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when.js与Promises - 赵东禹


jquery源码解析:jQuery工具方法when详解 - chaojidan

我们先来看when方法是如何使用的:var cb = $.when(); //when方法也是返回一个延迟对象,源码是return deferred.promise();返回的延迟对象不能修改状态$.Deferred()也是返回一个延迟对象,那么它们的区别是什么呢?$.Deferred()只能针对....

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: September release date rumor, when's the next build coming?

There has been a plethora of Windows 10 related news this past week, so let's take this time to look back in a special feature we like to call "Windows 10 Mobile news recap." It has been yet another disappointing week when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. No new build,

你真的会玩SQL吗?Case的用法 - 欢醉

今天来总结整理一下Case,因为SQL查询中用得最多的逻辑判断。Case具有两种格式。简单Case函数和Case搜索函数。--简单Case函数CASE sexWHEN '1' THEN '男'WHEN '2' THEN '女'ELSE '其他' END--Case搜索函数CASE WHEN sex ...

如何理解T-SQL中Merge语句 - 吴广磊


sql case 用法总结 - little软件员

快下班了,抽点时间总结一下sql 的 case 用法。 sql 里的case的作用: 用于计算条件列表的表达式,并返回可能的结果之一。

When is your Windows PC too old and when is it time to buy another?

One of the questions I am most commonly asked is how long a person’s personal computer may last. Consumers are always curious to know how long they can stretch their money and what combos might last them the longest. Today,

[aaronyang原创] Mssql 一张表3列的sql面试题,看你sql学的怎么样 - AaronYang

Student表的样子:题目1:考点:逻辑思维 筛选出学生中所有科目都大于60分的人, 例如:只要有一门低于60分,那么这个人的所有成绩都不要显示了,这里B的数学成绩只有13分,所以B的所有科目都不显示显示的样子例如如下:如果你想自己尝试,你可以先不看下面的内容我的思路:一开始想到group,hav.

Poll: When will the Lumia flagship devices be announced?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a spy drone inside Microsoft headquarters so we’re left here to speculate on things from time to time. In this week’s poll, we ask when you think the upcoming Lumia flagship devices will be announced.

When to negotiate a salary offer, and when not to

Negotiating salary. An undertaking that freaks out many a job seeker and one that's ripe with potential pitfalls.Should you always negotiate on salary? Or is it never? Or if it's dependent on the situation, in which ones should you maybe raise your hand and say, "More, please?

Windows 10 messaging app will reportedly be missing when Windows 10 launches

Microsoft has never truly been a company that has mastered messaging. The company has muffled press conferences, confused developers and agitated consumers from time to time when trying to get their messages across.

如何理解T-SQL中Merge语句(二) - 吴广磊


Xolo's Windows Phone 8.1 device can be charged when the handset is powered off

You can’t charge your Windows Phone handset when it is turned off. This is what we have heard and assumed for years. But apparently, that’s not really the case. The newly launched XOLO Win Q900S lets you charge it even when you have turned off the device.

When You Should Delegate, and When You Shouldn't

“Non-delegator” sounds so much nicer than “control freak” or “know-it-all,” but truth be told, that’s just semantics.

Black+Decker's AutoSense Drill Stops Itself When a Screw Is Flush

If you're not already experienced with a drill, when working with screws there's a very good chance you're going to accidentally drive them below the surface of whatever material you're working with—splintering wood and cracking drywall. You can of course get better at it with practise,

Wifi Dashboard warns when you're connected to an insecure network

Securing your home network is simple enough, but it is something of a different story when you're out and about making use of public wifi.

工作中常用代码--DateUtils - 南轲梦

工作中经常遇到处理日期的问题, 当然有一些优秀开源的库(例如 joda-time,

Complete changelog for Windows 8.1 'August Update' shows off new features and bug fix details

Earlier this week Microsoft released Windows 8.1 August Update -- aka the Update 2 to the desktop operating system. The update squashes several bug fixes and brings in a plethora of improvements. The company has now revealed everything that the new operating system update features.

Square’s Order App Can Now Predict When You’ll Arrive To Pick Up Your Cappuccino

With the newest version of its Square Order app, the company will ensure food will be prepared just in time for the customer arrive, thanks to a new arrival prediction feature.

Asking Men When Their Voice Broke Helped Find Genes For Start of Puberty  

Puberty has a clear physiological signpost in girls: sooner or later, they have their first period. That’s been a critical part of identifying genes that influence when puberty starts in girls, but it wasn’t clear whether those genes also affected boys the same way.Read more...

