Security Videos Show Suspect in Deadly Jewish Museum Attack

This story was updated at 12:41pm EDT on Sunday May 25.Belgian police released security videos showing the man suspected of killing four people in Saturday's deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels. An accompanying news release described the suspect,

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At least 2 dead in Belgium after anti-terror raid

Officials in Belgium say two people are dead, and one person is in custody after an anti-terror raid in Verviers that targeted "jihadists" who had recently returned from Syria. The group was planning to carry out a "major attack," according to Belgium's federal prosecutorSee also:

5 Things to Know About Belgium Before Today's World Cup Match

The U.S. team meets Belgium on Tuesday for an all-important World Cup match. According to prediction algorithms done by the number-crunchers at FiveThirtyEight, the U.S. has a 42% chance of advancing.See also: USA vs. Belgium:

Gunman Kills Three at Jewish Museum in Belgium

A gunman killed three people Saturday, after opening fire at a Jewish museum in Belgium.Joelle Milquet, Belgium's interior minister, confirmed the deaths and shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium. A spokesperson for a fire department in Brussels added that one person was wounded,

Greek police reportedly detain 4 alleged extremists, possibly including Belgium suspect

ATHENS, Greece — Greek police have detained four suspected extremists, including one who could be the man wanted by Belgian authorities as an alleged ringleader of a jihadi cell, a police official said Saturday.The four were arrested Saturday,

Belgium says Microsoft Skype is a telecoms operator, summons company to court

Reuters is reporting that Skype is in a bit of trouble with the Belgian state.  The company has evidently failed to hand over customer data in response to the Belgium’s request regarding a criminal investigation.  Belgium argues that Skype is a telecoms operator,

Belgium charges six suspects within two weeks after Paris terror attacks

Belgium has charged a man arrested in Brussels with "terrorist attacks," the most recent in a string of cases brought by the government against people that may have aided the Paris attackers or been plotting further terrorist operations.The Associated Press reported the arrest,

USA vs. Belgium World Cup Match Tests ESPN Stream

ESPN's live stream of the USA vs. Belgium match has again caused some frustration among customers who found the stream cutting out and sometimes inaccessibleThe first half of the match topped out at 1.5 million simultaneous streams, according to ESPN. The previous USA match against Germany saw 1.

Massive labor protest in Belgium turns violent

One of Belgium's biggest post-war labor demonstrations turned violent on Thursday night with police firing tear gas and the water cannon to break up the crowd.See also: Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Man' and 9 Other Iconic Protest ImagesNo casualties were immediately reported,

Belgium vs. USA: The Final World Cup Chowdown

Belgium and the USA may be facing off in a World Cup showdown on Tuesday, but it's the battle in the kitchen that truly mattersFries and ketchup vs. fries and mayo. Speculoos vs. chocolate chip cookies. Where does your allegiance lie?See also:

That time Belgium's prime minister was pelted with French fries

Anti-austerity activists hurled French fries at Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Monday, who interrupted a press conference to pelt him with fast food.During a press conference, female protesters dressed in black interrupted the leader's speech,

Sam Worthington's 'Avatar: The Way of Water' filming experience sounds intense

Making those Avatar movies, it turns out, isn't exactly a walk in the park.Appearing on The Tonight Show, actor Sam Worthington described part of the filming process for the upcoming sequel, The Way of Water,

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are in very short supply right now

Getting an iPhone 14 Pro or a 14 Pro Max might be tough right now, especially if you want it before year's end. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, total iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max shipments in the last quarter of 2022 will be 15 to 20 million units less than expected.

Get a neck pillow for 33% off during this Cyber Monday extended sale

TL;DR: As of Nov. 30, you can get the ZAMAT NekGenic Cervical Traction Neck Pillow for just $39.99 instead of $59.99 — that's a 33% discount.Didn't snag everything you needed during the flurry of sales last week? Still have a lot of names left on your holiday gifting list? Don't worry,

Save with an extended Cyber Monday deal on a Segway electric scooter — 50% off

TL;DR: As of Nov. 30, you can get the Segway Ninebot Air T15E Electric Kickscooter for just $399.99 instead of $799.99 — that's a 50% discount.You may want to send your college student back from the holidays driving their own car, but prices are still high for used cars.

