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[视频]无处不在的Google:在红色奥迪A3上体验Android Auto

相比较往年昨晚召开的2014年度Google I/O大会给人的战略意图更加的清晰--融入用户日常生活。桌面有Chromebook;口袋有Android L;腕带有Android Wear;家居有Android TV,甚至于汽车也有Android Auto。

Withings Is Back With A New Watch, The Activité Steel

French hardware startup Withings has released two smart-ish watches so far — the Activité and the Activité Pop. Today, the company is releasing a new model sitting between these two options, the Activité Steel. Read More

Withings 推出新手表 Activité Steel,售价 169.95 美元

法国硬件创业公司 Withings 推出过两款微智能(smart-ish)手表——Activité 和 ActivitéPop。今天,这家公司发布了介于两者之间的新型号,ActivitéSteel。 Activité Steel 仅限官网销售,价格为 169.

Acer releases a number of new laptops and desktops with Windows 10

Acer has introduced a number of new laptops and desktops PCs at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, alongside the new smartphones. Starting off with the notebooks, the Taiwan-based company introduced the convertible R 13...

Withings Updates Its Pulse Activity Tracker With Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Withings pretty much nailed the activity tracker with the Pulse activity tracker, which features a built-in heart rate sensor that uses pulse oximetry (just like the Galaxy S5). Now, it has updated that product with new sensor capabilities with the Pulse O2.

More evidence points towards a Windows 10 with Bing SKU

While not significant in North America, Windows 8.1 with Bing was a relative success in other areas. Back when Windows 8.1 was shipped to devices, Microsoft toyed with the option of offering a low-cost...The post More evidence points towards a Windows 10 with Bing SKU appeared first on WinBeta.

【nginx运维基础(1)】Nginx的编译安装与使用 - 菜问

nginx的官方手册: http://nginx.org/en/docs/ 编译安装下载地址: http://nginx.org/en/download.html 看到如下4个目录 conf 配置文件 html 网页文件 logs 日志文件 sbin 主要二进制程...

Withings New Smartwatch Looks Good Playing Dumb

Here’s a curveball for you: Withings, which is an excellent fitness-based electronics company with all kinds of fun products like trackers and smart scales, has just bested all the smartwatch makers out there with the new Activité watch. At first glance, it looks like any other old analog watch.

A good day to be an Xbox owner: Ultimate Xbox One Game Sale commences

Although Valentine's Day has passed, Microsoft has clearly not gotten the message. Players have a new reason to feel love all over again, the Ultimate Xbox One Game Sale has begun. Users should note that Gold subscribers will be offered a deeper discount than those who are not,

让智能手表回归本源 Withings Activite上手

威锋网 12 月 22 日消息,你可能见过形形色色的智能手表,它们大多都有一个 LED 的显示屏,需要时不时的充电。


难以量产、屏幕厚度不达标、功耗问题得不到解决、界面优化方案不能落实……这些都是现在的智能手表厂商所面临的问题, […]

Windows 8.1 with Bing licensing model explained, essentially free for some tablets

Over the past few months, there has been a rapid growth in cheap-priced Windows 8 tablets. The reason? Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 with Bing. It is a full-fledged desktop and tablet class operating system for which Microsoft charges as low as "zero dollar" as the licensing fee.

Windows 10特殊分支版本“迷思”

我们知道Windows 8.1有一个特殊分支版本——Windows 8.1 with Bing,这个版本其实是 […]

Withings Aura Review: Easy, Advanced Sleep Tracking, But Leaves You Wanting More

French personal health tech company Withings already tracks your sleep and activity using its wearable monitors, but they do so with less than stellar accuracy. A new addition to the Withings lineup, The Withings Aura,

Acer announces Switch 12 tablet, comes with five modes to work with

浅谈 js 下 with 对性能的影响 - 乱码.

这几天多次看到有博主们在写 with 的文章,这货确实非常方便,但是却是个性能杀手,所以一直都是上不得台面的。那么他究竟会让效率低下到什么程度呢?先来看下 with 是如何的便捷吧。。// 正常调用console.log(location.

在“健康量化”的基础上新增“环境量化”元素,Withings推智能摄像头新品Withings Home

法国公司Withings从 2009 年开始,一直就在做和健康相关的软硬件产品。

Hands on with Windows 8.1 with Bing (video)

Microsoft recently announced Windows 8.1 with Bing, a new SKU for OEM's (meaning not available on store shelves) which is cheaper and comes with Bing set as the default search engine within Internet Explorer. Now, I'm not lying to you, but that is pretty much it.

