Freshdesk Snags $31M in Series D Funding To Continue Building Customer Support Services

Freshdesk, the customer support as a service company with 23,000 customers, raised $31 million in Series D funding today in a round led by Tiger Global Management, with Accel Partners and Google Capital also contributing. The funding is significant,

相关内容: that Freshdesk they with company support says mill

Beginner Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2022

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikIn this CJ Affiliate guide, I will share with you everything you need to get started on the platform, I will give you an in-depth look at the network and how it works.You will learn how to earn money with the platform. If you're not interested,


The marketing industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to save time and execute smarter, more personalized campaigns. 61% of marketers say AI software is the most important aspect of their data strategy.  If you’re late to the AI party, don’t worry.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of questions floating around about how affiliate marketing works, what to do and what not to do when it comes to setting up a business. With so much uncertainty surrounding both personal and business aspects of affiliate marketing. In this post,

What is Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

If you want to pay online, you need to register an account and provide credit card information. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with bank transfer. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, these methods may become obsolete.

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better in (2022) ?

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly:  When it comes to English grammar, there are two Big Players that everyone knows of: the Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Sellfy Review 2022: How Good Is This Ecommerce Platform?

Are you searching for an ecomerce platform to help you build an online store and sell products?In this Sellfy review, we'll talk about how this eCommerce platform can let you sell digital products while keeping full control of your marketing.And the best part?

Ahrefs vs SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?

SEMrush and Ahrefs are among the most popular tools in the SEO industry. Both companies have been in business for years and have thousands of customers per month. If you're a professional SEO or trying to do digital marketing on your own,

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Will Get Interest Data From Outside Websites (And New Options For Opting Out

Facebook says it’s bringing more data into its interest-based ad targeting — specifically data from non-Facebook websites and mobile apps. So even if your profile doesn’t say anything about your love of (say) soccer, and even if you haven’t Liked any soccer-related Pages on Facebook,

FightMe, An App That Lets You Challenge Others Through Video, Picks Up $1.35M In New Backing

Apparently, there’s still life in the old social video dog yet. FightMe, an iOS app that lets you challenge others by recording and sharing 30 second-long videos, has raised a further, modest seed round of funding. Read More

Amazon Turns On Prime Music Streaming, Sans Current Hits

There have been a lot of murmurs that Amazon would turn on its music streaming service this week, and it looks like that’s just what it quietly did a little while ago. A link to Amazon Prime Music, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber that is, now takes you to a page heavy on playlists,

Facebook Refuses To Share Employee Race and Gender Data

theodp writes "Back in 2007, Representative Maxine Waters asked Google's HR Chief, "How many [of Google's employees] are African-American?" After 7+ years of stonewalling, Google has pledged to finally divulge diversity data on its workforce for the first time. While the U.S.


一年一度的苹果 WWDC 大会已经落下帷幕,接下来我们需要等待的就是秋季的硬件新品发布会了。


你是否设想过这样一种情况:亲自去告诉罗密欧他不用喝毒药也能跟朱丽叶在一起,告诉《欲望号街车》中的布兰奇杜波依斯(Blanche Dubois)不要依赖陌生人的友善,或者建议乔纳森哈克(Jonathan Harker)不要去特兰西瓦尼亚度假。



The Dress Debate Was Dumb, But Did It Make Us Dumber?

If you were offline between, say, 7pm and 10pm Eastern last night, boy, things must have seemed real weird when you logged back onto Twitter.Despite what you might have heard, BuzzFeed did not invent the optical illusion. “The Dress,” as it immediately became known,



Watch a Tunnel Boring Machine Shred Open a Giant Hole

All the satisfaction in the world exists through a tunnel boring machine that finally cracks the surface and shreds open the crap that was in its way. Here is the tunnel boring machine Alice digging through a 1.5-mile giant tunnel in New Zealand.Read more...

Use Bing Predicts to help you build a smarter March Madness bracket

Bing releases their predictions for March Madness and a bracket builder tool for you to pick your own brackets.The post Use Bing Predicts to help you build a smarter March Madness bracket appeared first on WinBeta.


刀塔传奇潮汐神殿和熔岩神殿是玩家比较难通关的两个试炼关卡,很多平民玩家没有魂匣,对于这两关很难三星。下面小编就给大家总结一下潮汐神殿和熔岩神殿三星过关的平民阵容及过关方法。  阵容如下:潮汐3比较 ... ...

iOS 10 中更新后的 iMessage 有哪些新用处和新玩法?

作者:@子不语原文地址:天雷滚滚?好玩有趣?关于 iOS 10 新 iMessage 的一切世界上使用最频繁的即时通讯工具是什么?在每一份榜单中,你也许都可以找到诸如 Whatsapp、Facebook Messenger、Snapchat 之流的身影,却唯独不见 iMessage。而事实上,苹果有着 10 亿台激活的 iOS 设备,虽然官方从未公布过 iMessage 的日消息收发量和使用人数,但它的体量也绝对不容小觑。或许是常年来在很多人眼中,iMessage 和短信没有特别明显的区分度,导致人们只是习惯性把它作为收发短信的工具罢了。

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