This refurbished iPad is only $250 for a (very) limited time

TL;DR: As of Nov. 30, you can get the Refurbished Apple iPad 7th Gen for just $249.99 instead of $329 — that's a 24% discount.Shopping for an Apple lover is a lot easier when you don’t have to pay full price. Cyber Monday got an extension,

Get this refurbished Amazon Echo Dot for just $19.99

TL;DR: As of Nov. 30, you can get the Refurbished Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) for just $19.99 instead of $49.99 — that's a 60% discount.The decorations may have come out already, and the presents may be on the way, but music makes the atmosphere complete. Ring in the holidays with some festive tunes,

All the best gift ideas for teenage girls

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.If shopping for women seems hard, remember that it gets much, much worse. Just try shopping for a teenage girl. You'll soon find out what "difficult to buy for" is all about.With adult women,

24 'Game of Thrones' Prints to Decorate Your Wall

You know nothing, Jon Snow ...about home decor!While the Night's Watch keeps their living arrangements at the wall fairly bleak, it doesn't mean Game of Thrones fans can't add a little pop of flair to the home or office and be just as loyal to the realms of menSee also: Boo, You Bastard:

Michael Moore Reacts to Santa Barbara Shooting: 'I No Longer Have Anything to Say'

Michael Moore is officially out of words. AlmostThe prominent filmmaker behind Bowling For Columbine, a documentary about a school shooting that took place in 1999, reacted to news about Friday night's shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a short,

Photos: Ukraine Votes for Its Next President

DONETSK, Ukraine — Ukrainians headed to the polls on Sunday in record numbers — 25% of eligible voters — to elect their next presidentHowever, pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine kept a large number of polling centers from opening, and some citizens are staying home out of fear. Donetsk,

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使用System.out.print/prilntln() 输出时存在的问题 - Birding

刚学习Java时第一个接触的method就是System.out.println() 方法。但是最近在使用它输出一些变量时出现了我不理解的现象,首先上代码: 1 /* 2 * 3 * using method System.out.println/print 4 * 5 * 6 */ 7 c...

传诺基亚计划收购阿尔卡特朗讯 促其股价上涨

威智网 5 月 7 日消息,根据路透社报道,交易市场本周二再有传言称诺基亚计划收购竞争对手阿尔卡特朗讯公司,这一消息促使两家公司的股票在当天均获得小幅上涨。  

Wikia and Sony Playing Licensing Mind Tricks

TuringTest (533084) writes "Popular culture website Wikia originally hosted its user-contributed content under a free, sharealike Commercial Commons license (CC-BY-SA). At least as soon as 2003, some specific wikis decided to use the non-commercial CC-BY-NC license instead: hey,

How to stay safe and avoid nastiness like Cryptolocker when browsing the web

The worldwide web is a dangerous place these days, particularly with the likes of Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus floating around. We show you how to stay safe and secure when surfing.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


总部位于加州的BiTMICRO宣布推出全新MAXio E系列PCIe企业级固态硬盘,为大量应用程序工作负载提供容量,性能和可靠性。这个系列产品基于公司的Talino ASIC架构,最小容量1.5TB,比大多数竞争对手更高。

Apple Watch Accessories Are Already Out of Control

Whenever Apple announces something new, companies will use the most basic specs revealed onstage to take a stab at making What You Need to go with it. But the Apple Watch is even crazier; despite not even existing yet, more than a few companies are already accessorizing for it.Read more...

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孕婴童业态成购物中心新宠 “互联网+”冲击下重要性渐显

中国杭州2015年6月9日电 /美通社/ -- 细数2014年下半年至2015年上半年发生在商业地产行业中的“大事件”,各大百货身陷囹圄,不少业内人亦为之焦虑。

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