneurs and investors have grouped together to address the crisis of refugees, many from Syria, which have come to European shores in wave after wave this Summer. The initiative was started by Paula Schwarz,

Ex-Skypers Launch Virtual Whiteboard Deekit

Deekit, which exits private beta today, is a virtual and collaborative whiteboard to help remote teams work smarter. Read More

Bill Maris on Hiring Women, Rising Valuations, and Google Ventures’s Biggest Misses to Date

At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference earlier today, Fortune’s Dan Primack hosted a panel of investors who were asked to share their thoughts on the current – and future – state of the venture market. The VCs covered a lot of ground.

The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia writes Josh Planos writes at The Atlantic that the isolated village of Hogewey on the outskirts of Amsterdam has been dubbed "Dementia Village" because it is home to residents who are only admitted if they're categorized as having severe cases of dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Microsoft empowers Nepalese game developers post-quake

After the 7.8 earthquake, which killed more than 9,000 people, hit Nepal in late April 2015,

No, RadioShack's Twitter wasn't hacked. It sells cryptocurrency now.

"If you find a squirter marry her."That's the tweet currently taking over Twitter, with shocked reactions in the replies and quotes tweets asking, "What in the world is going on?"The tweet wasn't accidentally sent by a politician or a hacked company's account.

Who 'The Umbrella Academy' cast would trade their powers with

We sat down with the cast of The Umbrella Academy season 3 to find out who they would trade powers with and why.

'Paper Girls' plays up a time-traveling mystery in this Prime Video trailer

If you just watch this 30-second slice of the upcoming Prime Video series, Paper Girls, you'll pick up on a few things. Four newspaper delivery girls — Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), KJ (Fina Strazza), Tiffany (Camryn Jones), and Mac (Sofia Rosinsky) — get zapped into the future,

BetterMe's 'Childhood Trauma Test' is all over TikTok. Here's why you shouldn't take it.

TikTokkers have been sharing their results from BetterMe's "Childhood Trauma Test," but the site's privacy policy reveals that the test is a data collection tool.A typical TikTok about the test starts with something like, "Test shouldn't be that bad. My childhood was good,

Sabrina Spellman’s ‘Riverdale’ return throws Twitter into chaos

Sabrina Spellman has another chilling adventure coming up: an appearance on Riverdale.Fans, including myself, were devastated when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was canceled by Netflix in 2020. Why should Riverdale, which resides in the same Archie Comics universe,

9 of the best earbuds on Amazon

Sure, they're small, but that doesn't mean earbuds are a purchase to be taken lightly.You've probably been listening to music on the go for most of your life. So you know that finding a good pair of earbuds is actually pretty tricky. (I've gone through more in my lifetime than I can count.

The best Dyson deals ahead of Prime Day 2022

Our picks for the best Dyson deals ahead of Prime Day:BEST CORDLESS VACUUM DEAL: Dyson V8 Fluffy — $299.99 $449.99 (save $150)BEST UPRIGHT VACUUM DEAL: Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy — $529.99 $699.99 (save $170)BEST FAN DEAL: Dyson PureCool TP01 — $299.99 $399.

Shutterfly Accidentally Congratulates a Ton of Customers for Having a Baby

When this accidental email from the photo service Shutterfly came through my friend's and colleagues inboxes saying, "Congratulations on your new arrival" we all stopped and thought: Does Shutterfly know something we don't?

CBS Ending 'Two and a Half Men,' Won't Do 'How I Met Your Dad'

The How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Dad has hit a roadblock, as CBS told Mashable that "it is not among the eight shows we picked up."The network also will not continue sitcom Two and a Half Men's long TV run after its 12th season airs this fall,

Grief Turns to Violence in Turkey as Prime Minister Calls Mining Tragedy Typical

Violence has erupted in the industrial town of Soma, Turkey, the site of a mine collapse that killed at least 238 workers, as relatives of the dead and missing direct their rage at the Turkish government."These are usual things," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Wednesday,


青稞:2012年8月去日喀则路上拍摄。接片 相机Panasonic 光圈自动


剃须是男人日常必做的事情。现在有一家日本公司希望让这种日常的工作少一点烦恼。东京的创业公司OpenUp 开发了一个订阅模式的剃须刀运送服务,去年12月开始运作,它的名字叫做Tokyo Shave Club。

Ikea Knows All About Your City's Weird Sex Habits and Toilet Time

In a way, what you do in the privacy of your own home is literally Ikea's business. So it's no surprise that the Swedish company spends a ton of time and money studying how people live. What is surprising, though, is what its latest study found out.

爱可视出品 目前价格最低兼容最广的VR设备

今年有许多厂商都推出了虚拟实境(VR)设备,现在法国企业爱可视(ARCHOS)也加入了这个阵营。想用一个较低的价格尝鲜,又不想用纸皮自己组装的话,ARCHOS VR 是个不错的选择。  



7 tips and tricks to get the most out of eBay search

eBay is the world's biggest yard sale. Millions of bargains wait for you on a daily basis, but sifting through the chaff to find the wheat can be exhausting, time-consuming and extremely dull.But don't worry — we have seven tips and tricks that will raise your eBay search game to ninja level.

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A Zika Vaccine Is Now Ready for Human Test Subjects

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has granted clinical trial approval for an experimental Zika vaccine. The drug, which will be tested on a small sampling of human participants, arrives a mere five months after the World Health Organization declared Zika a public health emergency.


作为网购的霸主,打造一个购物的垂直搜索入口,夺取如火如荼的电商大战制高点,显然是阿里不可放过的契机。时至今日, ...

lol幸运召唤师2017最新地址 lol幸运召唤师1月28日结束

lol幸运召唤师2017最新地址 lol幸运召唤师1月什么时候结束,来看看lol幸运召唤师1月活动地址 lol1月幸运玩家怎么抽中1折。活动时间:2017年1月18日至1月28日活动网址: ... ...

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