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20 Things David Bowie Discovered Before You

No matter how original you think you are, David Bowie did it first.Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel officially proclaimed Sept. 23 as "David Bowie Day" in honor of the rock star's retrospective exhibit, David Bowie Is...,opening that day at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.See also:

'Celebrity Big Brother' to tell David Bowie’s ex-wife about his death off air

LONDON — David Bowie's ex-wife, Angie Bowie, who is a contestant in the current series of UK reality show Celebrity Big Brother, will be told about his death off camera, Channel 5 has confirmedAmerican actress, model and author Angie, who was married to Bowie for a decade,

David Bowie's list of 100 favorite books reveal his true inner nerd

We all know David Bowie as a music and pop culture icon. But if you are hoping looking for a crash course in must-read literature, look no further than Bowie's 100 favorite books.Bowie's list is as dynamic and diverse as the Space Oddity star himself.

The many faces of David Bowie, from Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke

The man born David Jones was known by many namesRock star David Bowie, as he later christened himself, died Sunday at age 69, but has left behind a rich treasure trove of musical alter egos and personas.From Ziggy Stardust to the spacey Major Tom,

Why David Bowie tried to bury his first album — and why you should give it a try

In the now-sadly-complete annals of David Bowie weirdness, there's nothing so weird as a Bowie album that, weirdly, isn't very weird at allSuch is the case with the self-titled David Bowie (1967). Released two years before the singer made it big with Space Oddity,

10 of David Bowie's most iconic music videos

David Bowie, who passed away from cancer Monday, was an almost impossibly innovative songwriter and artist. While his music broke the boundaries of glam rock, punk and electronica over his more than 40-year career, Bowie also used music videos to showcase his transgressive style and epic haircuts.

David Bowie: His thrilling career connected my generations

Before Madonna shed personas like so many pairs of Prada shoes and Lady Gaga transformed from art pop to glam, David Bowie was the original music chameleon.His death on Monday — of cancer at the age of 69 — robs the universe of one of its most eclectic and unpredictable voices.

Hundreds pay tribute to David Bowie in his Brixton hometown at impromptu street party

He'll always be a Brixton boyDavid Bowie, who died Sunday at age 69, is being remembered by fans in Brixton, the London neighborhood where he was bornMashable's Tim Chester is on the site, live tweeting as hundreds gather to pay tribute to the rock legendBowie was born in Brixton on Jan. 8, 1947.

Listen to David Bowie's incredible isolated vocal tracks to his iconic songs

Following the death of cultural icon David Bowie on Monday, isolated tracks of some of the rock singer's most well-known songs have been making rounds on the InternetThe tracks, unsurprisingly, demonstrate the musician's vocal prowess which defined his career. See also:

6 iconic fashion trends David Bowie totally owned and conquered

David Bowie was a sartorial chameleonSeamlessly shifting between bold spandex leotards and oversized zoot suits, the artist used clothing to create a wide variety of on-stage personasInstead of adhering to conventions, he pushed boundaries and trail-blazed trends that influenced fans,

David Bowie may have left a clue in the final Twitter account he followed before his death

Many people have been analysing David Bowie's last music video, "Lazarus", in the aftermath of his death. With it's lyrics — "Look up here, I'm in heaven" — and the imagery of Bowie lying in a hospital bed, many have read it as Bowie's final message to his fans.But, if that is the case,

Even David Bowie's death was a beautiful, cryptic work of purposeful art

LOS ANGELES —We still don't know exactly what type of cancer took David Bowie.The absence of that last detail — fragile but still intact since Sunday — preserves a bit of mystery, of the belief that Bowie was somehow extra-mortal. The man who made dazzling,

Fans want to rename Mars after David Bowie (and put him on the £20 note)

LONDON — Rename planet Mars after David Bowie. Get God to say it's not true. Put Bowie on a new banknote.Fans across the world are starting petitions to honour David Bowie, and they're racking up the signatures.See also: Remembering David Bowie, the man who lived in the futureIn the UK, almost 11,

The one Bowie book you need to read (and two you don't)

David Bowie loved books, but he had no interest in other people writing books about himThe late global superstar didn't just leave us an eclectic list of his 100 favorite reads. He also owned a library that was at least 45,000 books strong,

Fred Armisen paid tribute to David Bowie on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live remembered David Bowie with a fitting tribute from Fred Armisen, who described the musician's far-reaching impact over the course of his long career.Bowie died on January 10 at age 69 after a battle with cancerSee also:

David Bowie premieres transfixing 10-minute short for new single '★'

The wait is over for David Bowie's new single and film, "Blackstar," is finally over. But if you're cool, you can call it "★."It's also the title track/symbol for his 28th studio album due out on January 8th, Bowie's 69th birthday. It is now available for pre-saleSee also:

David Bowie's dress: A powerful step forward for androgyny

Image: Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/CorbisIn 1971, a photographer for the Daily Mirror visited musician David Bowie at his home in Haddon Hall, an English Edwardian mansion that had been converted to apartments.

