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Big Xbox Store Countdown sale continues with week two deals

If you happened to find an Xbox One waiting for you under the tree last Friday, or are just looking to expand your game library, Microsoft is offering an impressive number of deals with...The post Big Xbox Store Countdown sale continues with week two deals appeared first on WinBeta.

The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community

Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world.

The Best Games To Get For Your New Gaming System, Phone Or Tablet 

Get a new gaming system for Christmas today? Or a new phone or tablet that plays games? We've got some recommendations for you so you can play some games (and maybe ignore your more annoying relatives in the process).Read more...

Game Troopers working on new Windows Phone titles, updates existing games too

Game Troopers is a popular developer with a number of titles for Windows Phone under its name. Best of all, the developer has regularly updated its games for Windows Phone, with some exclusives as well. Not too long ago,

The Mobile Gaming Business Model For Freedom And Fantasy

Mobile gaming has by far made the greatest impact on — and effected the most change overall in — the gaming industry. From a dollars and cents perspective, mobile gaming revenue is projected to surpass console game revenue in 2015 to the tune of $30.3 billion versus $26.4 billion,

$900 worth of games were delivered to Xbox Games With Gold subscribers in 2015

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold membership comes with its own set of benefits. If you’re a gold member, Microsoft offers a handful of games at attractive discounts every month as a part of Games with...

Jackbox Game's Quiplash now available on Xbox One

Jackbox Games, the creators of the popular party video games, You Don’t Know Jack and Fibbage have just released their latest creation and it’s now available for purchase on Xbox One in select regions. The new game,

NFL Game Rewind app makes a touchdown on Windows Phone -- watch game replays and more

Football season is going in its full force, and if you missed a game, you can now watch full replays of the matches on your Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone devices, thanks to NFL Game Rewind. NFL Game Rewind doesn't stream the matches live, but let users watch full replays of matches.

Everywear Games Is A New Finnish Startup Building Games For Apple Watch

Supercell and Angry Birds maker Rovio may grab most of the gaming headlines in Finland, but beyond those two hugely successful companies, there’s what some are calling a second boom in the country’s games industry. So when a new Finnish games studio founded by industry ‘veterans’ launches,

This strategy game brings something new to Windows games

Looking for a new strategy game on your Windows Phone or PC? March of Empires might be worth your time checking out. The innovative strategy game casts the player as either a Highland King, Northern Czar,

Games with Gold for May 2015: Check out these free games for Xbox

For May, Xbox Live Gold members will get three free games on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with the Games with Gold program. On the Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members will get two free games; CastleStorm: Definitive Edition and Pool Nation FX.

What Games Are: What Became Of Social Games?

Remember social games? Remember how they supposed to be the future, how they were transforming the games industry and all that? No? Strangely not many people seem to think about social games any more, or consider them as a thing. Their central story seems to have faded,

Finding Game Design

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly writes a regular column about all things video game for TechCrunch. He is a consultant, game designer and creator of leading game design blog What Games Are. You can follow him on Twitter here.Let’s talk about game designers. 

How To Build A Smart Game Economy

With game developers’ main objective being to create a really good game with an optimal monetization mechanism to maximize revenue, there are quite a few aspects to planning and implementing one’s game economy. These may include planning the monetization strategy and in-game economic structure,

The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part Two

In the second of a three-part series exploring the constants of game design, we delve into talking about elegance, naturalism and the role of time. Read More

What Games Are: Valley People And Games People

I recently made reference to the idea that Valley thinking and games industry thinking are very different, and some people asked me to explain what I meant. So here you go. Read More

Xbox Head Phil Spencer discusses PC Gaming on Windows 10 at the E3 PC Gaming Show

This week has been action packed so far with lots of important gaming news. A post from Blogging Windows outlines Microsoft’s commitment to PC gaming with Phil Spencer with Head of Microsoft’s Xbox division attending the very first PC Gaming Show.

Gaming’s biggest demographic? Adult women

The Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry’s trade association and presenters of the E3 exposition, released the results of a study on demographics in the gaming industry with some interesting results that help...The post Gaming’s biggest demographic?

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June revealed

The free Games with Gold games for June 2015 have been officially revealed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and there are some good ones. From June 1st to the 15th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download Just Cause 2 for free and after the 16th will be given the opportunity to grab Thief.

