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【爱稀奇的时光机】环形乒乓桌:Ping-Pong Go Round

这是纯粹的群P乐趣!环形乒乓桌(Ping-Pong Go Round)就像是一个直径6米的甜甜圈,可以同时容纳 […]

echarts的部署和使用 - lichmama


这是真纤薄 Pebble Time Round智能表评测

尽管现在各大厂商都已经如狼似虎地冲进智能手表这个市场来分享蛋糕了,Pebble 作为先行者,凭借早已打出来的名声和不弱于巨头出品的素质仍旧牢牢占据着自己的那一份。

Pebbel Time Round圆形手表上手:很薄很薄

今天,Pebble 推出了旗下第一款圆形智能手表 Pebble Time Round,这款手表依旧非常轻薄,号称是“世界上最轻薄的智能手表”,表身厚 7.5 毫米,重量 28 克。  售价方面,Pebble Time Round 皮带款 249 美元,金属表带售价 299 美元起。

Pebble Time Round手表评测:主打超薄设计

Pebble系列智能手表一直以来都是市场上的热门产品,因为这家公司的设备一直主打实用性和性价比。例如,Pebble Time Steel的电池一次充电可以支持一星期的使用,你可以戴着它游泳或是洗澡。

突破还是妥协,Pebble 推出史上最轻薄智能手表

来自以色列的视频IM Rounds融资1200万美元,聊天外主打娱乐内容消费

据Re/code消息,以色列群组视频聊天移动应用Rounds周三表示,已在新一轮融资中筹集到1200万美元,红杉资本领投,三星旗下风投公司三星风投(Samsung Ventures)以及Verizon Ventures、Rhodium等现有投资方跟投。

Video Chat App Rounds Raises $12M In New Funding Led By Sequoia

Rounds, a video chat company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is announcing that it has raised $12 million in Series B funding.The company was founded back in 2008 under the name Gixoo, launching a video platform called 6rounds a year later. Rounds says it now has 25 million registered users,

Pebble 新推 Time Round 圆表:续航为外观让路

虽说 Pebble 靠着成功的 Kickstarter 推广,至今为止已经卖出了 9.5 万台 Time 和 Time Steel,但他们今年的计划显然不止于此,于是乎,便有了上图中这款 Time Round。

Sources: Grand Rounds Is Raising At Around A $750M Valuation

Sources are telling TechCrunch that Grand Rounds, which sells companies a service that gives employees access to healthcare advice and treatment from experienced professionals around the United States regardless of where they live, is valued at around $750 million as part of a new financing round.

Charting A Path From Seed To A Competitive Series A Round

Over the past five years, there has been roughly $3 billion of capital invested in nearly 3,500 seed-stage companies, with the number of seed investments rising every year. According to CB Insights, 2014 saw the largest year of seed investing since 2009, with a record $1.

Pebble Time Round Review: Beauty In Simplicity

Smartwatches are subjected to many metaphors: “Smartphones on your wrist.” Mmm, not quite. Maybe in a few more years. “A wearable computer.” Depends on your definition of “computer.” Better keep looking. “An extension of your smartphone.” Now,

Grand Rounds Raises $40 Million To Ensure The Best Doctor Will See You Now

Building a consulting network of the best physicians in the U.S. from the nation’s best hospitals has brought the health care startup Grand Rounds $40 million in new financing. The San Francisco-based company, which previously operated as ConsultingMD,

Down Round Doom? The Data Says No

A recent discussion on the tech IPO market yielded the comment “all IPOs this year were down rounds.” Square’s recent IPO priced below its last private offering,

圓形錶面!LG G Watch R 宣傳片正式出爐

上星期才有 LG 職員爆料指 LG 將會在 IFA 上公開一款全新的智能手錶,結果所言非虛,因為今日 LG 正式公開了第二代 G Watch 的宣傳片,而且更與 Moto 360 一樣採用圓形錶面設計!以下有更多資料:The post 圓形錶面!

Edward:「超輕但易刮花」Pebble Time Round 智能手錶評測

相信有留意 unwire 的讀者,都知道早前 Pebble 推出了他們旗下首款採用圓形錶面的智能手錶 Time Round,不知道有多少 wire 民第一時候決定入手呢?



How Smart Founders Avoid The Risk Of A Down Round

Talking about down rounds in a bull market feels like shopping for an umbrella in this unprecedented California drought. You get some funny looks, but it pays to be prepared. When the current market shifts, as we know it will, capital will dwindle and shrink valuations.

Grand Rounds Raises $55M to Connect Patients With Specialists

Grand Rounds, a service that companies employ to give access to healthcare advice and treatment to employees around the U.S. independent of where they live, has raised $55 million in a new financing round.