Bluetooth frying pan senses when your food is done

Who has ever overcooked an egg, undercooked a chicken breast or totally massacred a seemingly benign grilled cheese sandwich?:raises hand:Pantelligent is an app-enhanced pan that alerts you when your food is perfectly cookedSee also:

This Desk Will Tell You When To Sit And When To Stand

Standing is better than sitting. Most of the time. Sometimes your body needs a rest and that’s where the Humanscale OfficeIQ powered by Tome comes to play.Tome’s Jack Sigal stopped by the TechCrunch broadcast booth to show me how this desk can help me lose weight.

Seat Detects When You're Drowsy, Can Control Your Car

cartechboy (2660665) writes Cars already have the technology to determine when you're drowsy, that's nothing new. But having seats with sensors in them monitoring your heart rate to determine if you're falling asleep, that's new, and creepy.

With Mt.Gox In Flames, A Lesson: When Building A Company, First Do No Harm

The collapse of Mt.Gox this week has sent shockwaves through the early-adopting tech community. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins have been lost, and account holders are justifiably angry about their missing balances. It is easy to heap blame on Mt.

Uber Adds Push Notifications To Let Passengers Know When Surge Pricing Ends

Now, thanks to an update of Uber's mobile apps, passengers will never have to guess when surge pricing ends, as the company has added a field to allow them to be notified when the multiplier is turned off. According to Uber's blog post, the update will begin rolling out to iOS users this week.

开源视频播放器 - MPC-HC 1.7.6稳定版发布

MPC-HC,全称Media Player Classic Home Cinema,是Windows平台上一个非常轻量级的开源媒体播放器。它支持所有常见的视频和音频文件格式的播放。它是100%免费的。


小黑屋里怎么能没有欢乐,苦逼的码农们,我要拯救不开心。这是程序员的逗比瞬间系列的第一季,文章参考自Life of a programmer in pictures第一次在网页中应用CSS,WTF!兴致勃勃向别人展示修复了一个bug,结果。。。

Netflix Can Pinpoint Exactly When People Get Addicted to Shows

Data is a splendid thing. And Netflix being Netflix, the streaming service knows exactly what people are watching and when they stop watching. During a set period of time earlier this year, Netflix used that data to figure out exactly when people get hooked on shows. And it’s not the pilot.

Opera 26.0.1632.0 Developer 发布

Opera 浏览器 Dev 开发版昨天更新至 V 26.0.1632.0 版本,同时兼容Windows、Mac与Linux系统,升级内核至最新的Chromium 39.0.2145.4,加入了新的书签分享功能。此外还加入了bug修复与其他改进。

Windows 10 feedback: Insiders want to auto-hide the taskbar when in tablet mode

Given how many different "modes" that Windows 10 is due to come in, tablet, desktop and mobile for example, finding the right balance in design is essential to ensure functionality. What this translates to is a series of little touches, inherent to each mode,

A Glue That Only Hardens When Electrified Will Even Work Under Water

Have you ever gotten a piece of tape wet and noticed it loses its stickiness? Water and adhesives usually don’t mix, but researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have created a new type of glue that works in wet environments because it only hardens when a voltage is applied.

Microsoft excels at "consumer delight" when it comes to wearables

As the wearables space heats up, competition for Fitbit, the market leader, is coming in from all sides.  According to market research company Argus Insights, Microsoft is at the forefront of those smaller competitors who are excelling at "consumer delight.”  Even so,

The $5 Lineable Bracelet Tracks Your Kids When They Wander Away

The Lineable, the unfortunately named tracking bracelet for kids, aims to make it easier for parents to keep tabs on their little ones thanks to the magic of beacons. Essentially a wearable iOS-compatible beacon,

When It Comes To Facebook Scale, You Can Throw Out The Rulebook

There are certain ways of doing things in hardware engineering, and engineers simply follow these rules because there’s no use fighting them even if they wanted to. Frankly, most don’t even think about it because it’s just a given, but during a recent tour of Facebook’s hardware lab,

Bing is better than Google when it comes to searching for movie showtimes

In the old battle of Bing vs Google, who comes out on top when it comes to searching for movie showtimes? According to Search Engine Land, Bing outperforms Google when it comes to searching for movie showtimes.

Lumia Camera Beta now only takes living images when there is movement

You’re out with your mates and want to take a photo. You take out your Lumia, snap a shot and look at it to reminisce instantly.

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