用Phaser来制作一个html5游戏——flappy bird (一) - 无双

Phaser是一个简单易用且功能强大的html5游戏框架,利用它可以很轻松的开发出一个html5游戏。在这篇文章中我就教大家如何用Phaser来制作一个前段时间很火爆的游戏:Flappy Bird,希望大家看后也能做出自己的html5游戏。

Insomniac Games:永远保持独立的初心(三)

生生不息的传奇 PS3平台的到来,Insomniac Games便又带领着这两个PS家族的吉祥物走进了全高清的 […]

Amazon Games Studios Launches Its First Gaming App On iTunes

Amazon has just made another move that indicates the company is taking its expansion into mobile gaming more seriously than just a way to tout how it, too, has “exclusive” content to offer via the Amazon Fire TV. For the first time,

Happy birthday Game Boy: Nintendo's handheld turns 25

25 years ago Nintendo released a handheld console that would change the way gaming on the move worked forever: the Game Boy. Fighting off all comers, it paved the way for every handheld today,Read more:

Game Troopers launches another game for Windows Phone - Monster GO!

Game Troopers is one of the most active Windows Phone developers with several popular titles under it's name such as Tiny Troopers and Overkill 3. The developer has released yet another game, this time it's an endless runner game known as Monster GO!. As a player,

September’s Games with Gold revealed

Microsoft has just revealed their Games with Gold games for September and there’s some good ones that are well worth a look. The most noteworthy of the free games is the fantastic, Tomb Raider:...The post September’s Games with Gold revealed appeared first on WinBeta.

Game Troopers launches the challenging puzzle game Lines on Windows Phone

Game Troopers is possibly one of the most active Windows Phone developers out there, with several popular titles such as Overkill 3, Tiny Troopers and a few more. The developer has even made sure its games are without any bugs and issues by releasing timely upgrades for its apps.

‘Gamification’ Is Dead, Long Live Games For Learning

Editor’s note: Michael John (“MJ”) is responsible for all creative product development at GlassLab. An industry veteran who has designed commercial video games for close to twenty years, his design credits include the original Spyro the Dragon games on PlayStation and the PSP classic Daxter,

This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Mortal Kombat X, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordo

This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale has commenced and offers a number of popular titles at discounted prices, which are not only available for Xbox Live Gold members, but other subscribers as...The post This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight sale offers Mortal Kombat X,

What Games Are: Fire TV And The “Casual Console”

Fire TV is basically doing what everybody's been saying Apple TV should be doing by now. 80% of its pitch is about having video and music from many of the usual sources. The other 20% is that Fire TV is a microconsole focused on casual gaming. What does it mean? Will it work? Read More

Game Troopers releases new math-based puzzle game ‘Equalicious’ for Windows Phone

Game Troopers, a company that develops games specifically for Windows devices, has released their new game Equalicious. Developed by Dark Curry, the game is a simple math game where players solve puzzles by moving tiles around to solve...

The Windows Store welcomes Game Trooper’s long awaited horror game: The Last Door

Gaming studio Game Troopers has been a good friend to the Windows platform. Even during Windows 8’s darkest hours of app development, Game Troopers provided high-quality games for Windows users. With the release of...The post The Windows Store welcomes Game Trooper’s long awaited horror game:

What Games Are: Is Formal Game Design Valuable?

While many people are familiar with the term "game designer", they're not sure what that job actually entails. Indeed inside the industry game designers often get little respect because they're see as vamping frauds that cause more problems than they solve. This is not really true,

Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem

Mobile gaming is a massive success, but it’s notable how many big game makers struggle to convert their successes into longer term franchises or other offerings. This week’s King news is just another example. Perhaps with stronger community features, however, that could change. Read More

An Open Letter To Tim Cook About Game Censorship

An open letter to the CEO of Apple to change the company’s mind in how it handles the vetting of game content, as happened this week with Papers Please. Video games are an art form just like movies or music and deserve equal treatment. Read More

Google Play Games Now Lets You Record and Share Epic Gaming Moments

Google Play Games is the hub of all things mobile gaming on Android, keeping track of achievements or helping you find that next mobile gaming addition. Now, the app has a new tool to help you share your most epic gaming moments—with friends of your budding YouTube Gaming fan base.Read more...

Xbox Live Games with Gold Program for August 2015 offers four free games

August will be add four free games for Xbox Live Gold members. Xbox One Xbox Live Gold members will get Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, and the open-world survival game, How to Survive Storm Warning Edition.

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