Facebook Messenger receives an update with improvements, instant photo sharing and more

If you happen to be a regular user of Facebook Messenger, you be glad to find out the app has received an update, which brings a number of improvements and new features for the app. As far as the improvements are concerned, the app is much more reliable, and consumes less data. 

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Snapchat Reminds Us That Users Are To Blame For Photo Leaks

In response to the most recent Snapchat leak —now called “The Snappening” in homage to the recent leak of celebrity nudes — a statement has been posted on the company blog regarding the unlawful use of its unofficial API. And in classic Snapchat fashion,

Intel Arc Pro GPUs are finally being released for desktops

Microsoft Edge 104 ships to the Stable Channel

Surface Laptop Go 2 Long Term Review: A well-crafted "all-arounder"

Nigeria-based systems integrator Bluechip expands to Europe with help from Microsoft and Oracle

Unity selects Microsoft Azure as its cloud partner

Windows news recap: Amazon Prime Video gets a redesign, Internet Explorer lingers, and more

Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Rewards comes to 38 more countries, hiring record broken, and more

Nokia's product roadmap surfaces, high-end Windows Phone device codenamed McLaren spotted

Not too long ago, the prolific @evleaks shared the Nokia Lumia Cyan update schedule for the Benelux region, and now he's back with some more exciting news. Nokia, which is now under the leadership of the Microsoft, is rumored to working on a number of devices.

Microsoft calls on government for surveillance reform, and increased transparency

Microsoft is calling on the US government to make a series of radical changes to its web surveillance. Some of the surveillance and monitoring took the form of requests for information enforced by legal orders, but there have also been numerous instances of web traffic simply being intercepted.

Channel 5 signs product placement deal with Microsoft for Surface tablets in Big Brother UK

Big Brother, a rather popular reality TV show in the United Kingdom has signed a product placement deal with Microsoft, meaning housemates will be using Surface tablets to nominate and do their weekly shopping. For those who don't know about Big Brother, let me explain.



無限可能!用 Emoji 寫程式不是夢

Emoji 無處不在,除了用來聊天、玩遊戲、作爲銀行密碼等用途外, 最近更有人想要把 Emoji 變成程式編寫語言。以下有更多資料:The post 無限可能!用 Emoji 寫程式不是夢 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


近日,AnalyticsWeek的首席研究员、Bussiness Over Broadway的总裁Bob Hayes博士公开了研究数据分析项目成功所必需技能的相关结果。Bob所提出的基于技能的数据科学驱动力矩阵方法,可以指出最能改善数据科学实践的若干技能。 By 张天雷

iPhone 7或配置两个扬声器 不采用动态降噪技术

据科技网站AppleInsider报道,投资公司Barclays发表投资报告称,苹果新一代iPhone将不包含3.5毫米标准耳机插孔,可能用第二个扬声器取而代之。Barclays分析师布莱尼·柯蒂斯(Blayne Curtis)和克里斯托弗·赫梅尔根(Christopher Hemmelgarn)表示,苹果将利用音频芯片供应商Cirrus Logic提供的第二块功放芯片,对第二个扬声器提供支持。

Uber正测试巴士和快递业务 中国上市时间未定

3月30日消息,Uber首席产品官Jeff Holden今日宣布,Uber正在测试Uber COMMUTE(Uber顺风车)、Uber HOP(Uber巴士)、Uber EATS (Uber外卖)、Uber RUSH (Uber快递)四种业务,扩充自己的业务线。Jeff Holden介绍说,Uber顺风车主要是接送有共同目的地的乘客,现在平均每个月有2000的成单量。

Twitter发布了多语言的构建工具Pants 1.0

经过5年的不懈努力,Twitter于近日发布了构建工具Pants的里程碑版本1.0。Pants与Maven、Gradle以及Ant等流行的构建系统定位相似,不同的是它支持C/C++、Java、Python和Scala等语言。 By Michael Redlich Translated by 孙镜涛

JQuery Sizzle引擎源代码分析 - heavi

最近在拜读艾伦在慕课网上写的JQuery课程,感觉在国内对JQuery代码分析透彻的人没几个能比得过艾伦。有没有吹牛?是不是我说大话了? 什么是Sizzle引擎? 我们经常使用JQuery的选择器查询元素,查询的选择器有简单也有复杂: 简单点:“div”、“.navi”、“div.navi”。 复杂

There's a butter shortage in France

In the 1980s, farmers in Europe were given a quota of how much milk they could produce. Up until 2015, the supply and demand for dairy was fairly stable. However, in 2015, the quota was lifted and farmers could produce as much milk as they wanted. The result?

雷军:未来5年将投资印度10亿美元 复制中国模式

据印度媒体 Livemint报道称, 小米计划未来5年内向印度的100家创业公司投资10亿美元, 围绕其智能手机品牌建立一个应用生态系统。雷军表示,在印度,小米及其兄弟公司顺为资本将在内容、金融科技、深度本地化服务和制造等领域展开投资,推动印度移动互联网的普及。小米和顺为资本已经投资了印度的6家互联网公司,包括Hungama和KrazyBee。 阅读全文

The Neil Patrick Harris channel is coming to smart TVs

Want to know what your favorite celebrity is up to? These days it’s pretty straightforward: Follow them on social media. But if that celebrity happens to be Neil Patrick Harris, it’s even easier — just download the IAm Neil Patrick Harris app, which puts his Twitter, Instagram,

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