就连以制造“体型巨大”、“外观难看”、“功能强大”、“待机持久”的智能手表,并创下 Kickstarter 有史以来募资额最高纪录而令人印象深刻的 Pebble,都开始做时尚款智能手表了……

Rounds Brings Its Group Chat Capabilities To Android

Have you ever wanted to have a live chat with 11 of your closest friends? Well, even before this week, you could’ve done it using video chat app Rounds — but only on iOS. Now, however, the majority of Rounds users (namely,

跟 LG G Flex 2 風?Samsung 或推出新款可彎曲手機 Galaxy Round 2

正當大家將焦點集中在配備曲面螢幕的 Galaxy S Edge 之上時,Samsung 現時可 能已在開發下一款高階手機了。

[视频]售$249 圆形手表Pebble Time Round接受预订

今年2月下旬,通过Kickstarter众筹平台Pebble家族迎来了新成员--Pebble Time,相比较初代Pebble采用了更时尚的外观设计、全新的表盘交互界面和多彩e-ink屏幕,这是截至目前为止Pebblle所推出的手表都是方形的,应对当前的发展趋势,今天Pebble再次推出了“Pebble Time Round”圆形智能手表。

Pebble Time Round 智能手表官网开卖

Pebble今天开始通过其在线商店开始销售Pebble Time Round 智能手表,多色可选,售价249.99美元,它会在两到四个星期内出货。消费也很快可以在亚马逊,百思买和Target官网上购买这款产品。

WhatsApp Was Valued At ~$1.5B In Final Round Before Sale

WhatsApp did a great job of being surreptitious about its funding while growing into a messaging monster. But as they say, the truth always comes out.In this case, the truth is that the company had three rounds of financing, with Sequoia as the sole investor.

GoFundMe’s Investors Take A Controlling Stake In Latest Financing Round

It appears GoFundMe’s founders have decided it’s time to cash out.The company’s cofounders Brad Damphousse and Andy Ballester told the Wall Street Journal today that the pair have decided to sell a controlling stake to the investor group that is leading its latest financing round.

In Defense Of Square Smartwatches

All the smartphone hype is currently around round watches. When LG and Samsung announced their first Android Wear smartwatches earlier this year, most pundits had a heard time getting excited about them — in part because everybody was still waiting for the round Moto 360. Since then,

Uber’s Series E Round Surges To $2.2 Billion

Uber has expanded its latest round of financing from $1.2 billion to $2.2 billion, with total capacity for the Series E round at $2.8 billion, according to the NYT. Uber has confirmed the expansion with the following statement:

Pebble Debuts Its First Round Smartwatch With The Pebble Time Round

Pebble, the company that arguably sparked the whole smartwatch trend with a $10M Kickstarter back in 2012, is shifting things up today. After years of sticking with square-faced displays, the company is today introducing its first round-faced smartwatch. It’s called, aptly, the Pebble Time Round.

On The Way To An IPO, Education Technology Startup Instructure Is Close To Raising A Big New Round

Education technology company Instructure has raised a big new round on its way to an initial public offering later this year, according to several sources familiar with the company’s plans.

CrunchWeek: Windows 10, Reddit Raises A Fat Round, And Netflix Backs Adam Sandler

It’s that time of the week again: we’re back with a whole new episode of CrunchWeek, filmed right here at TechCrunch HQ in San Francisco. With our unique combination of awesome senses of humor and insight into the world of tech, we’re here to keep you entertained and informed. Read More

Twilio Closes $130M Series E Round Led By Fidelity And T. Rowe Price

Twilio, the developer-centric communications platform, today announced that it has raised a $130 million Series E round led by Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. The round also includes new investors Altimeter Capital Management and Arrowpoint Partners, as well as new strategic investors Amazon.

DevOps Automation Service Chef Raises $40M Series E Round Led By DFJ Growth

The Seattle-based DevOps and IT automation service Chef today announced that it has raised a $40 million Series E round led by DFJ Growth, DFJ’s fund for investing in $10 million+ rounds. One part of this round worth $32 million already closed earlier this year, but since then,

Palantir Raises $50 Million Of Reported $400 Million Round

Palantir, the big data company that’s one of the Valley’s most valuable, having secured clients like the NSA, FBI and CIA early on before building up it private-sector customer base, has raised another $50 million, according to a new SEC filing. The round is still ongoing, however,

Pebble Time Round: A beautiful smartwatch, with compromises

Six months after the release of the Pebble Time smartwatch, Pebble is back with another new smartwatch: The Pebble Time Round.The watch — which goes on sale next week for $249 — is the third watch the company has released this year. It's also its most attractive.See also: Pebble Time,

Cortana accurately predicts Round 16 matches at the World Cup

The World Cup, everyone’s talking about it, regardless of whether or not they’re fans of football (or soccer). It would make for a proud moment for the countries involved to see their national flags rise over the others and lift the historic trophy.

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