So who wants to get weird with David Bowie? You're in luck: 'Blackstar' is here

The weirdest thing about "Blackstar" (or "★"), the unfathomably weird 26th studio album from 69-year-old birthday boy David Bowie, is how instantly appealing and familiar its dark and aberrant matter can beWith seven tracks ranging in length from long to longer,

Remembering David Bowie: Cracked actor, restless prophet

To a child growing up in England in the 1970s, David Bowie was already immortal. Had I been told his fame was only as old as the decade, I would have laughed a withering laugh. Bowie was our Mount Rushmore, except with more faces, and all of them painted in technicolorEven then,

How David Bowie pushed the boundaries of gendered fashion

LONDON — David Bowie, the legendary rock singer who died Sunday at the age of 69, was a powerful fashion force who catapulted androgynous fashion into mainstream culture and transcended the boundaries of gendered clothing.During his decades-long career,

David Bowie sent a sweet and cheeky response to an American fan letter in 1967

No matter what, David Bowie was always a class act.In 1967, Bowie received a letter from his first American fan. According to The Daily Mail, the letter came from 14-year-old Sandra Dodd from New Mexico, who had gotten a copy of his self-titled studio album as a gift.See also: 1966:

Listen to David Bowie's incredible isolated vocal tracks from his iconic songs

Following the death of cultural icon David Bowie, isolated tracks of some of the rock singer's most well-known songs have been making rounds on the InternetThe tracks, unsurprisingly, demonstrate the musician's vocal prowess, which helped to define his career. See also:

Front pages around the world pay tribute to David Bowie

As news spread late Sunday night into Monday of the death of David Bowie, tributes from around the world poured out on to social media, remembering the artist for all of his contributions to modern cultureSee also:

The Concourse RIP David Bowie, The Most Human Alien Of All | io9 David Bowie Made The World a Safer

The Concourse RIP David Bowie, The Most Human Alien Of All | io9 David Bowie Made The World a Safer Place for the Alien in Us All | Gawker David Bowie Was Too Weird For ‘70s TV | The Muse Dancing Dog:

This is how Jim Henson asked David Bowie to appear in 'Labyrinth'

LONDON — For a particular generation, David Bowie's performance as Jareth the Goblin King in Jim Henson's Labyrinth was up there among his finest hours.The hair, the stare, the brows - everything about his role in the 1986 fantasy film has gone down in history.See also:

TV station slammed for broadcasting Angie Bowie's reaction to ex-husband's death

LONDON -  Viewers have criticised Channel 5 show Celebrity Big Brother for broadcasting Angie Bowie's reaction to her ex-husband David Bowie's sudden death, calling it disgusting and distasteful.The programme showed a short clip at the end of Monday night's programme,

'He was always funny': Conan remembers David Bowie with a touching montage

During Monday's episode of Conan, the late-night comedian paid tribute to David Bowie — not as the musician, but as the man"People are remembering today what a phenomenal musician David Bowie was...but in my experience, he was also an incredibly nice person, he was fun, and he was always funny,

How David Bowie helped Chuck Palahniuk sell 'Fight Club'

According to Chuck Palahniuk, the world might not have Fight Club if it weren't for David Bowie's musicIn an essay for Rolling Stone, Palahniuk shares how a Bowie song helped him sell the violent novel to Gerald Howard, a famous editorSee also:

What Cameron Crowe learned from David Bowie after spending six months with him

PASADENA, California — Cameron Crowe's first meeting with David Bowie was a stroke of pure luck if there ever was oneHe was a young writer on assignment when he first mentioned to the musicians he was profiling — friends of Bowie — that he wanted to interview the singer himself.

Anonymous Bowie fan honors the late singer with street sign change

My street has a first name, and it's D-A-V-I-D.The legacy of David Bowie rolls on as a street sign in Austin, Texas has been anonymously changed to honor the late rock god. The transformation of the original "Bowie Street" is not an official revision by the city,

Arcade Fire are throwing a parade for David Bowie in New Orleans

LONDON — Arcade Fire and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will host a tribute parade in New Orleans in honour of David Bowie this weekend.Details of the memorial parade "Pretty Things: A second line for Bowie" were revealed on Preservation Hall Jazz Band's official Facebook pageSee also:

The Souped Up Acoustics Behind David Bowie's Giant New Retrospective

When art museums first became a thing, in the 19th century, they were the aristocracy's idea of intellectual charity: A chance for the hoi polloi to catch a thin whiff of true civilization.

David Bowie premieres spooky video for new single 'Lazarus'

LONDON — He's back, and as compelling as ever. David Bowie premiered the Johan Renck-directed video for "Lazarus" on Thursday, and it's a brilliantly disturbing four minutes - all hospital beds, convulsions and woozily deranged saxophones.See also:

David Bowie, cosmic rock icon, multimedia superstar, dead at 69

LOS ANGELES — David Bowie, the must-be-from-outer-space rock singer and cultural icon whose cosmic music and art fixed our eyes to the stars for six decades, has died, according to his official Facebook and Twitter accounts. He had just turned 69 on Friday,

David Bowie's endlessly surprising career in one spectacular GIF

LONDON — Tributes have been pouring in for David Bowie following the news the inimitable singer has died aged 69, and fans have been paying tribute too.See also: 'I just lost a hero': Stars pay tribute to David BowieOne artwork in particular,

25 era-defining photos of David Bowie through the decades

Legendary British musician David Bowie revelled in his colourful life, which has sadly been cut short at the age of 69 — after an 18-month battle with cancer.As the world pays tribute to the iconic musician, artist, actor,

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