Withing's Activité Is One Of the Most Expensive Wearables Yet

Pre-orders have opened for the Withings Activité, the beautiful-looking watch that also happens to be a fitness tracker. Unfortunately, the price is right in line with other quality watches: four hundred and fifty of your finest American dollars. Read more...

看看「高颜值」的 Withings 在IFA上带来了什么

Withings 推出智能温度计 Withings Thermo

你可能是通过那款 漂亮的智能手表 认识 Withings 的,但该公司的健康追踪设备也有很长的历史了,售价 100 美元的 Withings Thermo 就是紧跟这一趋势推出的产品。这是一款智能颞浅动脉温度计,它可以说是你能够在如今市面上找到的最好温度计。 Withings Thermo… Read More

NICE recommends VARGATEF (nintedanib*) in combination with docetaxel as an option for patients with

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has endorsed VARGATEF® (nintedanib*), in combination with docetaxel,

Hands-on with Windows 10 build 9924 -- Cortana, Continuum, and more

On Wednesday, January 21st, Microsoft showcased Windows 10 for consumers. Simply put, Microsoft wants you to "love Windows and love computing." The Redmond giant showcased a particular build of Windows 10, demonstrating Cortana and giving us a peek at the new Spartan browser.

This Is Withings’ Vision For The Future Of The Home

Slowly but surely, Withings has been building up its product portfolio to provide a truly holistic approach to gadgets and digital services. Recently, the French company brought over its latest products, outfitted a snazzy New York city hotel room,

Using Gaming To Flip The Script On Autism

What happens if we flip the conversation and say that kids with autism are more likely to be “motivated by” or “proficient with” video games and technology?We need to reframe the conversation and consider how to use an interest in technology as a springboard to skill development and,

Games with Gold and Deals with Gold for Xbox One are now available

Late last month, we learned that Xbox One owners who have the illustrious Xbox Live Gold subscription can snag three games at a heavy discount during the month of June. That time has now come and if you have a Gold subscription, along with an Xbox One, its time to download!

Microsoft technology is helping those with Down syndrome become productive members of society

[图]苹果Apple Watch现场上手体验

昨晚发布会上当库克宣布“One More Thing”的时候全场都莫名激动起来,备受期待的首款智能手表终于如约亮相。

Customize your Microsoft Band with unique backgrounds and circular tiles with Band Pro for Windows P

It was mostly after the launch of Windows Phone 8 did Start screen customization apps rise to prominence, giving users more flexibility to modify and personalize their devices. Even Microsoft joined the party by highlighting some of the creative “TileArt” users were creating.

London black cab app Hailo partners with Citymapper, as Uber teams up with Google Maps

Following hot on the heels of Uber's partnership with Google Maps, Hailo has teamed up with Citymapper. Which arrangement will come out on top?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/18/london-black-cab-app-hailo-partners-with-citymapper-as-uber-teams-up-with-google-maps/

Analysis of Phase II Data for Celgene’s Investigational Oral GED-0301 in Patients with Active Crohn’

Patients with more severe Crohn’s disease or longer disease duration treated with GED-0301 160 mg experienced clinical remission and response rates greater than placebo SUMMIT, N.J. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:

Samsung to announce partnership with Microsoft to bundle Office 365 with Knox

Samsung will soon announce a partnership with Microsoft where the Korean giant will bundle Office 365 productivity suite with their Knox enterprise workspace. Samsung's Dr Injong Rhee while speaking at the Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility Showcase, part of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,

Withings' Wonderful Watch-Looking Fitness Tracker Now Works With Android

At this year's CES, we found out that one of the most attractive (and expensive) fitness trackers out there was going to come in an affordable form: the Withings Activité Pop. The catch? It was iOS only.

Withings Launches Android Support For Activité And Activité Pop

Withings has just broadened the reach of its smart watches, the Activité and the Activité Pop, as the Android version of the Withings HealthMate app now integrates with the new hardware. Withings launched the Activité line last year with a hope to bring a new look to the smart watch space.

Microsoft gears up for Windows Phone 8.1 launch with 'Get Started with Cortana' video

Cortana is your personal digital assistant on your Windows Phone device. She comes with Windows Phone 8.1. She's there to help make things easier for you and keep you up to date on the things that matter to you. At least that's the intention Microsoft has with Cortana.

Withings partners with Spotify for a connected alarm clock

French connected-gadgets maker Withings already has a device that improves your sleep; now, it wants to help you wake up as wellThe Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock, launched during the IFA show in Berlin, lets you wake up with any of the 30+ million songs in Spotify's catalog.See also:

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